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Electrical wire

Capacito rCapacitor is a soft soldering component which joins together the galvanized coating and gold alloy coating. It is the little wire that you want to glue.



Electrical wire is the medium through which electricity is carried to and through each individual home that uses electrical power. It is made of a metal that easily conducts electricity, usually copper, in a plastic cover called an insulator. There are various different types of electrical wire, each suited to certain loads and conditions. Four main types are common in residential applications.

Resistors restrict the flow of electric current, for example a resistor is placed in series with a light-emitting diode (LED) to limit the current passing through the LED. Resistance is measured in ohms, the symbol for ohm is an omega . 1 . is quite small so resistor values are often given in k and M. 1 k . = 1000. 1 M . = 1000000 .