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Talk held by Vic Ventures at City University, Cass Business School, as part of the BSc Management degree, on designing innovative business models and systems thinking.


  • 1. Design Thinking anD Business MoDel Design

2. Design Thinking and Business Model Design DesignThinking Twitter Hashtag: #DTCassinTro 3. innovationconTexT Value ConfigurationWhatParaDigMaPPlicaTionThinking StrategyToolSDesign HowThinking Busines Systems ThinkingModel canvasBusines ModelDesign inTro 4. context changeDesign ThinkingconTexT 5. systems thinking Cartesian & Analytical Systems & Design Thinkingreductionistdynamiccause & effectcomplexitylinearfeedback loopsWhatconTexT 6. Design Thinking making things look pretty uncertainty absorption mechanisms ivory tower product development balance sheet acrobatics Businesspeople dont just need to understand designers better; theyWhat need to become designers. ParaDigM Roger Martin, Dean, Rotman School of Management 7. be creativeDISRUPT YOUR THINKING > Vision & Ideation> Exploratory Play> Empathetic & Human centred> Participatory HowaPPlicaTion 8. Design Thinkingmoney + magic = business model innovationSystems Thinking DesignThinking Strategy WhatParaDigM 9. think differentlyHow Thinking 10. challenge assumptions & heuristics How Thinking 11. 3sweet spotHowThinking 12. business models DEF=BusinessModel A business model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.sweet ...a value proposition spot How ToolS 13. biz model canvassweetspotHow aPPlicaTion 14. canvasHowaPPlicaTion 15. application We are in thebusiness of ... How aPPlicaTion