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Todays Digital Imagery Past, Present & Future by DSLR (Digital Skills LENS report)

Todays Digital ImageryPast, Present & Future

by DSLR(Digital Skills LENS report)

Hi, we are DSLR, Welcome to our presentation on the digital industry of digital imagery - photographyMeet the DSLR teamimage of Roisin, Aoife, Jonnie, MC & Vanessa, if we cant get one together well have to do seperate ones like below. smile !!!!!

Marie-ClareByardJonathan OHalloranVanessa BreenRoisin Coyle


No need for introductions, you know us all well by nowPresentation overview

The DSLR team choose the digital industry of imagery - photographyWe have examined the impact past and present of digital Imagery in industry, apps, society and human interaction, outlining their finds, assumptions and conclusions. We have taken a snap-shot view of a selection of areas as this topic is so vast.

Marie-Clare: Introduction & reflection on what photography means to us all A brief history of photography through personal experience The impact of digital imagery within industryAoife - Photography in apps, their impact and useRoisin - A history of the the selfie - its origin and impact on societyJonathan - Citizen journalism, ubiquity and impact of digital imageVanessa: The role of digital photography in brand identity

We have just taken a snap shot (excuse the pun!) look at a the industry of digital images, we just cherry picked a few interesting areas to present to you this evening.as the topic was so vast..

We will take a look back at how images were captured & their quality, verses how they are captured and shared now

Well look at the roles of digital photography in brand identityphotography apps, selfie, citizen journalismTake a moment to reflect on your favourite photograph

While watching this short clip, think about, do you have a favourte photograph that comes to mind

Original image captured oncolour slide late 1970s

...mummy mummy the pictures appear by magic !Marie-Clare, Age 4, after 1st trip to dads dark room

Now, colour re-worked & archived digitally to shareGathered dust in a slide box for 30 years...Hope you enjoyed that video clipHere is one of my many favourite childhood imagesI didnt know it was till about a year ago.it was taken by my late dad on 35mm colour slide format and has sat in a box with the other 2000 family slides for over 30 years - until we got them converted to digital last year,I was able to enhance the colour digital foand share these images with all the family online Note photo bombing was started by my older brother in the 1970s

Images downloaded from a facebook account

Phoenix Park, 2011These images were downloaded from a facebook a/c, you can NOW sourced you favourite images from anywhere.Doesnt matter how long an image takes to get to you or how easy it was to access, it is what it means to you that matters the most.these photos were taken by my photo bombing brother in the previous photo, he died from cancer 2 years ago, but his digital ligacy lives on for us his family to share his photos, so these images are now a treasure to have

Photographs are made, not taken. John Hinde

Quote from RTE TV show Art Attacksfirst broadcast 7-3-1994.Currently available on RTE player

Hands up any one who has NOT seen this image before.John Hinde spent up to 2-years producing hisbefore his post cards were published, taking up to 2 week to get the right photo, then he was obsessed with getting the colour right, there was a JOHN HINDE way to take a photo, these photo took up to 2-years to make it to the shelf..his images have captured a time and a place in Ireland , they were subsequently exhibited at IMMAMy first selfie, St. Patricks day 2014

In stark contrast to John HndeThis photo took seconds to be published and shared on line and with in 1-hour of doing so, it had been seen by 15+ family and friends around the world - instant gratification.from glass photographic plateto digital images, shared globally 90-years later.

Images captured and reproduced cataloguing a period in time.the turn of the 19th century

Image capturing the first car in Co. Tipperary - taken on glass photographic plates, early 1900s

These images were taken by my Great-gran uncle at the turn of the century - on the medium of glass photographic plates, capturing a time and place not well photographed. He worked for the local gentry - photographing their lives and also brought their camera home photographing the lives of the poor. The effort that was put into composing these photos is amazing, he had a keen eye.The Kenrick Collection of Glass Plates are now housed in the National Library of Ireland, the athis image took over 80 years to get here/be discovered..now shared for ever one to see digitally on the local website.

The first car in Tipperary

amon de Valera out for a cycle from school in CashelTo me the value of the click of the camera shutter had just gone down. This kinds of malicious planning and attention to an image capture is just not as prelevent any moreThe effort to compose an images is just not as relevant today.Google maps - street views

In stark contract to the glass photographic plates images.this image captures Googles blatant disregard for photo editingand or lack of proofing..Ive got a flying street lights on my road

The quality of imagery compisition today in comparison to 120 year ago - because image capture cost so little the value of the click of the shutter has gone downThe impact of digital photography for photographersThe biggest advantage for photography going digital has been the saving of time and moneyTime saved on processing film, darkroom expenses, printing, dispatch costs of getting image to publicationsSpeed at which an image can go to press Older photographers who did not adapt to digital got left behind opyright - There is no respect for copyright, no one buys an image any more, they just take it from the internet - loss of income

In my research for this project I interviewed 2 photographers, 1 an early adopter of digital photography and 1 that was notThe early adapters livelhood changed with the advent of digital and he adapted to his advantageBut the non adapter nearly got left behind..many older photographers did get left behind.

The impact of digital technology for graphic designersTIME - Speed of getting job to presscost of printing decreased with the advent of digital printingAccess & sourcing images is so much faster, hours rather than daysFlexibility, you can now work from anyway, once you have access to good broadband speeds

I also interviewed 2 graphic designers and similar to t he photographers the speed at which then can churn out ads now is in stark contract to the industry 20 years agoSourcing images is instant nowAnd flexibitly, all you need is your laptop, software and broadband and your good to goThe Rise of the Selfie

The idea of the selfie has been around for some time

Such as self portraits in painting and sculpture

This is the first selfie taken by Robert Corneilus in 1839

These are another two early examples of the selfieOn the left, a woman in 1900 and on the right, Grand Duchess Anastasia in 1914

With the rise of social media, there was a new need for profile pictures and a visual social presenceThe camera phone has made that this self sculpting, not only possible but easy

So easy..


.anyone can do it

The Positives

Normalising media images

Visually communicating

With full editorial control

Sculpting the self that they seen

Instantly commemorating a moment

But social media can be treacherous and easily backfire

David Camerons conference call and viral paradies

The Oscar selfie, 2014

The most retweeted picture of all time

A marketing ploy by advertisers working for Samsung

Some of argued that it has cooled the popularity of selfies

The negatives

The rise of narcissism

Habit scientifically linked to addiction and mental illness

Linked to Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Documenting life rather than living it

Selfies at Funerals shut down page

Whats next for the selfie?

Will its popularity survive?

Will another advance in technology bring another means of self communication?

Whatever that means will be, it will have a massive impactCitizen journalism & the ubiquitous digital image

Citizen Journalism

Youre fired anecdote and citizen photography capabilityCameras, cameras everywhere

TIME savings & Consider this, every image you look at today, appreciate, question and discuss or ones that foment unease within you has in some way shape or form been brought to you through digital imaging processes or methods.Timing & Impact

Zeitgeist events and perceived social impact

Capturing all human emotion

Love, Terror, Fear, Joy (and thats just the baby pic!) & HateAnsel Adams:

twelve significant photos in one year is a good crop

Ansel Adams was the first photograher whos work I fell in love with - thanks JonniePhotography apps

InstragramInstagram was the fifth app ever to reach one million ratings on Google Play. It is also the number one photo-sharing social platform on the planet. So what is it that makes Instagram so successful?

SnapchatOver 400,000,000 snaps a day !

It is more humorous then instagramVSCO CamInstagram set out to make smartphone photos look good, VSCO makes them look real.

Role of Digital Photography in Brand IdentityExample: UDG's use of photography to express brand identity

ConclusionsThe power and impact of the digital image is, quite frankly, immeasurable ! Thank you for listening !