early career teachers: teaching, driving and other adventures

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Early career teachers: Teaching, driving and other adventures Tammy Edwardson, SA Department of Education and Child Development Presentation at Yamaiyamarna Paitya | Teachers are deadly! 2012 national MATSITI conference, July 9-11, Tarndanya (Adelaide), 9-11 July. More Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers Initiative.


  • 1. Early Career Teachers:Teaching, Driving and otherAdventuresMATSITI 2012 NationalConference, July 9 11, 2012Tammy EdwardsonStrategic Policy Officer, AboriginalRecruitment and RetentionDECD, South Australia 1

2. Teaching, Driving and Other Adventures Teaching is..... Teacher as Learner Teacher Toolbox Driving Safely Going the Distance Enjoying the Ride andFuture Destinations 2 3. Teaching is..How do you describe teaching?3 4. Teacher as LearnerWhy did you become a teacher?What motivates you?Who inspires you?4 5. Teacher as Learner Teacher as life long learner Pace yourself Learn from your students, colleagues andcommunity Be reflective Access regular debriefing Avoid acceleration in the first five years 5 6. Teacher as Learner Set short, medium and long term goals Do a few things well Be aware of your expectations Know your limits6 7. Teacher Toolbox Role clarification High quality induction Ask questions Access high quality resources - refer to handout Code of Ethics - in and out of school Access training that supports your professionalknowledge and development 7 8. Driving Safely Develop relational trust Know your students and community Work in collaborative teams Build and maintain your emotional andprofessional networks- Seek out high quality buddies and mentors- Network with your peers8 9. Strong Professional Networks 9 10. Driving Safely Be reflective, persistent and patient Creatively problem solve Hone in on and value your strengths Maintain hope and optimism10 11. Going the Distance Take rest stops, refuel and refocus Recharge the batteries sufficient sleep, regularexercise and good nutrition Self reward in constructive ways Keep a full tank to arriveat your next destination Family, community andwork balance 11 12. Staying Focused Stay calm Pause and reflect Be consistentand persistent Externalise behaviour What is working? 12 13. Enjoying the Ride andFuture Destinations Those Ah ha! moments Teacher as Leader Celebrate your achievements Family, community and work balance Plan your future destinations 13 14. Enjoying the Ride and Future Destinations