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Editing our film Anonymous

By David KimaitaEditing our film Anonymous

When editing our film, the software that we used was Adobe Premier Pro.

1st editing SESSION;This is where we imported the clips, and plainly put them in order to get continuity and to make sure that the shots are correct, and so we can get the flow of the film running together. We deemed to find this extremely useful as it allowed us to find out where the problems were and so that we can fill out those gaps.

1st Editing session (PART 2)Secondly, we added video effects and transitions (Bottom left corner). This made it involve having effects such as dissolves from one image and scene to another.

2nd Editing SessionIn the second editing session myself and Finley added music and sound effects, where we found in a media resources folder. We added diegetic and non diegetic sound. An example of diegetic music that we added was the calm and blowing wind. An example of non diegetic sound that we added was the music the scene where the protagonist (myself) was running.

2nd Session (Part 2)Next, we added the titles for our film, with each persons role, and what they did for the opening.

3rd Editing sessionIn our last editing session, we got feedback from our teacher and applied it to our film. (Which can be found on Target Audience Research and Feedback). Part of our feedback suggested that we add a sinister font to suit the genre of our film. We also cut out some shots to keep the level of suspense high. We also added more titles and opening credits to follow the key of a good thriller film.