editing my short film

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Editing my short film By Laura Burgess

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1. Editing my short filmBy Laura Burgess 2. I used Windows Movie Maker to edit my short film. 3. I used various different sound effects and audio tracksany layered them together to make a complete audio.I liked that I could merge audio files together, so theyfade in and out of each other, this was particularlyuseful for blending the two pieces of music at the end.I had a smooth transition from the erratic music to thedreamy track, which when well with my zooming endshot. 4. I found this software quite basic but easy to use. Ididnt like the way that if I moved some of the footageI had adjusted the sound track on, then the audiowould shift. So I would have to edit all of the videofootage first and then add the audio over the top,working from the beginning.I also didnt like the way I could only have one pieceof music and one sound effect at one time. 5. I added titles and credits and the beginning and end. Iwanted them to be simple because most short filmshave simple titles.