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This is my magazine project for my Editing and Design class.


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  • Travelology | First Issue Page 2

    The Itinerary

    Table of Contents

    Infographic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 3

    Letter to Readers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 4

    Photo Essay . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 5 - 12

    Cover Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 13 - 16

  • Travelology | First Issue Page 3

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  • A Warm Welcome Hello and welcome to the first issue of Travelology Magazine! I am so thankful that you took the time to read the first issue of Travelology magazine! My staff and I are very excited to share information about traveling with you! Our entire staff has been working hard to put together a magazine which would be of interest to those who are avid travelers as well as those who are looking to travel more in the future.

    I first became interested in the travel industry when I was in high school. After many summer vacations with my family, I decided that I wanted to work in the travel industry after obtaining a degree. My main interests are travel blogging and learning about new destinations! One of my favorite places I have traveled to is Cancun, Mexico! The sand was so soft and the color of the water was so beautiful.

    Feel free to explore the magazine as you please! The first issue of the magazine places a large emphasis on using techology to enchance your travel experience. By reading this issue, you will be able to learn more about mobile apps which can help you plan your trip as well as those that can assist you when you arrive at your destination.

    My staff and I are very honored that you have chosen to read the very first issue of Travelology! We hope this magazine is the start of something great. We welcome any ideas you have which could improve this magazine. My staff and I can be contacted at [email protected]

    Sincerely,Sarah Schwendinger

    Letter to ReadersTravelology | First Issue Page 4

    Editor in Chief

  • The Beautiful

    Photo EssayTravelology | First Issue Page 5

  • Caribbean

    Photo EssayTravelology | First Issue Page 6

    Matador takes a look at the enduring Caribbean

    Photo Essay by: Danie Chafer

  • Dive in!On a day trip out to a sandy cay in the British Virgin Islands, I felt I couldnt capture what I saw through my lens. The island is full of palms and crystal-clear water with a combination of sand and reef. We all swam ashore, and for the next few hours we started to explore, only to find a fairy-tale bush track that covered the island. We tried to camp on the island that night, but a national park ranger told us to move on.

    Photo EssayTravelology | First Issue Page 7

    Cane GardenI hadnt been camping for a while and wanted to find a location where we could watch the sunset over the campsite. Wed just managed to surf the right spot at the right timea rarely breaking right point called Cane Garden Bay. We heard of a bay just north of Cane Garden, so we decided to navigate our way around the back roads to find it.

  • Photo EssayTravelology | First Issue Page 8

    Sharing StokeI asked this local man, Tafari, if hed heard of the bay north of Cane Garden. He told me hed take us if we didnt tell any travelers of this spot. We got to the top of the road and looked out to the ocean, only to see the kingdom of heaven. Tafari asked if we had anything to drink. All we had was warm orange juice, so we gave it to him.

    BeachcomerThe island of St. Thomas is home to many reef breaks, and in the US Virgin Islands the picturesque little beaches are covered with driftwood, coral, and colorful shells. Early one morning I checked the surf report to find the swell was up, so I drove to Hull Bay to find a perfect 3ft wave. On my paddle back to the beach I found a pile of beautiful shells and couldnt just walk away without creating something.

  • Photo EssayTravelology | First Issue Page 9

    Navigating the SeaAfter doing loads of research on different islands to explore in the Caribbean, we figured if we penciled an outline to our journey we wouldnt mind being lost as long as we knew we were heading south to St. Lucia. Sailing the Caribbean is a lifestyle; you have the luxury to choose what private seashore youre anchored in, or find a beach with nobody around.

    TortolaThis is my good friend Tommy. As we had a few hours left before we had to catch the ferry back to St. Martin, he was taking a few snapshots of the local kids playing in the sand. I climbed the closest sand dune and stole his focus away for just a few moments to get this snap.

  • Photo EssayTravelology | First Issue Page 10

    Looking into a fish tankThe surf was small, so we decided to snorkel at a beautiful beach on the French side of St. Martin (Baie de Grand Case). The weather was so calm and tranquil that morning it felt like we were swimming in a fish tank. My girlfriend, Jessica, dove into the vibrant blue waters as I watched in amazement the way the water was reflecting off her pale skin.

    Choppy Ferry RideAs we jumped on the ferry that afternoon, we could see the wind was picking up and knew the seas would get a little choppy for our hour-and-a-half boat ride back from Tortola to St. Thomas. Fortunately enough, I could handle the rough waves, unlike most of the passengers, who were tended to by staff busily running around with paper bags and telling everyone to look out the windows into the horizon to feel better.

  • Photo EssayTravelology | First Issue Page 11

    Tropical PigsThe Bahamas are an island nation consisting of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets. One district called Exuma has the clearest waters youll see on Earth. Big Major Cay in Exuma is populated by pigs, which, as legend has it, are descendants of survivors of a shipwreck. Now the pigs are a tourist attraction to many travelers who visit the Bahamas every year.

  • Photo EssayTravelology | First Issue Page 12

    Rain dropsMy friend Reece and I paddled out at Botany Bay on St. Thomas, hoping to get some shots of us surfing. But my attention was drawn to the substantial rain that struck the surface with great force. I lost myself for a few minutes, staring into the ocean, until the rain actually started stinging. I held my underwater housing over my head to try to get some shelter.

  • Cover Story Travelology | First Issue Page 13

    All-Inclusive Resorts: A Relaxing Environment

    Each year, millions of Americans will leave their homes and head out on vacation. Some families will opt for an in-state road trip while others will venture further away. There are dozens of options for those who are heading out on vacation.

    What mode of transportation will they use? Which destination will they travel to? Will they opt to stay with friends or family or book hotel accommodations? Some Americans will opt for lower cost stay-cations while others will head out of the country.

    When someone is looking at heading out on vacation they have many options when it comes to accommodations. Those who are looking for a lower cost option can choose to book a lower cost hotel room or stay with friends or family. Another overnight option when traveling is staying at a hotel. There are many types of hotels which can vary from low cost to very expensive.

    One final option for those who are traveling to a destination are

    all-inclusive resorts. These unique types of accommodations are featured in popular tourist destinations such as Mexico and Central America. All-inclusive resorts provide unique features which take the hassle out of locating dining and activity options when away from home. All-inclusive resort typically mean that everything is under one roof.

    When a guest travels to an all-inclusive resort, they do not have

    to worry about going off the resort to have dinner. My family and I had a great experience at the all-inclusive resort we traveled to. There were plenty of activities and the food was very tasty, said Tricia Riley, who traveled to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with her family in 2011.

    The food and activities featured vary based on the type of all-inclusive resort. Some resorts will serve their meals buffet style while others will open for a sit down and more restaurant-like atmosphere. All-inclusive resorts will typically offer entertainment to their guests which can include activities such as pool side bingo or karaoke. Nightly activities can be more extravagant may feature dancing and singing by entertainers.

    Most all-inclusive resorts will provide their guests with breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. The guests may have the option of choosing which type of dining experience they prefer. When my family and I traveled to Mexico, our resort had several different restaurants. The Italian, Mexican and Japanese restaurants were open for dinner in the evening. The Japanese restaurant ended up being my family and Is favorite, said Lauren Schwendinger, who traveled to Cancun,