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Nikon D3200 Accessoires

Nikon D3200 Accessoires By NikonD3200news.blogspot.com

Nikon D3200 BodyNikon D3200 is a beautiful cheap entry level DSLR camera, made for beginner photographers, it is known as the best dslr for everyday shooting.The D3200, support a very long list of accessories, that have the job of upgrade its functionality and give more fun to the photographer, and here we will see some of the best Nikon D3200 accessories.

1- Nikon D3200 lensesFor take a full photography adventure, There are 3 lenses you must have in your bag:

A- Nikon 18-55mm lens.B- Nikon 55-200mm lens.C- Nikon 35mm 1.8G.

A- Nikon 18-55mm (Kit lens or standard lens)

B- Nikon 55-200mm lens (add more focal length for cover more [from 18mm to 200mm])

C- Nikon 35mm 1.8G (learn photography using this little monster)

2- Tripod (must be made from carbon for reduce weight)

Ballhead (Used with tripod for get an infinite level of adjustability)

3- DSLR lighting accessoriesNoting more important to upgrade the quality of your photos than light, so it is very necessary to use some lighting accessories.

A- D3200 external flash

B- Softbox and Mini Softbox

See more lighting accessories in the link in the description

4- Protection accessoiresThe photography equipment are fragile and very expensive, so it is important to invest some dollars for buy some accessories that gives max safety and protection to them.

A- DSLRcase/bag/backpack

B- Stretchy Wrap

C- Lens Pouch Set

See more protection accessories in the link in the description

5- D3200 External Microphone

6- DSLR Remote Control

7- wireless adapter WU-1A (take picture remotely using your phone - live view in your phone - transfer files wirelessly - download images from camera)

8- Professional Cleaning Kit for DSLR (have lot of fun with your Nikon D3200)

9- Lens Color Filter Kit

See the full list of "30 Nikon D3200 accessories" that will change your camera to the better. (see the link in description or click here)