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Introduction to Introduction to Digital Single- Digital Single- Lens Reflex Camera Lens Reflex Camera 1

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Introduction to Digital Introduction to Digital Single-Lens Reflex Single-Lens Reflex Camera Camera


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What is a What is a Digital Single- Digital Single- Lens Reflex CameraLens Reflex Camera??

A Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera (also called a ) is a digital camera including the mechanism of a single-lens reflex camera with a digital imaging sensor.


digital SLR or digital SLR or DSLRDSLR

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FeaturesFeaturesMode dialDust Reduction systemInterchangeable lensesHD video captureLive previewWider angle of view


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Digital Photos Digital Photos OverviewOverview

Digital Photos are made up of pixels (picture elements).

The resolution of a digital photo is its pixel dimensions.

Digital Cameras use megapixelsmegapixels to specify the pixel dimensions of its photos.


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MegapixelsMegapixels A higher megapixel rating does not always

mean higher quality photos. A camera’s megapixel rating will help you

determine the largest size of prints you can expect to make without sacrificing the quality of the image.


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The following guide will help you know what size of high-quality print you can expect from each megapixel rating.

Megapixels Pixel Dimension Max Quality Print Size

2.0 1600 x 1200 4” x 6”3.0 2100 x 1500 5” x 7”4.0 2400 x 1800 8” x 10”5.0 2500 x 1900 9” x 12” 6.0 3000 x 2000 11” x 14”8.0 4000 x 2000 12” x 16”

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4 megapixel

8 megapixel

2400 x 1800

4000 x 2000

8” x 10” print

The 8 megapixel will not produce a better quality 8” x 10” print than the 4 megapixel.