dreamy dressmaking by: halie boyer. all about dreamy dressmaking! customers who want a dress, or...

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Dreamy DressmakingBy: Halie Boyer All About Dreamy Dressmaking!Customers who want a dress, or something nice to wear with a dress, they come visit me.

The ProcessThere are two special notepads each employee gets. One for drawing the clothing, and the other for writing details. We label different parts of the dress to add sashes and glitter to. Customers wanting a certain dress, or jewelry, come to the Create Your Own Dress Desk. They describe what they want the dress to look like, and the associate would sketch ,and when they were done, they would show the customer their art, to make sure it was right.

We Do Toys Too!

Want Pet Clothes?We try to make our floral garments as fitting as possible. Are you entering a loved one into a pet show? We have a spot for that , too!

AccessoriesNot only do we do dresses and suits, but we also do super-cool accessories, like bows, ties, and the cutest little tiaras for pets. We sell sparkling jewelry , fancy shoes, and headbands.

Do We Have It All?I f there is something you would like from our store, and we dont sell it, you can order it online, or call us at 317-9662.

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ResourcesFabric-Human resourcePearls, and minerals for jewelry-naturalPlastic for Plastic jewelry- HumanWood for desks, and counters-naturalThanks For Watching!