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EARCOS GIN 2010 Conference programme. Prepared by Chinese International School, Hong Kong


1Dear GIN participants,Onbehalfofourschoolandlocalcommunity,IwelcomeyoutoChinese International School and to Hong Kong. We expect that when you depart on Sunday, you will have more than just memories of a new place, new friends, andnewideasthatcanquicklyfade.ThethemeofthisGINconferenceis KNOW-CARE-ACT. GIN is based on the belief that people of all ages can beeffectiveagentsofchangeincivilsociety.Iamsurethateachofyour heads of school and each of the faculty members accompanying you to this conferencehasboundlessconfidenceinyourcapacitytoknow,care,act. GIN is not an end in itself; it is not an activity. It is an opportunity to take all of your learning and to become people of action in the world. For this I am proud and excited to welcome you to our school.Ted Faunce, PhD HeadmasterGIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolChineseInternationalSchoolproudlywelcomesover500participants representingover50InternationalSchoolstotheGlobalIssuesNetwork Conference for 2010 (with the theme - Know, Care, Act!).The 2010 GIN conference will present you with many opportunities to learn, share,participate,discuss,debate,inspire,infuence,andtakerealstepsto address some of the global issues that we all face today and that our children and grandchildren will face tomorrow.Thekeynotespeakerswillprovideyouwiththeopportunitytoheartheir passion,tobeinspiredwiththeirindividualdriveandtobeamazedwith theirstories.Theworkshopsandglobalvillagesessionsprovidesyouwith thechancetoworkwithandinteractwithotherstudentsfromalloverthe worldinordertodevelopacommonunderstandingoftheissuesfacingus today.Theshortflmsandteampresentationswillallowyoutoshareyour passion and prior good work with everybody at the conference. Mychallengetoyouallistograsptheseopportunities,tospeakup,to participate, to take action and to articulate what we collectively need to do in order to solve these problems and to positively affect the world around us.Justin AlexanderHead of SecondaryWelcome2 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolTable of ContentsWelcome 1Introduction to Conference3The Team4Keynote Speakers8What does your tag mean?11Core Workshops12Global Village Groups14Films15Session 1: Student Presentations16Session 2: Student Presentations21Session 3: Student Presentations25NGO Fair31NGOPresentations32FAQs35Pre and Post Conference Activities36Conference Dinner38Transportation39Student Team40Participating Schools41Acknowledgements49School Map523 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolIntroduction to ConferenceEarthsHopewasthethemeofthefirstEARCOSGlobalIssuesNetwork(GIN)Conferenceheldin Beijing-2008 and the second, in Bangkok, was We Can. We Will.This year, we are looking forward to the third GIN Conference and the theme we have chosen is Know. Care. Act.The Global Issues Network isbasedon the ideas described by Jean Francois Rischard in hisbookHigh Noon.TwentyGlobalProblems,TwentyYearstoSolveThem(BasicBooks2003).Rischardidentifes 20 urgent global problems and encourages the formation of small groups around the world to help solve them.GlobalIssuesNetworkshavebeenformedinmanyinternationalschoolsthroughouttheworld empowering international school students to create sustainable solutions to global problems. TheConferencepromisestobeatransformationalexperienceshapedbymotivationalkeynotespeakers, anexperientialseriesofworkshops,opportunitiesfordiscussioninGlobalVillageGroupsandan empowering series of short flms made by the conference delegates.ItisaConferenceforstudents,ledbystudentsanddesignedtosendtheyoungpeopleattending enthusiastically back into their communities determined and able to make a difference to the world.WefrststartedplanningthisConferenceoverayearago.Inspiredbythehugelysuccessfuleventsin Beijing and Bangkok, we knew we had our work cut out to pull it together.We began by putting together a small steering committee of staff and later added a group of students who would shadow us. The staff met once a week to shape the Conference and gradually, over the last few months,wehandedovermoreoftheresponsibilitytothestudentswhohavehadtwofullweekendsof training along with numerous Saturday meetings with us. There has been much laughter, discussion and, recently, stress.ThisConferenceistrulyacollaborativeeffort. Weareconfdentthatwecannowcompletelyhandover to our talented students to run an exciting and successful two and half days, of which we will be proud, motivating participants to Know, Care and Act. We hope you will enjoy your time in Hong Kong and it has been our pleasure to host you and so many participants from around the world.Marian Rossiter and Edmund AldissConference Co-ordinators4Sarah PembertonVillage GroupsGlobal Issues, whether they be political, economi c,soci al ,t echnol ogi cal , environmentalorlegalaffectusall, andtheopportunitytohosttheGIN conferencet hi syearhascreat eda platform for communication and sharing ofideas,ofwhichIamincreasingly grateful.Victoria LiProgram EditorHuman ResourcesThe GIN Conference is undoubtedly one ofthebestthingsthathashappenedto ourschoolstudentshelpingstudents help the world. The many hours of hard work,frustrationandthoughtputinto this conference? Defnitely worth it. Hannah ShortConference HostFinanceBeingapartoftheCISGlobalIssues Grouphasbeenbothgreatfunandhas given me a total reality check. The GIN conferencehasonlyfurtheredthat,and Imreallylookingforwardtomeeting like-mindedpeoplewhoIcanhelp,and whocanhelpme,achievethechange thatweaimfor-andisnecessary-in the world. With thanks to the Chinese International School student leaders who have made this conference possibleGIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolCharles StoneConference Host Workingwithsuchadedicatedteam ofCISstudentshasbeenthehighlight ofmyexperienceinhostingthisyears GlobalIssuesNetworkConference. The enthusiasm and energy of my peers have breathedlifeintotheevent,andIhope thatourguestsandstudentdelegates from around the world enjoy and beneft fromtheweekendasmuchasIknowI will. Lucas SinEvent ManagementAseventmanager,organizingtheGIN conferencewasnotaboutorderingthe bags,puttingupcurtainsorinviting NGOstothefair-itwasknowing, caringandactingaboutmyfellow students, my school, my conference; and hence, my global issues.Wenyan DengHuman Resources Know,Care, Act,everyoneofusisa partofit. Together,wewillbecomethe change we want to see.The Team5Valerie YeeWorkshopBeinginGINhasreallytaughtmehow tobeabetterleader,aswellasteach memoreabouttimemanagementand prioritizing things I have to do. Its been areallyvaluableandfruitfulexperience for me.Angela PanWorkshopIcouldnothavethoughtofabetter waytobeginmyfrstyearasapartici-pantbyhelpingtoorganizetheGIN 2010EARCOSConferenceatCIS. There were ups and downs to the whole experience from the piles of to-dos and emailstosend,butitwasnevertheless extremelyrewardingandawonderful experience.Asia ChiaoWorkshopThe best thing about helping to organize t heGI Nconf er encewass i mpl y beingabletoseealloftheextensive preparationsthatwedmadefinally cometogether.IntheearlystagesIhad mydoubts,butnowImconfidentthat when the 500 students do arrive in Hong Kong, well be ready. Medora ChoiVillage GroupsIhavebeenengagedwiththeGlobal IssuesGroupsince2008.Iwasalways interestedinGINandnowbeingoneof the leaders of the Global Issues Network hasallowedmetogrowclosertomy peersandtaughtmehowtolearntobe braveandconfdent. I amhonored to be partofthisnetworkandwillcarrythe memories of this experience for life.Nathan BarlowGIN has been an exceptional experiencebecauseithastaughtmeessentialskills required to tackle projects and matters of global importance.Danielle LayFinanceInmyanticipationandpreparationfor theGINconference,thepastmonths canbesummedintoasimpleequation. Leadership+Experience+Global Acknowledgement = Inspiration.GIN 2010 Chinese International School6Vincent HsuTechnology & MediaGINhasprovidedmeanopportunitytotakeuptherole ofaleaderforthefrsttime.Beingtheyoungestleaderin theconference,Ihavelearntagreatdealthroughworking withmypeersandseniors.Ithasbeenanenjoyableand meaningful experience, one I shall not forget.Justin AuTechnology & MediaWorkingasaleaderofGINwasaveryfruitfulexperience, itallowedmetodevelopmyleadership,organizational,and socialskills. Also,itwasagreatopportunitytoworkwith fellowleaderstoorganizesuchalargescaleconference. Above all, it was great fun!GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolMarian RossiterConference Co-ordinatorMarian is a Deputy Head of CIS Secondary School, in charge ofPastoralCare.MarianhasworkedatCISsince1996. HerenthusiasmforstudentinvolvementinGlobalIssues wasinstigatedbyavisitto ASGuangzhoutoaCelebration ofServicesummitin2007,resultinginarapidlyorganised student group for the Luxembourg GIN Conference in March 2007. Marian has also attended both the Earcos Conferences i nBei j i ngandBangkokal ongwi t ht heCISst udent delegation.PlanningforthecurrentConferencebeganover ayearagoandshehopesallthehardworkwillresultin students being inspired to Know, Care, Act!Edmund Aldiss Conference Co-ordinator Ed has taught Economics and Geography at CIS since 2006. HeisthefacultyleaderoftheCISGlobalIssuesGroup andhasplayedacentralroleinpromotingglobalissues atCIS.Hehasalsobeenthefacultymemberincharge ofcoordinationwiththestudentorganizersoftheGIN Conference.EdattendedbothGINConferencesinBeijing andBangkokalongwiththestudentdelegation,andhaving been inspired by those past events, is excited and honored to have CIS host the GIN Conference this year. The Team (contd)7 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolDaisy WoFinancial CoordinatorIhavebeenworkingwiththeGINteamformorethan 6monthstoassistwithorganizationofthe2010GIN conference. I am deeply impressed by the teams enthusiasm, leadership and ability to get everything done. I feel so proud I can participate in this event and hope that everyone enjoys this wonderful conference. Ellen Chung Administrative Coordinator Ithasbeenagreatpleasureandhonortobememberof thepreparationteam.LearningsomethingnewfromMrs. Rossiter and Mr. Aldiss is a bonus for me. My special thanks to Gigi, Alvin & Ken for sorting out technical problems and MarionandShirleyfortyingupalltheconnections. Allof you have made my life easier. Lastly, thank you to both our greatteamplayers,DaisyandMarlon.Ienjoyedworking with you guys. Marlon Arenas Technical Coordinator ImresponsiblefortheWebandoverallITforGIN.Iam honoredtobepartofthisnoblegatheringoflike-minded game-changers! Vicky Wong Sponsorship CoordinatorIhavebeenadedicatedCISparentfor13yearswith3 children in school, and is a great supporter of youth activities suchasBrownieGuider,theSchoolsTableTennisTeam, andtheSecondaryYearRepresentativeCoordinator.I amtheMarketingDirectorofapublicrelationsboutique firm,PrestiqueLimitedandiscurrentlyinvolvedinmany charitableorganizationsinHongKong,suchasChiHeng Foundation.8Efren PeaforidaDynamic Teen Companyhttp://dynamicteencompany.org/GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolKey note SpeakersDavidJamesBegbie(DJ)isthedirectoroftheGlobalVillageLife X-perience program at charity organization Crossroads International, and a spokesman for both Crossroads International and Global Hand. Armedwithamastersdegreeinorganizationalleadershipfrom RegentUniversityintheUS,Davidwantstobeavoiceforthe voiceless to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.HisvisioniswellexpressedthroughtheGlobalVillageLife X-perienceprogram,CrossroadsInternationalslatestdevelopment. TheexperientialeducationprogramdirectedbyDavid,inwhich participantsexperiencethelivesofthelessfortunate,wasstartedas aresultofthe10thanniversaryofCrossroadsInternational,when asmallgroupofHongKongexecutiveswereinvitedtolivein simulatedslumconditionsfor24hours.Morethan12,000people from the corporate, educational and social sectors have participated since the programs inception in 2005.David has been a full time volunteer for Crossroads International and Global Hand, two sister charities based inHongKong.ThedutyofCrossroadsInternationalistoredistributesurplusgoodsreceivedfromtheHong Kongcommunitytoover500charitiesbothwithinHongKongandinmorethan50nationsintheworldfor free;whileGlobalHand,aweb-basedplatform,matchescorporatesurpluswithpeopleindireneedinorder tofacilitatepublic-privatepartnerships.IthasbuiltapplicationsfortheWorldEconomicForumandRotary International and is currently developing applications for other NGOs and INGOs.David BegbieCrossroads Foundationhttp://www.crossroads.org.hk/ Efren Peaforida is the founder of Dynamic Teen Company (DTC). Agroupofconcernedyoungpeoplewithamissionofmakinga smallyetsignificantdifferenceinotherpeopleslives,particularly thesmallchildreninslumareaswhohavenoaccesstoeducation, basichygieneandsometimes,evenlovefromtheirfamilies.The groupwasfoundedin August1997byfourteenagersfromCavite, locatedsouthofManila,Philippines.Theinitialgroupmadeup ofaround20membersstartedasafriendshipclubwhichaimed todiverttheattentionofstudentsfromjoiningviolentgangsand notoriousfraternitiesthatwerethrivingonthecampus.Theirmajor platformthenwastocateryouthawarenessprojects,talentandself development activities, and community services.Forthepast12years,Peafloridaandhisteamofteenvolunteers havetaughtbasicreadingandwritingtochildrenlivingonthe streets.Theirmaintool: Apushcartclassroom.Stockedwithbooks, pens,tablesandchairs,hisDynamicTeenCompanyrecreatesa schoolsettinginunconventionallocationssuchasthecemeteryand municipal trash dump.Peaforida knows frsthand the adversity faced by these children. Born into a poor family, he lived in a shanty nearthecitydumpsite.Buthesaysherefusedtoallowhiscircumstancestodefnehisfuture. Aftersifting through 9,000 nominees from over 100 countries, CNNs Blue Ribbon Panel selected Peaforida as one of its 28heroesof2009.OnOctober1,Peaforidawasnamedamongthetenfnalists.OnNovember22,hewas named CNN Hero of the Year for 2009.9 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolUnderwater Wildlife Producer Jo Ruxton was a key member of the BBCs worldfamousNaturalHistoryUnitdivingteamformanyyearsandhas beenorganisinganddirectingunderwatershootssincethefrstdaysof flming on the award-winning Blue Planet series in 1997. Joanna studied ZoologyatLondonUniversityandmovedtoHongKonginthe1980s. ShejoinedtheWorldWildlifeFundinHongKongin1990toestablish theirMarineConservationProgramme;asignificanttaskinaplace thathadnolegislationtoprotectthecoastalwatersandwheremassive development was taking place before the handover to China. During her tenurethere,shewasinstrumentalinsettingupfourMarineProtected Areas.Overthepast13yearsshehasbeeninvolvedinnumerousunderwater flming projects around the world, from Antarctica to the pristine reefs of the Caribbean and the Pacifc Ocean.Joestablishedherownunderwatermediacompany,MediaDiveCrews, in2008aswellascontinuingtoworkasadocumentaryproducer.She isnowjointlyproducingPlasticOceansandisconfidentthatitwill play a major role in changing the way we think about plastic waste and ultimately cleaning up our oceans and watercourses throughout the world.Inspirationalandcharismatic,SpencerWestwillspeakcandidlyabout the struggles he has overcome after losing his legs at the age of fve, and howheneverlostthehopeorcourageheneededtoovercomepersonal obstacles.Filledwithbothhumourandhumility,histhought-provoking messagewillinspirestudentstofindopportunityineverychallenge. Witheveryspeech,Spencerleavesanindeliblemarkonhisaudiences, instillinghopeandstrongleadershipsothattheycaninspireothersto create positive change.In2008,SpencertravelledtoKenyaonaninternationalvolunteertrip where he helped build a school in a rural community in the Maasai Mara. Onthistrip,hemetyoungpeoplewhostrivetoovercomechallenges everyday.Hecreditsthisexperienceforhelpinghimrecognizehistrue calling to motivate and inspire people around the world.Since he began speaking, Spencer has reached over 20,000 students with hisencouragingwords.HecaptivatedaudiencesofthousandsatMeto WeDayeventswithhiskeynoteaddress,oneofwhichwasfeatured nationally on CTV and viewed by 1.8 million people.WhileontheGoGlobalspeakingtour,Spencerhelpedyoungpeopleovercomedailychallenges,offering concrete actions to fnd personal strength and believe in themselves as active change-makers. His words have encouraged thousands of young people to become more socially involved in their communities and around the world.Jo RuxtonMedia Dive Crews UKhttp://web.me.com/mediadivecrews/Media_Dive_Crews/About_Us.html Spencer WestMe to Wehttp://www.metowe.com/10 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolChung To is the Founder and Chairman of Chi Heng Foundation (CHF), acharityregisteredandbasedinHongKong.Duringthepastfour years,CHFhasbeenactivelyworkingon AIDSpreventionandcare inChina.Underthe AIDSOrphanProject,CHFishelpingover3500 studentswhoseparentshavediedoforaredyingof AIDSinCentral China by paying for their education and providing many care services. Chung was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to the United States as a teenager. He received a bachelors degree at Columbia University and a masters degree at Harvard University. Chung worked in investment banking for 10 years with several European and US banks in New York andHongKong.WhileworkingasabankerinHongKong,Chung founded Chi Heng Foundation with a few like-minded individuals and began working on AIDS education and prevention projects in China on aparttimebasis.In2002,afterrealizingtheseriousnessandurgency ofthe AIDSproblemsinChina,Chungdecidedtoputhisbanking careeronholdandbegandevotinghisfullattentionto AIDSworkin China on a pro bono basis. Chunghasreceivedmanyawardsforhisworkin AIDSrelatedissues.In2003,hereceivedtheTen OutstandingYoungPersonsawardfromtheJuniorChamberInternationalHongKong.Hewasfeaturedby MingPaoandtheRedRibbonCentreasoneoftheTenMostInspiringPersons- AIDSinHongKongfor 20years,andnamedoneoftheTenGreatest Anti-AIDSHeroesinChinabytheSouthernPeople Weekly in2004.ChungreceivedtheCentennialService AwardforProfessionalExcellencefromtheRotaryClub District 3450, and was named as one of the Ten Outstanding Young Leaders of the Era by Southern People Weekly and CCTV Channel 10 People Program in 2005. Mr To was named by Junior Chamber International (JCI) as one of the Outstanding Young Persons of the World for 2006. Chung ToChi Heng Foundation http://www.chfaidsorphans.com/Key note Speakers (Contd)11 11GIN 2010 Chinese International School What does your tag mean? GIN Conference 2010 Victoria Li Chinese International School 1 You will all receive a lanyard with a name tag in it. The name tag will have inIor-mation needed Ior the conIerence. so please look aIter it. The tag looks something like this: Global VillageGroup Number Workshop Color Name School Front Back Youwillallreceivealanyardwithanametaginit.Thenametagwillhaveinformationneededforthe conference, so please look after it and wear it all the time you are at school. The tag looks something like this: GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolWhat does your tag mean? 12 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolWhat is a Core Workshop?A Core Workshop is a large group interactive experience based on or related to a global issue. All delegates will move through the four different core workshops over the three days of the conference.How will I know which workshop to go to?CheckthecoloroftheGINConference2010,onyourlanyard. Thatisyourworkshopgroup.Nowcheckthe table below to see where you need to go!Crossroads International Led by: David Begbie Location: Lower Primary Gym This interactive workshop will invite participants to explore the world of HIV/AIDS and life-style choices that impactthespreadofthevirus. Thepersonal,family,andsocietalimpactoftheviruswillalsobeconsidered, leaving the participant with an idea of how to answer the call to each of us to step up, and make a difference in a world that is dying for help. Core Workshops13 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolAsia Pacifc Youth Network: Demand Dignity and Voices Activism Led by: APYN Youth Ambassadors Location: Drama StudioAsiaPacificYouthNetworkismadeupofyouthorganizationsfromacrossthe Asia-Pacificregion thatcollaborateonhumanrightsissues.Theyhaverecentlycometogetherintheirsupportof Amnesty Internationals global Demand Dignity campaign (http://demanddignity.amnesty.org). The campaigns equation is Human Rights = Less Poverty.It aims to end global poverty by strengthening recognition and protection of therightsofthepoor.Thecombinedabuseofcivil,cultural,economic,politicalandsocialrightsdrivesand deepenspoverty. Thecampaigndemandsthatallstatesadoptandimplementthelaws,policiesandpractices thatwillenddeprivation,insecurity,exclusion,andvoicelessness.TheworkshopwillintroducetheDemand Dignity campaign and the concept of Voices Activism, give examples of youth activism, show you how to plan and conduct your own activities and projects, and invite you to join the APYN.Chinese International School Global Issues Led by: Chinese International School students Location: Upper Secondary GymDesigned,constructed,organized,presentedandfacilitatedcompletelybystudents,forstudents,theGlobal IssuesSimulationWorkshopistheChineseInternationalSchoolscontributiontothemanyactivitiesthat willbetakingplaceoverthecourseoftheweekend.Participantswillhaveachancetocollaboratewithone another and complete challenges while interacting with the workshops main feature: an enormous, gym-sized world map. The workshop itself is designed to fulfll 3 goals: to provide participants with the chance to share their own knowledge while learning from one another, to equip everyone with a broader perspective of global interactions, and fnally, to encourage realization of the fact that we must work together as one world and one community if we are to solve the issues facing us today.Media Dive Crews: Plastic OceansLed by: Jo Ruxton Location: Upper Primary Gym Wildlifeflmmaker,JoRuxton,givesanintroductiontotheemergingissueofplasticwastecollectinginthe centre of the oceans. You will learn about the problem, how it happened, what it is doing to wildlife, and what we can do to help prevent it. You will have a chance to play an active role in the design of practical solutions based on the information you are given. You will watch the pilot of a National Geographic documentary, Plastic Oceans. And-- who knows -- your design could be built and featured in the main flm next year! 14 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolWhat are Global Village Groups?GlobalVillageGroupstakeplaceaftereachsession,andallowstudentstodebrieftheirpresentationsand discuss experimental workshops. Your village group number is found on your lanyard; refer to the table below to fnd out where you need to go!Global Village Groups Village Group NumberRoomStudent Leader(s)11201Julien Breistroff 21503Denise Chan and Christina Wu31504Lisa Chan and Anthony Chan41701Nicola Chang and Wenyan Deng51702Caroline Chin and Kolleen Ku6 1703Medora Choi and Rachel Jia Lee7 1705James Harris and Yi Wei Liu81707Yohei Tse and Nicole Fung9 1708Lincoln Jim and Justin Kung101801Jacob Weisman and Valerie Tang111802Ryan Kwok and Jeffery Yeung121803Danielle Lay and Nicole Wong131805Victoria Li and Brittney Chan141807Janene Loke and Rachel Lauren Lee151808Clayton Lam162303Sarah Pemberton172304Jing Ting Poon and Stephanie Tam182305Plato So and Janelle Wong192404Kristie Tam and Elizabeth Kuok202405Emily Tsui and Anna Edwards212406Andrea Vallone and Ashley Lee222407Lulu and Jeanette Wong232703Timothy Tsang242704Isabella Bersani and Pei Jing Chung252705Josh Schawelson and Yi Xia Xu262706Janice Tse and Amanda Li273701Hannah Wu and Jacqueline Cheng283703Tim Tsang and Michael Chan293706Lucas Sin 303704Bernice Choi and Justin Tay 15 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolFilmsSchool NameFilm NameACG Senior College - New ZealandEveryone has the Right to Eudcation- Our StoryAmerican International School - Hong KongSmall steps to big ChangeAmerican International School Dhaka - BangladeshDiscimus Agere AgendoAmerican School - JapanHuman Traffcking in JapanBali International School - IndonesiaSampah!Beijing City International School - ChinaWheatie WednesdayBrent International School - PhilippinesMundo Ng TubigCCC International School of HCMC - VietnamEducation for AllCanadian International School - Hong KongA Spotlight on International Child Labour IssuesCanadian International School of Beijing - ChinaChild LabourConcordia International School Shanghai - ChinaCanon of PovertyDhahran Ahliyya Schools - Saudi ArabiaWonderful WorldGreen School Bali - IndonesiaNo BoxGyeonngi Suwon International School - KoreaHomelessness in KoreaGyeongnam International Foreign School - KoreaFresh WaterInternational Christian School - Hong KongService at ICSInternational School Bangkok - ThailandThe Green SolutionInternational School Yangon - MyanmarSounds and StepsInternational School of Beijing - ChinaNo Time to WasteInternational School of Kuala Lumpur 1 - MalaysiaSwitchInternational School Ho Chi Minh CityStreet Children: Know, Care, ActAn Phu campus International School of Kuala Lumpur 2 - MalaysiaThe Fifth Estate - Freedom of the PressInternational School of Tianjin - ChinaA bowl half fullKaohsiung American School - TaiwanThe Earth is Dying; Pursuit of GreennessKorea International School - KoreaThe Long Term SolutionNew International School - ThailandEarth is AilingPresbyterian Ladies College - AustraliaGene Therapy. The Ultimate Cure?Shanghai American School - ChinaRead to succeedShekou International School - ChinaLeft BehindSingapore American School - SingaporeHunger Banquet for HaitiSurabaya International School - IndonesiaStripping Earths Resources; BUMITEDA International School - ChinaThe New Black Death?Taipei American School - TaiwanQuality of Water, Quality of LifeThai-Chinese International School - ThailandForest Restoration; Education goes both waysUnited Nations International School Hanoi - VietnamAddressing poverty in Vietnam16 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolWater Conservation, A Project for Singapores Students1701Bukit Panjang Government High SchoolOurschool,inanattempttoengageSingaporeansontheissueofwaterconservation,havedevisedastudy whichwillinvolvetheentirestudentbody(andeventuallytheentirecountry)inaprojecttodeterminehow much water can be saved by placing a 600ml bottle of water in the tank of every toilet connected to the school com-munity.Wewillreportourfindingstothecluster(regionalhead)andnationalauthoritiessuchasthe Ministry of Education and the Water Authority of Singapore, a global leader in the feld of water management.A Community Approach to Waste Management1702Bali International SchoolBalisreputationasatropicalparadiseisbeingchallengedbyissuesrelatedtowastemanagement.Wewill presentacommunitywasteprojectsetupbyBISstudentsanddiscussacommunity-basedapproachto developing solutions to waste management. BeGIN1703Seoul Foreign SchoolHow does GIN work at school? What do we do and how? How can GIN apply to life? If you are new to GIN andwouldliketoknowmoreaboutthetricksandtipsofbeingalean,greenpresenceatyourschool,this workshopisforyou.IfyouareoldtoGINandwouldliketodiscusshowwecanallimprovewhatwedo, thisworkshopisforyouaswell. WewillsharetheinsandoutsofeverythingfromGINFairstoadvertising campaigns to bipedal polar bears.Half the Sky 1705QSI International School of ShekouWe will highlight the need for gender equity in education and the positive results of gender equity. We will also highlight what is being done and what can be done. Knowing, Acting and Caring for Our School Community1707Through Microcredit New International School Thailand Maids,techniciansandgardenersplayanessentialroleinourschoolcommunity.Withoutthem,aschool cannot function properly. But have you looked at their salaries? They are the lowest paid members of our school community. Most of the time, their salary is barely enough to meet their familys daily needs. Thispresentation will focus on how a group of students have started to address this issue by setting up a microcredit bank based on Grameen Bank founded by Muhammad Yunus.Session 1: Student Presentations17 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolEducation, the Real Charity 1708Shanghai American SchoolWe will focus on educational issues in this presentation.8 Millennium Goals1801Southbank International SchoolStudents will invite other students to be part of their presentation which consists of awareness games and brief presentations of information.Something to Chew On The Gumball Challenge 1802International School of TianjinWewillexamineissuesofpovertyandhowmicrofinancecanimprovethecircumstancesofmany.The International School of Tianjin recently launched Chinas frst Gumball Challenge, a microfnance competition designed to raise awareness and to encourage young entrepreneurs to make a difference by donating profts to Wokai,aBeijing-basedmicrofnanceorganization. YouwilllearnhowtoorganizeandimplementaGumball Challengeatyourschool. Wewillshareourexperience,ourrefectionsandmighteventhrowinafewsweet treats. If you attend, youll have something to chew on! A Long Distance Gift for Sierra Leone 1803International School of BeijingTraveling almost half of the globe over three months, the ISB Global Issues Group (GIG) gathered Christmas gifts, with help from Sierra Leone Embassy. These gifts were sent to children in Sierra Leone. We would like to share this story with you. Sierra Leone is a country in Africa where public education is under-developed. Our giftsdidnotchangetheworld,buttheyplantedseedsofcareandloveinthechildrenshearts.Inreturn,the visit to the Sierra Leone Embassy was an unforgettable experience for ISB Global Issues Group members. The speech by the ambassador, Mr. Koroma, touched our hearts. We would like to pass on the love by giving you a gift as well. A long distance gift can be powerful; a meant-to-be meeting can be a miracle. Read to Succeed 1805Shanghai American School1billionadultscannotread.Thatis40%oftheworldspopulationwhoarecutofffromsuccessintodays world. How can we help? Our solution: Begin with your community. The Problem: Disadvantaged schools do not have enough access to books. The Solution: Provide that access to as many schools as possible, one by one. Implementation:BooksonWheels.Beginwithalibrarycart.Webelievethatpeoplecanjointogetherand help to create more libraries for the underprivileged schools in our own communities. Let us share with you our plans to bring libraries to migrant schools here in China.18 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolWorking Together to Change the World 2705Taejon Christian International SchoolOurGINgroupatTCISoperatesasahubthattiestogetherallclubsonourcampuswhichdealwithglobal issues. Asaresultofourhubformat,wehavebeenabletoencouragecollaborationonmajorcampaigns andinitiatives,andwevebeenabletodomuchmorethanwewouldhavebeenabletoifthevariousgroups operated as separate entities. We plan to help our groups think about the power of working together to change the world. Well use the example of our big annual banquet to illustrate what we do. Well also share structural information about our group and make it available to other schools.Lose the Shoes 1807Chinese International SchoolWewillpresentthesuccessfulplanningandrunningofa3-on-3BarefootCharitySoccerTournamentcalled Lose the Shoes. A planning committee of roughly 30 students worked collaboratively to organize a fun soccer tournament that would raise awareness and money for AIDS relief in Africa. We hope to pass on the skills and lessons learned that are required to organize a similar tournament.Can a Kind Sir Spare Some Change? 1808Jakarta International SchoolPoverty exists all around us. Homelessness and malnourishment are what the Jakarta International School team strives to stop.With a better understanding of how the poverty cycle works, we hope to create better lives for those living in poverty everywhere. An Acoustic Christmas 2703Gyeonngi Suwon International SchoolOurschoolholdsanannualeventcalledAn AcousticChristmas-Musicand ArtNight.Itisanevening where students, faculty, family and friends come together to listen to music and poetry. The night is dedicated to raising awareness of a global issue.In 2009, the issue was clean water in Africa.In 2010 the global issue islackofmedicineinthird-worldcountries. Anauctionisheldoforiginalartworkdonatedbystudentsand teachers. Allproceedsfromdonations,artsalesandconcessionsgotoanorganizationthataddressesthe particular global issue of focus that year.Switch! 2704International School of Kuala LumpurPowerPointPresentation:Situationbefore(factsetc),brainstorming,surveyforattitudes,showresultsand analyze,GreenGuardianssetup,meetings,GreenTeammeetings,fansinstalled, ACreduction,surveying situationagain,resurvey,comparechange,interviewpeople.Obstaclesfacedandsolutionstoovercome. Evaluation of project. Simulation game Obstacles to Switch! - small groups use information provided to role-play obstacles. Electricity game. Session 1: Student Presentations (contd)19 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolEducating the Developing World One Step at a Time 2706Thai-Chinese International SchoolLearn how students from your school can become more aware of communities around your campus and build a relationship with them.We have started a brand new English teaching program in a nearby community.You willdiscover some practical ways to apply service learning. Sounds and Steps 3701International School YangonHowdoISYstudentspromotecreativityamongstdisabledchildren,andwhyisitimportant?Ourgroup organizedacharityconcertperformedbydisabledchildrentoraisemoneyfortheirschools.Theconcert empowered the children to see the difference they can make in their own lives. Come and fnd out how you too can help promote creativity for disabled children in your own community. Managing Confict 3704Chinese International School We will focus on confict and its causes, aftermath and possible solutions.We will discuss current international conficts and analyze their causes.A short game will illustrate issues of confict and resolutions.20 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolSession 1: ChoicesLook through the student presentations available for this session, and pick your favorite three!Remember that there are a lot of students, and each student presentation has a limit of about 25 people; if you really want to attend a certain presentation, be sure to arrive early to guarantee a spot.Choice 1 Room #Choice 2 Room #Choice 3 Room #21 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolSession 2: Student PresentationsThink Global, Act Local: The 10 Commandments of Service for Dummies1701 Jakarta International School We all know how to think globally, but do we know how to act locally? In the end, people do not judge you by rhetoric but by what you have done for the world.As High School students, we have time to make a difference and to act before it is too late, so lets make a start. We now introduce you to the 10 Commandments of Service for Dummies. Poverty in the Midst of Plenty 1702Shekou International SchoolShekou-ShenzhenisaneconomicmiracleofChina.FromaChineseperspective,thestreetsarepavedwith gold.The rapid growth and luxury lifestyle is apparent to people throughout China. So why are there beggars on the streets? What is their story? Who are they? Where do they come from? How do they live? What support do they get from the authorities? What can people do to help? These were the questions we set out to answer. How Students Can Help Rebuild a Deforested Area1703 Thai-Chinese International School Learn how to start a forest restoration project near your school. We will inform you about the devastating loss of forests in Asia, help you fnd possible agencies to work with, and teach you techniques to restore and then monitor forests.Rules of Engagement: Getting your school community to know, care and act 1705International School Bangkok WewillshowcasethepracticalandinnovativewaystheISBGINclubhassuccessfullyraisedawarenessand funds to solve pressing global issues.Our presentation will include an interactive discussion in which you can share successful fundraising and awareness-raising initiatives.The Road to Greenness 1707 Kaohsiung American School We have started to greenify our school, and we intend to try to change the city. We will present a few scenarios and some quick solutions to this problem.GIN at ISY - Past, Present and Future1708 International School Yangon Inspired by last yearrs GIN conference, we went back to Myanmar and started our own GIN group.We further developedouroneexistingproject,andnowwehavesixprojectsrunning,tacklingvariousglobalissues. ISYYs action teams have set high goals for themselves, and we think weere doing okay so far.However, we needguidance from more experienced GIN groups.We will briefy describe the back-ground of GIN at ISY, but our main focus will be to discuss how to operate a suc-cessful high school GIN program. Children: 21st Century Machines 1801 American International School of Guangzhou What were you doing when you were fve? Did you have to work for 14 hours a day? That is the reality for over 158 million children, some as young as fve. We will explore the brutalities of modern-day child labor. 22 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolSession 2: Student Presentations (contd)Human Traffcking in Japan 1802 International School JapanWhilehumantraffckinginJapanisamajorissue,itseemstobeawell-keptsecret.Modern-dayslaveryis happeningin TokyoandelsewhereinJapan.Itistimetobegintolifttheveilonthisinsidioushumanrights abuse. Fresh Water Resources 1803Gyeongnam International Foreign School Wewillrefectontheworldscurrentfreshwaterresources,waterusage,waterpollution,andfnally,fresh-waterresourcesolutions.Inaworldwherefreshwaterisakeytosurvival,itisbecomingincreasingly important to make sure that global fresh water resources are being protected and used wisely. Well show you what our school has been doing to promote the cause.We all have a part to play.Repurposing Waste 1805 The American School of Muscat Join us in learning how to repurpose common trash byproducts into functional and fashionable items. Global Warming Coup degreen1807 Seoul Foreign School Carbonfootprintisthetotalemissionsofgreenhousegasesofagivencommunity.WecalculatedSeoul ForeignSchoolstotalcarbonfootprintandexploredthevariousmethodsofreducingouremissions. Wewill inform you of ways we have found to progressively reduce the ecological footprint of our community.Cambodian Education, Recovering from Intellectual Genocide1808 American School in Japan DuringthePolPotregimeinCambodia,educatedpeopleandtheschoolsthatproducedthemwerelargely wipedout. ASIJstudentsarehelpingtobroadeneducationalopportunitiestherebybuildingasustainable, internet-connected school in Siem Reap. Come hear about our efforts to make a difference in the lives of some Cambodian middle school students.Bigotry in Academia 2705 Dhahran Ahliyya SchoolsWe will present our action plan to eliminate bigotry on the school campus. Challenging Our Habits 2703 Surabaya International School Wewillhighlighthumanitysmisuseofearthsnaturalresources,challengepeopleslivinghabits,andalter their perceptions of their relationship with the earth and the proper use of natural resources.23 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolThe Poverty Cycle: Why Our Efforts Have Not Been Enough2704Concordia International School Shanghai Whyhaveoureffortsnotbeenenoughtoeradicatepoverty? Arewefailinghuman-kind?Willthereeverbe enough aid? What can we really do? Why does poverty even exist? Is there really a method to stop it once and for all? Why cant the whole world be given equal opportunities? We will present the poverty cycle. Too often, onlyoneortwoaspectsofpovertyareaddressed.However,theissueofpovertycannotbesolvedbyonly addressing the effects of poverty. Indeed, the only way to resolve poverty is to address all elements in the entire poverty cycle. Come to our presentation if youd like to fnd some answers! HIV Aids 2706 Chinese International School AIDSisnowsecondonlytotheBlackDeathasthelargestepidemicinhistory. AIDSkillsover3million people a year, or about one person every 12 seconds. AIDS wipes out entire communities. Teachers die, leaving schools empty; doctors and nurses die, leaving hospitals with nothing; farmers die, leaving crops in the felds. Entire villages are devastated. Come to our presentation, and fnd out about AIDS and what the Global Issues Group did to raise awareness on World AIDS Day. Freedom of the Press and Development3701International School of Kuala LumpurWe will examine the history of the Fifth Estate, its relevance to contemporary development issues, and how its hindrance can impair development. We will involve participants in issues of freedom of the press from around the globe. 24 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolSession 2: ChoicesLook through the student presentations available for this session, and pick your favorite three!Remember that there are a lot of students, and each student presentation has a limit of about 25 people; if you really want to attend a certain presentation, be sure to arrive early to guarantee a spot.Choice 1 Room #Choice 2 Room #Choice 3 Room #25 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolSession 3: Student PresentationsCan We Feed the World?1701 Jakarta International School In a world with so much, why is there still hunger?We will present views on food security around the world, introduce you to surprising statistics, engage you with simulations, and explain what we have done as a school to help. Creating Sustainable Student Led Projects1702 United World College of South East AsiaWe will present our Global Concerns program and explain how it enables students to initiate projects and what is necessary to make projects sustainable.Ondoy: 34 in 61703 Brent International School Manila On September 26, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy brought a months worth of rainfall to Metro Manila and nearby areas injustafewhours,causingseverefoodingwhichresultedinthelossofmanylivesandthedisplacementof hundreds of thousands of people.The Philippines is susceptible to many natural disasters.What is to stop this from happening again?We will show how this affects communities through an interactive simulation and focus on solutions that can be applied to mitigate the devastating effects of natural disasters.Hungry to Learn: Is Education a Privilege? 1705American International School of Guangzhou Areyousickofgoingtoschool?Dontyouwishyoudidnthavetogo?Fortensofmillionsofchildren, thisisntanoption.Povertyforcesthesechildrentospendtheirdaysearningwagesinsteadofreceiving aneducation.Wewillinvestigatethelivesofchildrenwhodonthavetheprivilegeofeducationandthe consequences of being stuck in the poverty cycle.Philippines Community Fund: Waste Management, Education, and the Environment 1707 International School Manila Wastemanagementhasbeenachallengesincecivilizationbegan.However,theproblemhasbecomemore acute with global industrialization. Waste management has become an industry in itself and has fallen into the hands of big businesses and innovators alike. This workshop will explore how effective waste management can improveenvironmentalawarenessinaschoolaswellaspromotesocialchange. Wewillsharethechallenges and successes we have encountered in developing a meaningful partnership with PCF, the innovative NGO that collects our trash. Hunger Banquet for Haiti1708 Singapore American School WedecidedtoholdtheschoolsfrstHungerBanquettoexperiencefrsthandhowourdecisionsaffectothers in the world. Our goal was to raise awareness about hun-ger, poverty, and inequality. We wanted to take action andtomotivateotherstoacttoaddresshungerandpoverty.Fundsfromthebanquetweredirectedtoward improving the food security of the people of Haiti.26 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolMarch 18th, 2010: Thursday 16:00-22:00Registration and Pre Conference Activities March 19th, 2010: Friday08:15Buses depart from City Garden Hotel08:30Hong Kong Schools Registration, Moongate08:45-09:15Lion Dance & Welcome, Primary Courtyard09:15-10:15Keynote 1: David Begbie, Lower Secondary Gym10:15-10:35Break10:35-11:35Session 1: Core Workshop11:40-12:10Global Village Groups12:10-13:10Lunch13:15-14:15Keynote 2: Jo Ruxton, Lower Secondary Gym14:20-15:20Session 2: Core Workshop15:20-15:40Break15:40-16:10Session 1: Student Presentations16:15-16:45Global Village Groups17:00Group Photo17:15Bus to Caf Deco18:00-19:30Dinner19:30Bus to HotelConference at a Glance27 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolMarch 20th, 2010: Saturday08:45Bus departs City Garden Hotel09:15-10:15Keynote 3: Spencer West, Lower Secondary Gym10:20-11:20Session 3: Core Workshop11:20-11:40Break11:40-12:10Session 2: Student Presentations12:15-12:45Global Village Groups12:45-13:45Lunch13:45-14:45Keynote 4: Efren Peaforida, Lower Secondary Gym14:50-15:50Session 4: Core Workshop15:50-16:15Break16:15-17:00NGO Presentations17:00-17:45NGO Fair17:45Bus to hotelMarch 21st, 2010: Sunday08:45Bus departs City Garden Hotel09:15-10:15Keynote 5: Chung To, Lower Secondary Gym10:20-11:00Global Village Groups11:00-11:20Break11:25-11:55Session 3: Student Presentations12:00Closing Ceremony12:30Bus to Airport ExpressBus to hotelPost-Conference Activities28 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolSession 3: Student Presentations (contd)The Boats Keep Coming - Australias response, and is it right?1801 Presbyterian Ladies College Wewillexploretherightofpeopletochoosealifefreefrompersecutionandtheroleoftheinternational community in addressing the movement of refugees from war-torn countries. Refugees, desire for safety leads them to undertake hazardous journeys across international borders, paying people smugglers, who exploit their misery,andoftenriskingtheirlivestoentercountriesillegally.Wewillinviteyoutoconsiderthe Australian response and investigate the reaction of the international community to this issue. Riveria: English for All 1802 Sinarmas World Academy WewillsharethestepswehavetakentosetupanEnglishlanguageprogramforunderprivilegedchildrenin a local Indonesian village. This will include providing information about the struggle of children to receive an adequate education in Indonesia. We will also discuss measures we are taking to make the project sustainable. Step of Knowledge 1803 United Nations International School We will present how poverty in Vietnam affects the life of the people. The center of the presentation will be a unique game. Participants are encouraged to participate in refection. Habitat for Humanity in Vietnam 1805 International School Ho Chi Minh City, An Phu campus We will present issues of inadequate housing at a global level and, in particular, in Vietnam. We will focus on access to shelter by looking at an organization with which we work, Habitat For Humanity. We will discuss the important facts and fgures on the current status of poverty and housing issues; the social obligations to improve thestandardsoflivingbyprovidingbasicneedsincludingshelterandsanitation;andthewaysinwhichwe have taken action to be a part of the solution. Urban Poverty and Infectious Disease1807 Seoul Foreign School Thereisnoescapingpoverty.Itseverywhere,evenwhereyoudleastexpectit.SeoulForeignSchoolsGIN group is proud to present the issues of Urban Poverty and Infectious Disease. Every nation in the world today, includingthemostprominentnations,hasanovershadowedpopulationthatfacespovertyandinfectious disease. We will try to help people understand the situation and seek solutions to these issues around the globe.Unshackle Me!1808 Tianjin International SchoolDoes slavery still exist today? What is human traffcking? Why should we care about human traffcking? And howcanwecombatthisproblemtoday?Inthisworkshop,wewillanswerthesequestions,giveyouaclear pictureofthisissueandprovideparticipantsanopportunitytoexperienceadayinthelifeofpeoplewhoare traffcked.29 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolEducation for All 2703 City College Campus, International School Ho Chi Minh City WebelieveEducationfor Allisabasichumanright.Wewillexploreanumberofcontextsinwhich international students can contribute to making a real difference in their local communities. Fishing Improperly Stops Here 2704 Chinese International School WewillintroducetheFishingImproperlyStopsHeregroupanditsaims,aswellasthecurrentstateof overfshing in the world. We will introduce the habitats and importance of fsh in nature and the dependence that many people and even economies have on it. The various issues regarding overfshing practices and their results will be raised, with facts, fgures, pictures, and videos shown to illustrate this. We will explain what FISH has done to remedy the situation, and youll be urged to join the effort. Human Rights Starts at Home 2705 Chinese International School Thats the philosophy of the Chinese International School Human Rights Group, and in that spirit, we have been conducting a human rights audit of CIS. Come fnd out how and why were doing it and how you can carry out a similar audit in your school or local community. Were also an Amnesty International School Group and will tell you about our AI activities, including the campaign to reduce maternal mortality. Lastly, wed like to share with you what we see as some of the most pressing human rights issues in Hong Kong and China, and wed like to hear from you about the important human rights issues where you come from. Process as much as Product 2706 Hong Kong International School Pleaseparticipateinavarietyofactivitiesandideasfromaservicebasedcurriculumbeingofferedat HKIS.InteractandlearnhowHKIShighschoolstudentsjourneyfromastateofdisconnectednesstosocial consciousness, from awareness to action!Hoops of Hope: know. care. act. 3701 Western Academy of Beijing UN Millennium Development Goal number 6 focuses on stopping the spread of infectious diseases. One such disease is HIV/AIDS. Come to this half hour presentation to see how one young person made a difference and thusfarhasraised1,000,000USdollarstoassistchildrenwhohavebeenaffectedbyHIV/AIDS.Weaimto motivate you to hold a fantastic fundraising event to help ease the suffering of these children. Hoops of Hope!Dream Green Meet on 3rd FloorThe Chinese International The30minuteactivitywillinvolvevariousicebreakerswithstudentsfromthedreamgreenteamanda biodiversity related scavenger hunt (with prizes) to raise participants awareness as well as allow them get out of the classroom and explore nature-flled areas of the school grounds.30 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolLook through the student presentations available for this session, and pick your favorite three!Remember that there are a lot of students, and each student presentation has a limit of about 25 people; if you really want to attend a certain presentation, be sure to arrive early to guarantee a spot.Choice 1 Room #Choice 2 Room #Choice 3 Room #Session 3: Choices31 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolNGO FairThe NGO fair is a chance for you to explore and learn about the large variety of charities here in Hong Kong. Please feel free to ask questions, collect materials and battend the NGO presentation. 23GIN 2010 Chinese International School NGO Fair The NGO fair is a chance for you to explore and learn about the largevariety of charities here in Hong Kong. Please feel free to ask questions, collect materials and buy some souvenirs of your time in Hong Kong. NGO NameORBISHong Kong Coastal Cleanup Clean Air Limited Teng Hoi Conservation Organization Fu Hong SocietyChi Heng Foundation The Jane Goodall Institute Hong KongCaritas-Hong Kong (Rehabilitation Service) Life Education Activity ProgramPhilippine Christian Foundation Heifer International Hong KongDynamic Teen Company Lose the Shoes - Grassroot Soccer Conflict management andResolution World Vision Hong Kong Operation Smile China Medical Mission Limited UNICEFF.I.S.H. Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge Jogmaya Trust Traffick Link Christina Noble Children'sFoundation The Society for AIDS Care Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (HK) Child Welfare SchemeAmnesty International Hong Kong HOPE WorldwideInteract Club Animals Asia FoundationSapphire 32 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolNGO PresentationsSome of our NGOs will be having presentations where you can learn more about what they do. Theyre listed in the table below: 22 GIN 2010 Chinese International School NGO Workshops Some of our NGOs will be having workshops and presentations where you can learn more about what they do.Theyre listed in the table below: NGO NameRoomType ORBIS1701Health Teng Hoi Conservation Organization1702Environment Chi Heng Foundation1703Education Caritas Hong Kong1705Health Hong Kong Coastal Cleanup1707Environment Clean Air Network Limited1708Environment Conflict Management and Resolution1801Education Operation Smile China Medical MissionLimited 2304 Children & Youth Fu Hong Society1802Health The Jane Goodall Institute Hong Kong1803 Community Service 33 GIN 2010 Chinese International School 23GIN 2010 Chinese International School NGO NameRoomType Christina Noble Children's Foundation1805 Children & Youth Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation (HK) 1807Environment Amnesty International Hong Kong1808 Rights-based Advocacy Animals Asia Foundation2703Animals World Vision Hong Kong2704 International Development Lose the Shoes - Grassroot Soccer2303Health Life Education Activity ProgramCourtyardHealth Heifer International Hong Kong2706Poverty UNICEF3701 Right-based Advocacy Bethune House Migrant Women's Refuge3701Refugees Traffick Link2705 Anti Slavery & HumanTrafficking Child Welfare Scheme2305 Children & Youth Sapphire International Limited Manufacturing34 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolNGO Presentations: ChoicesLook through the NGO presentations available for this session, and pick your favorite three!Remember that there are a lot of students, and each NGO presentation has a limit; if you really want to attend a certain presentation, be sure to arrive early to guarantee a spot.Choice 1 Room #Choice 2 Room #Choice 3 Room #35 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolEmergency EvacuationIfthefrealarmsoundswhileyouareoncampus,pleaselooktoourstudentsandstaffforguidanceon evacuation procedures. They will direct you to the assembly point on the school feld.What should I bring to the conference?Youllgetabagwiththisbooklet,apen,amemopad,alanyardwithyourname,awaterbottleanda wristbandduringregistration.Thatsallyouneed.Youcanrefillyourwaterbottlefromthefountains located around the school.What should I wear?There is no formal dress code. However, please remember that you are delegates representing your school, so dress appropriately (ie. No offensive T-shirts or torn jeans).What will the weather be like?Hong Kong is typically very humid during March, so wear appropriate footwear to prevent accidents and bring an umbrella if you feel like you may need one. The temperature in March ranges from 16C to 27C be sure to check the weather forecast daily.Help! Im lost!If you ever fnd yourself unsure of where to go, grab someone wearing a blue (our students), purple (our teachers) or black (our techies) shirt and ask them. You can also go to room 3601 for any additional help and for lost and found items.Bathrooms?Bathroomsarelocatedattheendsofeachfoor.Thepositionofmale/femaletoiletsalternatewitheach foor, so take care! Im having some problems with the computer/projector screen.Find someone wearing a black shirt. They are our in-house techies.Smart boards?Touch-screen whiteboards. Please do not use normal whiteboard markers on them as they cost our school a fortune.My stomach demands food.Foodisavailableinthecafeteria(between6thand7thfloor)atlunchtimeandinvariouslocationsat breaks.Trash?There are trash cans and recycling bins located in various parts of the school. Please do not litter!EtiquetteCISwholeheartedlywelcomesyoutoourschool.However,keepinmindthatthisisaneducational institution and you are expected to act maturely. Treat the school and each other with respect, and behave appropriately and safely.Please remember that you are representing your school.Wif infoSSID: GINPassword: hongkongAnything else?Smile, and feel free to say hello!FAQs36 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolTung Lung Chau Beach CleanupParticipantswillvisitthescenicTung LongIslandofHongKongtoridthe local beach of rubbish and waste washed ashore from the sea. The cleanup will be led by the CIS Dream Green Team.Departure time12:45 pm at CIS Bus parkFinish5:00 pm, City Garden HotelCost $60.00 HKD Essentials All participants should bring the following:hat with a brim to keep the sun off your facesport shoes no sandals or open toe shoes as there may be sharp objectsminimum of 1.5 litres of watersunglassessnackscamera optionalsunscreenNote: There is a small store on the island, where extra drinks and snacks can be purchased.Itinerary12:45 1:00 bus to Sai Wan Ho Pier1:00 1:30 ferry to Tung Long Island1:30 4:00 hike and beach cleanup4:00 4:30 ferry to Sai Wan Ho Pier4:30 5:00 bus to hotelPre and Post Conference Activities TheculturalwalkwilltakeparticipantsthroughsomelocalareasofHongKong.Wepassthroughlocal residential,recreationalandcommercialdistricts,withsomestoriesaboutHongKongnowandasit wasbeforealongtheway.Whilewewillbewalkingstretchesoflocalmarketsandstreets,wewillalso takesomeformsoftransportuniquetoHongKong. Alocaldinnerwithatwistisincluded.Totaltime approximately 4 hours.Cultural Walk - 4pm Thursday 18th March - Meet in the Hotellobby37 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolParticipants will play in a friendly soccer tournament against each other as well as Hong Kongs Homeless Soccer team.Location 1:00 pm, 3rd foor basketball courtsFinish: 4:00 pm, City Garden HotelCost $100.00 HKD (including lunch and transportation)Essentials All participants should bring the following:athletic shoes/ shoes suitable for indoor soccer (no studs)Appropriate clothes (t-shirt and shorts)watersunscreen - optionalNote: There is a convenience store next to where we eat lunch, where you may purchase drinks and a snack before the tournament.Itinerary1:00: meet at 3rd foor basketball courts1:00 2:00: walk 5 minutes to lunch (a local Hong Kong restaurant)2:00: return to school, 3rd foor basketball courts for tournament2:00 3:30: soccer tournament4:00: school bus to City Garden HotelCharity Barefoot SoccerNB: Applications for the above activities closed on January 30th and no further additions can be made38 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolConference Dinner: Caf DecoOnFridayevening,allGINConferenceparticipantsareinvitedtodinneratCafDecoonThePeak,Hong Kongs most famous landmark.Since its opening in 1994, Caf Deco - the originator of the show kitchen concept in Hong Kong - has remained the largest restaurant atop The Peak, Hong Kongs most famous landmark. It is set amongst Art Deco-inspired surroundings and against the most stunning views of Hong Kongs world famous harbor and skyline.At Caf Deco, there will be a wide selection of food from which you can choose, including halal. You will have plenty of time to wander about and explore. The Peak provides panoramic views of the city, so be sure to bring your camera. We will be there at sunset, an ideal time to see world-famous Victoria Harbour, with Hong Kong Island below, and Kowloon and the green hills in the distance. There are walking trails nearby, fanked by lush tropical forest and extensive birdlife, where you can take a short stroll.CafDecoislocatedinthePeakGalleriashoppingmall,wherethereisaviewingdeck,andyoucanfind souvenirs, so be sure to bring money.For more information, please see http://www.cafedecogroup.com/index.php?group=restaurants and http://www.thepeak.com.hk/en/home.asp39 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolBuses will leave from City Garden Hotel in the morning.Please meet at the specifed time in the hotel lobby.There are a lot of students, so please fll buses from the back with no seats left vacant. Each bus will have a student ambassador.The bus ride from the hotel to school is approximately 10 minutes.BuseswilltakeeveryonetotheConferenceDinneratCafDecoonthePeak;ajourneyofaround30 minutes.Storage for luggage will be available at school on Sunday morning.Buses will leave for the Airport Express at the following times on Sunday morning 11:00 am 12:30 pmParticipantsarerequiredtopayforthe AirportExpress(train),whichwillcost$100HKD.Groupstickets willbecheaper. TheExpresstakes24minutestogettotheairport,and checkinisavailableatthetrain station.Transportation 17 GIN 2010 HChinese International School TimeRoute Friday March 19th: 08:15 Saturday March 20th: 08:45 Sunday March 21st: 08:45 Friday March 19th: 17:15School to Caf Deco Friday March 19th: 19:30Caf Deco to Hotel City Garden Hotel to SchoolSaturday March 20th: 17:45School to Hotel Sunday March 21st: 12:30 School to Hotel School to Airport Express xBuses will leave from City Garden Hotel in the morning Please meet at specified time in hotel lobby xThere are a lot of students, so please fill buses back to front with no seats left vacant xEach bus will have a student ambassador xThe bus ride from the hotel to school is approximately 10 minutes. xBuses will take everyone to the Conference Dinner at Cafe Deco on the Peak; a journey of around 30 minutes. xStorage for luggage will be available at school on Sunday morning. 40Alexander Geourgiou Alina Luk Amanda Li Andrea Vallone Angela Pan Anna Edwards Anthony Chan Ashley Lee Asia Chiao Bernice ChoiBrittney Chan Christine ChanCamille Yung Caroline Chin Charles Stone Christina Wu Clayton LamClement Chan Danielle Lay Denise Chan Deziree RapiElizabeth Kuok Emily Tsui Hannah Short Hannah Wu Hung Yen Hsu Isabella Bersani Jacob Jeffrey Weisman James Harris Janelle Wong Janene Loke Janice Leung Janice Tse Jeanette Wong Jeffrey Yeung Jing Ting Poon Jing Yi Yee Joshua Schawelson Joyce Leung Julien Breistroff Justin Au Justin Kung Justin Tay Katrina Leung Kay Yan Lu Kolleen Ku Kristie Tam Laura Wong Lincoln Jim Lisa Chan Lucas Sin Medora Choi Melody Yau Michael ChanMichael KukMichelle CheungNathan BarlowNicola Chang Nicole Fung Nicole Wong Pei Jing Chung Plato So Rachel Lauren Lee Rachel Lee Ronald Wu Ryan Kwok Samuel TongSarah Pemberton Stephanie Tam Timothy Tsang Timothy Tsang Valerie Tang Victoria Li Wenyan Deng Yi Xia XuYi-Wei Liu Yohei Tse GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolStudent Team41 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolParticipating Schools Academic Colleges Group Senior CollegeNew ZealandJordan Joseph, Eskra Lisa Catherine, Houlbrooke Alexander Qiu ChurchillBetty Yun-Fang, YinCatherine Hsiao-Wei HsuElle Mentor White George Francis, DawsonJung Shaan, LeeJung Yeon, KimLuke Joseph, HarriesMadeleine Elizabeth MillsAmerican International School GuangzhouEric LittleElizabeth CrookAnushri KediaChaoRan YuCheri HoHanLing WuHyunAh KimHyunJi KimHyunJung LeeKatie KanKiRim BaiKiYeon KimRina AzumiSanHa LeeWinnie LauAmerican School JapanTimothy CarrBarbara CarrTinni BhattacharyyaReza BloomerChris ChangDavid ForsterKevin GallagherRisa ItoshimaYoon Kyung KimAriane OrdoobadiAviyanca PrakashMia RisbergKay TeoMomona YamagamiAmerican International School DhakaGregory FriedmanKasey KozaraShaundele LeatherberryClaire CuznerSam WilleyRisa YokoiSayani HalderRica DuchateauRadhika GoyalClaire DerriennicChang Hoo LeeAmerican International SchoolHong KongHardisty Edward JamesErikson KristinTse Hiu FatHong Sung ChulKa Man, 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KennethChia Zhao WeiLim Shu FangPhang Jing YiSoh Zhi Hui, JonathanLim Jia MinCanadian AcademyJapanJames Mitchell LindopHaruna AliceHao Qui WuDaniel WessonCanadian International School ofBeijingChinaBrent Carvel MacEachernNorma Jean AdairJi Hyun Kim (Cailyn)Huira Chae (Elyse)Sun Jin Lee (Lina)Vanessa BonomiJing Fan SunDain KimLindsay WangJanet Christine WrightEdward YinBalint FazekasJessica ChanConnie ChanCanadian International SchoolHong KongJuliana AgostinoIan ChoAndrew LamRyan HoRenzo BautistaHayden MinickMaggie MorganBernita LingConcordia International School ShanghaiChinaCarter,ChristopherMayers, ChristinaZheng, Xia Chun Yu Ng, Yuen-Ying AngelleYang, YangLink, Graham JohnLee, Ting ShanChin, Chia-AnLee, Min JuHsiao, Monica Wen-TinChow, Jane Fu JenJang, Hee SuReed, Catherine AnneFang, Allen JuntaoWang, Christopher PuzhenZang, Peter D.Chin, Chia-ChingChen, Sophia JaneParticipating Schools (contd)43 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolDhahran Ahliyya SchoolsSaudi ArabiaMohamed 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La CosteHeinrich PinardoAlessandra Eleonora BertoneOlivia GraceMaria Chiara LucatelloGioia Maria LucatelloNatassya Amanda WijayaAlex Mrsa Taejon Christian International SchoolRepublic of KoreaLeeAnne LavenderLisa HawkinsHaedn ChaJiwon YomChristina LeeJisu KimJung Youn ChoiDavid Tu Sun SongHannah LavenderChang Yup KimJoanne KimJin Hong KimTaipei American SchoolTaiwanJordan BrownJohn SimontonJennie ChangStephanie KuoJade LuTeresa ChenJennifer HsuVictoria ChiJonathan HsiungSamuel CheangTeda International School Tianjin, ChinaJohn KleinhenzTracey McNabLee YoonaChoi Gyou LeeKim Do HeeLeonardo Yudistira SatriaHan GiminYun Jin Seul48 GIN 2010 Chinese International SchoolThai-Chinese International SchoolThailandJalal TaraziAnnamarie CraigAnuk YingrotetarakulI-Cheng Wu(Helen)Sirion Suchavanich (OnOn)Tatchai RuangrattanatavornWasin Thumrongsakunvong (Chris)Jiripat Lee (Neddy)Kanin Srimaneekulroj(Booky)Kavin Phongpandecha (Art)Nattarat Kujareevanich (Ning)Han-Lin Huang(Calvin)Thanaporn Lam (Nuk-Nik)Po-Tsao Chen (Bruce)Che-Hsu Chang (Sam)The American Internationl School of MuscatOmanShawna Hampton-RiddleIrina TuzlukovaPailin JacquesLuisa Puri Espeschit GomesClaire PattenElizabeth PattenAfnan Al-YafaeyFatima JamalNadia Al-WahaibiTianjin International SchoolChinaRebecca SardesonPark Yea EanKim DongBeomLim Do HIAnna YooKim ShulGiUnited Nations International School of HanoiVietnamDonna Elizabeth Bracewell, Roland Steven Schmidt-BellachDoan Anh Hoang To Ngyuen Dung AnhHong Song MyVu Ha VitKevin KeusSofa Ellida Charlotta von BonsdorffTan Jian HaoParticipating Schools (contd)United World College of South East Asia SingaporeAnthony SkillicornSusan EdwardsPamela MalesLeah ClementsRudhian PutraEric WinAmber BoekhorstChristina HoLeila HopwoodHannah ShepherdAmartyo SenKaren SmithWestern Academy of BeijingChinaMegan SettleKelly-Ann SackeyCamila Ochoa MendozaSophie Audrey RutsteinAnisha ChattopadhyayKrischan George BarlienMichelle SteffenDorina Van VlasselaerTomson ChenFrank Tong XuYokohama International SchoolJapanDennis Stanworth

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