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  • 1. Cloud Management Simplified Shesh Vasudevamurthy Chief Product Officer, Xervmon Cloud Management Simplified
  • 2. 10000 ft Overview (What is the Problem ?)Global increase in the number of cloud services (*aaS)and a major uptick in cloud adoption has introduced ahost of new challenges, especially in regards to cloudmanagement and IT spending. Cloud Management Simplified
  • 3. 5000 ft view (Who is facing the Problem ?)C-level Executives with burning enthusiasm to adopt Cloudto meet their business objectives need to make accuratebudget decisionsIT Departments have an unmet need for deeper analytics ofcloud services - cost, usage and spendUnlike traditional IT infrastructure, where many tools existto manage and also analyze the performance metrics, DevOpsseriously lack a simple yet powerful tool for the cloudinfrastructure Cloud Management Simplified
  • 4. Technology Lifecycle - Gartner Hypecycle Cloud Management Simplified
  • 5. Why Xervmon ?Growing complexity of cloud services, coupled with inherent demand toleverage the full potential of cloud architectures, makes it challenging to trackcloud spending and managing cloud resourcesXervmon offers cloud management, spend analytics and budget forecasts acrossthe entire cloud stack (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and *aaS) and legacy IT infrastructureXervmon is a Sophisticated Cloud Management Tool that provides reliable,insightful actionswith a single pane of dashboard that is highly configurableand simple to understand to optimize the cloud infrastructure deploymentthere by realize not only business objectives but IT strategy, as well Cloud Management Simplified
  • 6. Main Dashboard Cloud Management Simplified
  • 7. Data VisualizationSelected Provider SpendTrend Cloud Management Simplified
  • 8. Amazon AWS EC2 InsightsSavings Recommendations Cloud Management Simplified
  • 9. Drilldowns Cloud Management Simplified
  • 10. Customer and Partner Testimonials Xervmon has simplified the way we manage our spend and budget. Before Xervmon, I had to wait for accounting to provide me with reports and invoices that were sometimes inaccurate or the costs would overshoot my budget. Thankfully, Xervmon removes surprises from my IT spend. Everything is actual and real time.Xervmonsprojections are within a 3 percent to 4 percent margin of error. -- Chris Thomas, IT Director American MidStream Xervmonsunique capabilities to manage *aaS spending are integral to anyone who needs a way keep cloud spend in check. We look forward to developing the relationship between Xervmon and t Rackspace Cloud Tools Marketplace as cloud computing continues to become commonplace. -- Stephen Salas, Cloud Market Development Manager RackspaceCloud Tools Marketplace program Cloud Management Simplified
  • 11. Where we are nowXervmon has acquired just short of 100 customers who arenow spread around the world and the user base is steadilygrowing as we add more features to control spend andmanage cloud.FREE Signup at https://apps.xervmon.comIf you have any questions or concerns, contact us [email protected] Cloud Management Simplified
  • 12. News and Partnerships 1. Xervmon Announces inclusion into Rackspace Cloud Startup Program and listed in Cloud Tools Marketplace under Cloud Management 2. featured Xervmon with Technical Review 3. ITworld covers Xervmon 4. Independent IT Analyst 451 Research covers Xervmon 5. covers XervmonRackspace Guest Blog SeriesRegain Control of your IT Spending MicrosoftBizSpark Cloud Management Simplified

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