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Sharp DisplayThe display screen is large with high resolution All setting shown on LCD display. Easy to read

Dual independent channels2 independent channels allow simultaneous treatment with 2 different programs. This is often used when treating two different types of pain or treating pain and muscle at the same time.A channel set for mode M while B channel for Mode N1 2 channel, different Mode

Separate control buttons2 channels controlled by separated buttons:A group button control A channel B group button control B channel

enable easy operation

TENS + EMS in oneCombine both TENS and EMS functions. One unit can be used for pain relief and muscle strength.

Various Mode SelectionFor pain relieving, we have designed 5 different modes for treating both acute and chronic pain efficiently: * Conventional * SD (strength-duration) * MR (modulate rate) * MRW (modulate rate-duration) * B (burst)

Conventional Mode

Conventional Mode is the most common used mode. Flexible setting for treating wide range of different symphony, such as: 2Hz 200S for chronic pain 100Hz - 50 S for acute pain 10 Hz 180 S for nausea 80 Hz - 60 S for face stimulate

SD (strength-Duration)

With modulated pulse duration mode, the number of activated muscles automatically increases and decreases. SD mode feels wave-like, making the stimulation more comfortable.

MR (modulate rate)

With modulated frequency mode, different types of sensory nerves could be stimulated, offering the patient potentially a more effective treatment.

MRW (modulate rate-duration)

One more choice beside SD and MR modes, preventing nerve accommodation, long and effective treatment could be lasted.

B (Burst)

Burst mode comprises both of the low and high frequency benefit. Good for deep muscles pain, as well as increase the blood circulation.

EMSAll parameters show on display screen, easy to set Pulse width could be set up to 350 S Muscle rehab 25Hz - 300 S Active mobility 40Hz - 300 S Reinforcement 60Hz - 350 S

Precise settingAccurate Intensity: 1mA/1step

Precise amplitude setting allows exact adjustment of current in steps of 1 mA, not linear.

Memory Function

Store up to 32 program

Let user create and store up to 32 of own programs of each channel (2 channels total 64 programs).

LOCK FUNCTIONThis is a doctor mode. Only program stored and intensity could be adjusted under lock function. This is to prevent misusing.

Patient Compliance TimerThe patient compliance timer can be accumulated up to 999 hours 50 min. Each using time will be accumulated automatically to record.

Safety designSelf testing after turn power on Lock function. Once lock, only program stored in memory could be used. This function enable physician to control the most treatment mode. Auto shut in 3 min. if not operate Plastic cover of buttons to protect any miss-touch.

High improved energy supplyWith a highly improved Technical solution, we have made it possible to use 4pcs 1.5V AA battery instead of one 9V battery. Long lasting stimulation time. Low battery indicator 1 x 9V 4 x 1.5 (AA)

4pc AA battery, long lasting energy, Save cost of battery.

DT-1200 CustomerizableDT-1200 has capacity to store 35 customerized programs. Each program can consists of 3 sequences, this allow customer to composite the own program, effective for different treating purpose.

DT-1200 , A device flexiblemake it perfect!