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    Police application SUCCESSFUL CASES

    Police patrol car scene forensics monitoring system in Xinzhou, Shanxi Province (Equipment supply, independence platform)

    Police patrol car scene forensics monitoring system in Wuhan city, Hubei Province (Equipment supply, independence platform

    Public bus monitoring system for Public Security Bureau of Yinchuan city, Ningxia Province (Equipment supply, independence platform)

    Police patrol car scene forensics monitoring system in Guangzhou city, Guangdong Province (Equipment supply, independence platform)

    Passenger Transportation

    Passenger Transportation Passenger Transportation The Passenger Transport Long-Distance Transportation Long-Distance Transportation

    Company of Ya 'an, Sichuan Company of Baoxing, Sichuan Group of Hubei, Wuhan Company of Putian, Fujian Company of Quanzhou, Fujian

    Bus manufacturing company Public Transportation

    Public Transportation Group Public Transportation Group Village-to-village project of Public Transportation Group Public Transportation Group Yangtze Bus Factory Yaxing Travel Bus Factory Yutong Bus Factory of

    of Wuhan of Shamen Gaoming district, Guangdong of Yin chuan, Ningxia of Jinan, Shandong of Wuhan Province of Jiangsu Province Zhengzhou Province



    Products line for Mobile DVR

    1. 4CH economic HDD&SD MDVR(TS-210 Series)

    2. 4CH high-end HDD&SD MDVR (TS-610 Series)

    3. 8CH econimic HDD&SD MDVR(TS-218 Series)

    4. 4CH 1080P HDD MDVR (TS-910 Series)

    5. 4CH high-end Dual SD MDVR (TS-820 series)



    Product parameters

    TS-210 Equipment parameter Performance standard

    Operation system LINUX

    Operation interface Graphical interface menu

    system File system HES Error correction file management system

    System Privileges Password

    TS-210 Video input 4 channel independent input 1.0Vp-p75

    1 Video output 1 channel PAL/NTSC output 1.0Vp-p75composite video signal

    video Video display Single screen / four screen series

    Video standard PAL25 FPSNTSC30 FPS 4 channels economical Mobile DVR

    System resources PAL:100 FrameNTSC120 frame

    Audio input 4 channel independent input600

    Audio output 1 channel output6001.0-2.2V

    Model Distortion plus noise -30dB audio

    Recording mode Sound and picture synchronization

    Audio compression ADPCM TS-210 suffixes Video standard H.264

    +A: GPS+B: Built-in 3G module+C: Aviation connector+D: Built-in RS232 / RS485+E: PAL:4*CIF(352*288)4*HD1704*2884*D1704*576NTSC:4*CIF(352*240) Image format

    4*HD1704*2404*D1704*480 LAN port (RJ45)+F: SD card record function+G: Built-in G-sensor module

    Image quality 8 grades can be choose

    +H: Intercom function Digital processing Video bitrate CIF:24K-112KByte/s(each channel)HD1/D124K-192KByte/seach channel

    Vedio memory space and storage CIF:85M-394MByte/hour HD1D1:85M-675MByte/hour

    PAL:1or 4*CIF(352*288)1or 4*HD1(704*288)1or 4*D1(704*576) Specification Playback resolution

    NTSC:1or 4*CIF(352*240)1or 4*HD1(704*240)1or 4*D1(704*480)

    Audio bitrate 4KByte/seach channel

    4 channels CIF,HD1 real time recording, D1 Non real time recording Audio memory space 14MByte/houreach channel

    HDD storage 1 SATA port2.5 Laptop Hard Disk, 1TB Max H.264 Compression, Linux System, MCU control Dual-streaming TS-210

    Alert input 4 channel alarm independent input (Active-high)

    alarm port The interface of HDD box & motherboard adopt multiple pin type design (conversion the interface from army) Alert output 1 channel alarm output (Dry contact output)

    Move detention Guarantee the normal work of the vehicle in the case of bump Three levels for sensitivity to be choice: high, standard, and low

    HOST port USB port One front board (Can connect to U disk to backup video data or upgrade the software) Support 2.5 SATA HDD, 1TB Max

    LAN port 1 channel RJ45, can view the record by wired network

    LAN port Digital watermarking 3G network Built-in WCDMA or EVDO module, realizing video browsing and data download from remote etc

    GPS GPS port Built-in GPS module, can remote positioning in Google map Built-in WCDMA/EVDOGPS RS232 port extensible,easier to docking with other device

    G-sensor, move detection RS485 port extensible,easier to docking with other device or control the PTZ

    extension ports Intercom HES error correction encrypted file management system, to prevent data from losing and damaging caused by power off Built-in Intercom function, realize the function of vehicle and monitoring center two-way voice intercom

    G-Sensor Built-in G-sensor module, using for detecting accelerometer

    Peripheral interfaces: 1 channel RS232, 1 channel RS485 and 1 channel for USB2.0 CANBUS Built-in CANBUS module, docking with the vehicle communication system to get the operation parameters

    Support external device, such as LED, ID card reader, automatic stop announcer Power supply DC8-48V 5% 12W

    Working Temp/humidity -20~85 / 80% Black box function, record speed, location, acceleration, braking, reverse, cornering and alert etc

    Clock The built-in hard clock perpetual calendar

    others Two grade physical structure suspension technology (Conversion technology), can prolong the service life of the hard disk Product size 213L*230W*63H mm (Contains the standard bracket )

    Carton size Wide voltage power supply: DC8-48V, embedded design with industrial standard, metal aluminum shell, low power consumption Signal 260*250*95mm; 10 sets500*280*520mm

    N/M 1.9KGwithout HDD/set

    Working Temp: -20~+85 G/M 2.1KGwithout HDD/ set



    Product parameters

    TS-610 Equipment parameter Performance standard

    Operating system Embedded Operating System LINUX

    Operating interface Visualized Menu Interface

    system TS-610 File system HES error correction encrypted file magement system

    2 System previleges Password Controlls

    Video Input 1 to 4 Channels Independent Input 1.0Vp-p, 75 series Video Output 1 channel PAL/NTSC Output, 1.0Vp-p, 75,composite video signal

    4 Channel Functional HDD MDVR video Video Display 1 or 4 Screen Display

    Video Standard Video Standard PAL :1-25frames/sec; NTSC: 30frames/sec

    System Resources System Resources PAL:100 frames;NTSC 120 frames

    Model Audio Input 4 channel independent input , 600

    Audio Output 1 channel Output, 600, 1.0-2.2V -30dB

    TS-610 suffix Distortion plus noise -30dB audio

    Record mode Sound and Image Synchronization

    +Caviation connector +AGPS +Bbuilt-in 3G module +DBuilt-in RS-232/RS-485 Audio Compression ADPCM

    +Elan RJ45 +F: SD card port +GBuilt-in G-sensor module Video Stream Standard H.264

    +H: voice intercom +KCAN bus +Wbuilt-in WIFI PAL:4*CIF(352*288), 4*HD1704*288, 4*D1704*576

    Image Format NTSC:4*CIF(352*240), 4*HD1704*240, 4*D1704*480

    Image Quality 8 Grades Free to Choose

    Specification Digital processing Video Stream Bitrate CIF:24K-112KByte/s/channel; HD1/D124K-192KByte/s/Channel

    Video Storage Occupation CIF:85M-394MByte/hour HD1, D1:85M-675MByte/hour and storage

    PAL:1or 4*CIF(352*288)1or 4*HD1(704*288)1or 4*D1(704*576) 4ch CIF, HD1, D1 full realtime video monitoring Playback Resolution

    NTSC:1or 4*CIF(352*240)1or 4*HD1(704*240)1or 4*D1(704*480)

    H.264video compress format, Linux operation system, duel-stream Audio Stream Bitrate 4KByte/s/Channel

    Audio Storage Occupation 14MByte/hour/Channel Multiple pin design for Hard disk box and mainboard is antivibration

    Harddisk Storage Available 1SATA port, 2.5 inch SATA Harddisk, support maximum 1TB

    Support 2.5 inch harddisk, maximum 1TB SD card Storage available Extensionable one SD storage port, support maximum 64GB

    Digtital video waterprint Alarm Input 4 Channel Independent Alarm Input ( effective only with high level signal ) alarm port

    Alarm Output 1 Channel Alarm Output (dry contacts output) Support alarm pre-record

    Motion Sensor High level, intermediate ,low level Sensitivity free choice

    Support motion sensor alarm HOST Port USB port on front panel and back panel for backup and software upgrading USB port

    Wireline Access Extensive RJ45 lan port for monitoring and downloading Support alarm linkage

    Wifi Wireless Access Built-in WIFI (support IEEE 802.11b/g/n) for monitoring and downloading LAN port Complete CMS operation log and alarm log etc. 3G network Built-in WCDMA/EVDO module to realize remote monitoring etc.

    Built-inWCDMA/EVDO, optional WIFI, GPS/satellite navigation system GPS Built-in GPS/Beidou Navigation /GNOLASS positioning module for vehicle tracking GPS port

    RS 232 Port RS232 is an extensionable docking port to integrate with our equipments in car 3G, WIFI network intelligent switch

    RS485 Port RS485 is an extensionable docking port to intergate with other equipments or control the PTZ

    G-sensor dynamic detection Two-way voice intercom Extensionable voice intercom port to realize the talk between the car end and the center.

    extension ports

    G-Sensor Built-in G-sensor function, can realize gravity detection. HES error correction encrypted file magement system, no data loss, no storaged file damage when power off

    CANBUS Built-in CANBUS module to communicate with vehicle system and get relevant parameters

    Various Extended port: 1 of RS-232,1 of RS-485,2 USB2.0,1 CANBUS 2.0B line Power Consumption DC8-48V 5% 12W

    Support extended equipment such a