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  • 1. HCATTEKDT ASpoint of sale coursework folder.Ravens Wood School (14277)Alex Shipp (4187)

2. HCATTEKFish started off its life in a barber shop as amodern male grooming product. I think they havebad marketing because they seem to have tried topresent themselves as a traditional brand ontheyre web page however the bold colours onthe packaging of the product would give quite theopposite effect making people think it is a modernbrand this therefore in my opinion limits themarket to people under the age of 20. hismisleading branding could put the consumer offthe product because they begin to doubt theproduct.Old spice aim to rebrand their range with newadvertising. As of recent old spice Has been seen as anold mans fragrance. But with theyre cheap pricespeoples mentality are being changed especially in thecurrent economy . This product is aimed for peoplearound 16-35 maybe those who are going to the gymand simply want a smell to stop them smelling badly.The new advert seams to imply the fragrance is for anyage any race as old spice is a typical white mans banduntil recently. Old spice is a brand that everybody hasheard of and so with simple advertisement they couldboost their sales a lot.Old SpiceFishI think Mr Natty appeals to all generations. Itspresented as a traditional gentlemans hairproduct. The language used on the packagingand website is modern so the product is bothmoving with the times and traditional. Theproduct and range looks smart and the wholecompany seams niche. I expected the brand tobe expensive but upon looking on the websitethey are quite reasonable. For the followingreasons I would say the products are for ages16-30. the vintage style moustache productsmake people want to read more about thebrand because its so unique.Mr NattyLOreal men expert:Is a very successful brand for people in the 45+ agegroup. Its the only anti aging cream to market itself inthe way it does. This brand also has scientific evidenceshowing the product works-partly the reason behindtheir success the colours used are neat and smart. Thepeople for the models are those of 40+ Age but lookgood so men think they can pull the same thing off.Which has a good impact on the companys sales. Thebrand has quite a narrow selling audience however Ibelieve this is widening because people are moreconscious about the way they look recently which isgood for the company.Lynx is aimed at the teenage market, thepackaging is in cool colours whichdraws people to the product. It has beenespecially successful in themale grooming market partly because of theadverts which show women desiring men whowear lynx. Lynx has even been successful in thegirl teenage market because of its nice smellingreputation. I think the target audience is 12-18age group because it is for people in the agewhere they are starting to go through pubertyand out and they want to smell nice and aspireto be like older people.Lynx:Hacket is like the British version of ralph LaurenThey sell up to date clothing fashion lines and combinetheyre history to make them a brand of expense despitetheyre reasonable prices. Hackett are associates with Aston martinwhich ads a status to the brand I would say this brand is for the aspiringbusiness man and is therefore for the age: 17-40. Hackett is atraditional gentlemans brand. It has associates withAston martin and other racing brands which link in withTradition because they are expensive and have status.Hackett is in with fashion as well as having vintage style . Theaftershave bottles are tasteful, they Look smart and expensive whichcontrasts with their reasonable price. This may be a sales tactic todraw customers in to other products such as clothes in store. I thinkthe product is aimed for people 18-40 who go out for a night and wantto smell good. And the standard business man who wears fragranceevery day and therefore uses a lot of it so looks for a reasonablefragrance. Hacketts clever advertising gives you the thought that youcould be like the models they show offHackett 3. HCATTEKLinks fxL-logical-stand out and advertise the brand (colours, size, positioning)-use ergonomic considerations in the design. Is it user friendly? Is it comfortable to use?-needs to reflect the brand. E.g. Company name/logo-needs to draw customers in and keep them there for a time. Colours ,lights, sound, size-use of testers/samples so the user can safely interact with the product.-USP-unique sales point. It needs to stand out and be different from the others-positioning in relation to foot fall, needs to be in prime positioning for the customer to see/find it.Is it positioned where they would be going anyway such as at the end of an aisle.I-Illogical:-too much text, confuses the customer and leads to them walking off.-not enough information leaves the customer unsatisfied with the product and they continue else where-no branding identity is bad marketing to the customer-visual noise, are the colours too bright and off putting, is the p.o.s an eye saw-too interactive without any thought of purchase. E.g. apples ipad. You can play as muchas the customer wants with no obligation or intention to buy.-Removing the product from the point of sale, defeats the object of it.-too many options, confuses the customer-having the P.O.S below eye level-poor sustainabilityN-need:-must display the product clearly and allow the consumer to interact with the product-attract the customer in one way or another-display the branding-must keep the potential customers attention-any relevant information must be present-give the consumer the ability to access and purchase the product-needs to consider:ErgonomicsSafetyTheftK-keep:-Must be on eye level to be seen-Must be placed close to the main footfall of the shop.-Must clearly show the product.-Must display the branding.-Must display any important information.-Must hold the potential customers.S-scrap:-Scrap using cardboard testers as it reacts differently to skin.-Scrap any Visual noise which puts customers off.-Scrap too much information so customers dont get bored.-Scrap having to remove the product from the unit to test it.-Scrap the purchasing the product to be long and complicated.-Scrap having too many products on the unit to choose fromF-form VS functionality:For a point of sale there needs to be a perfect balance between function andform. This basically means it needs to look good and work well at the same time inorder for this to be just one may have o be sacrificed to make it a successful P.O.Sfor instance there might be a P.O.S that looks aesthetically brilliant but if it is notuser friendly then it is a bad product. Similarly if the point of sale is reallyinteractive and does its job well but doesnt look good it wont draw peoplesattention which means it hasnt worked properly. An example would be if a Ferrarihad a bad engine in it , it would be a failure.X-Factor:-Use a TV to display the brand and attract attention-use lighting to attract the customer and illuminate the P.O.S to make it stand out-sound could promote the business to passing customers-putting nudges on the floor for customers to follow to find the P.O.SHome 4. HCATTEKPrimary source photos of point of sales:This is Cadburys successful P.O.S its grab and goIdea is clever there is no unnecessary informationOr features just simply grab the product and payWhich is the fundamental idea of a p.o.sI think this P.O.S is clever. It is veryrepresentative of the relaxing andtherapeutic brand because of theBuddha. However it doesnt giveany information about the brand.Here is a temporary point of sale in aSupermarket Advertising a new releaseDVD the size makes it Stand out and itis similar to others so is easilyRecognisable. But it is made of cardboardso could easily be knocked overThis is a different type of point ofsale to the other ones shown. It wasin the middle of a shopping centre. Itsuccessfully showed an array ofproducts which you could easily seebecause of the transparency andsize but there was no information ofwhere you could buy the product orwhat the product was. For me thisinformation is fundamental to aP.O.SHere is yet another of the same style phone point ofsales. Because it is the same as any other it doesntstand out to the public and people tend to walk past.It does have some information about what theproduct is however the customer once more cantinteract with the product which on an electricaldevice is significant.This P.O.S is showing off the newGuinness book of records. It wasquite eye catching because of thecolours but some of the edges ofthe cardboard had scuffed andfolded which didnt look good.There is all necessary informationfor the consumer and so in thatrespect it is successfulThis is a temporary P.O.Sadvertising a new release of bookin WHSmith. The point of sale doesits job- promotes the companywith colours and sells the product.It does however look cheap whichisnt a good representation of thecompany. 5. HCATTEKHere is the red bull point of sale unit.Red bull are particularly good atadvertising. The design is simple andcontemporary. The brand is clearlyvisible. The point of sale stands out tothe consumer. The P.O.S is also a fridgebut has no door this means the product isEasily accessible which is essential in aP.O.SThis is a P.O.S unit for Cadburys I dontThink it is particularly successful because itIs small (not eye level) so people may notSee it. I would describe the colours as visualNoise I think they are a little over-poweringOn the same hand It is the brands colours soIn that area it is appropriate.This is national lotteries point of sale which I couldonly describe as a land mark. Wherever you are ifyou see it and you are likely to participate. The sizeand unforgettable shape means it is easily locatedby the consumer the point of sale is interactive anda drawing table is cleverly included in the designHere is a unsuccessful P.O.S the reason I think itIs unsuccessful is because there is no clear identific