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DSLR Videography

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  • 1. DSLR Videography

2. Remember ? 3. Screen Definition 4. Screen Definition 5. How about? 6. ArriAlexa30K+Red EpicCanon XF300Sony EX15K+ 5D Black Magic 2K Nikon D3200 450 + Canon 600D 7. Sensor Size 8. Pros Shallow depth of field Low light Lens Variety (Primes etc) Manual controls Cinematic image (including 24 fps) Price, Price, Price Production Stills Compactness 9. Cons Aliasing including Shutter Roll Overheating 30 minute Maximum Camera Shape (Poor Ergonomics) Monitoring Slow Auto focus BIG files 10. Pre- production Story-board (to reinforce 16:9 landscape) Shot-list (to minimize hand-held &long takes) Practice focusing (NO auto-focus) Practice exposure Practice sound 11. Production Use Shot-list Use Tripod/Rig/Strap Review Shots Check sound 12. Post- Production Review Shots Use Shot-list to name shots(eg CU_Fredwalking_Pan) Make sure all files are on the same drive Name your folder(s) 13. Canon or Nikon? (or Sony, Panasonic etc..) 14. Sound 15. Lenses 16. Rigs 17. EditingPremiere Pro/ElementsiMovieMovie MakerVegas Final Cut X 18. Storage 19. DSLR Linkshttp://philipbloom.net/2010/12/16/shooting-video-with-a-dslr/http://vimeo.com/videoschoolhttp://vimeo.com/videoschool/lesson/11/introduction-to-dslr-camerashttp://nofilmschool.com 20. Screen spaceas you wish16:9 HD filming makes ELS and LS much more attractive and successful 21. Wide Screen shooting leaves a great deal of picture space to fillCinematographers resort to various stratagems to enable them to use Close Ups in awidescreen format.Using shallow focus to blur the rest of the frame is a DSLR speciality. 22. The Bokeh can even provide a layer of abstract imagery 23. You can high contrast lighting to darken the rest of the frame(A BBC Classic Serial trick!) 24. You can mask part of the frame with curtains/blinds. 25. Or use architecture (door frames are good) 26. You can use an out of focus foreground (such as an over the shoulder shot)Try using a rack focus 27. You can dress the set and fill the background with interesting stuff (MES) 28. or nothing at all (aided here by over-exposure) and by low-angle 29. You can gofor more subjective effects- such as the hard to read half face CU: Note that most CU shots cut off the top of the head 30. You can add a vignette in post