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  • Editing my Front Cover Image on Photoshop

  • I began by duplicating the layer so that if I made any mistakes, I could go back and emend them.

    I then used the spot heal tool to cancel out any imperfections

    Next, I used the burn tool to go over the eyebrows in order to darken and define them.

  • Again, I duplicated the layer so that all the changes Id made were saved.I used the smart select tool to select my models face.

    I then used the smart blur filter to perfect her skin and make it look smoother.

  • I took the eraser tool to rub out the shadow, brows, eyes, lips, nose and nose ring so that they were no longer blurred out.Again, I duplicated the layer so that if I needed to, I could come back to this point.

    I used the selection tool to select her eyes.

  • I selected a colour I wanted to use and used the bucket tool to put the colour in the eyes.I then pressed Ctrl U and played with hue ,lightness and saturationNext I changed the opacity to make them look more realistic.

  • I used the clone tool to make the whole background white and cleaned it up with the eraser.