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  • Rules of the Game!

    We will have two teams!Team 1 will go first, then team 2All answers to the questions will be given after each questionThe team with the highest score wins the game!Each team gets three strikes or wrong answers! After that the second team goes!Each Question will be worth 5 pointsPoints will be added at the end of the game to announce the winning team!If both teams answer the questions correctly we will go into a bonus round of one question! Whichever team can give the best answer, which will be judged by our group, wins the game!!

  • The Subject of Todays Show is as follows:

    The topic of the day will be Texas History, Ch. 1 and 2

  • Attention Team 1Please get your team ready the round is about to start!

  • Answer to Question 1

    Dallas and Fort Worth

  • Question 1

    What two cities are in the Metroplex?

  • Question 2

    What influences peoples choice of food, clothing and shelter

  • Answer to Question 2

    Where they live!

  • Question 3 Geography explains the past by explaining why certain events ________________________.

  • Answer to Question 3happened the way that they did

  • Question 4True or False?The Balcones Escarpment was the result of a giant earthquake millions of years ago.

  • Answer to Question 4TRUE

  • Question 5 (last question for Team 1) Which one is NOT a climatic effects of the Gulf of Mexico?Ocean breezesWrong-way riversDestructive storms

  • Answer to Question 5Wrong-way rivers!

  • Attention Team 2Please get your team ready for the questions!

    Lets go!

  • Question 1

    What is a tableland covered with small trees and brush?

  • Answer to Question 1A plateau

  • Question 2Which one is NOT a physical characteristic?ClimateArchitecturePlants

  • Answer to Question 2Architecture

  • Question 3What happens when cool air from the north combines with moist, warm air from the Gulf of Mexico?

  • Answer to Question 3Violent storms!

  • Question 4What is the highest mountain range in Texas?

  • Answer to Question 4Guadalupe

  • Question 5 (Last question for Team 2)

    How does geography help us deal with the present?

  • Answer to Question 5It explains why people live the way that they do.

  • Attention Both TeamsWhichever team gets the answer, gets the point!

  • Question 1

    What is the largest city in the Mountains and Basins region?

  • Answer to Question 1El Paso

  • Question 2

    True or False?Latitude lines are north and south of the equator

  • Answer to Question 2


  • Question 3Why do the West Texas mountains receive more rainfall than the nearby desert?

  • Answer to Question 3Moisture-filled air moving up the mountains is cooled

  • Question 4Which of the following does NOT affect the climate in Texas?Absolute locationRelative locationDiameter

  • Answer to Question 4Diameter

  • Question 5 (Last question!)Why do the Coastal Plains have a mild climate?

  • Answer to Question 5Because this area is located next to the Gulf of Mexico

  • Bonus Round Question!!What is large-scale commercial farming called?

  • Answer to Bonus Round!Agribusiness

  • Thank You !!!Thank You for Playing the game! Your prize is a good grade on your test tomorrow!!

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