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Editing The Photo F I L M P O S T E R

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  • 1. F I L M P O S T E REditing The Photo

2. This is the chosen image in which we imported into Adobe Photoshop. This is the image before anything had been edited on it, so it is ready for us tostart editing to make it more appropriate for a horror film poster. 3. This is showing the cropping tool. By using the cropping tool on AdobePhotoshop, we can clearly see where the middle of the cropped picture willbe; this is very helpful to us as we want the model to be in the centre of theposter so that it looks conventional. 4. This is the image after cropping. As you can clearly see, our model is situatedin the middle of the image, therefore making a conventional poster. It willalso help to balance the film poster out when we come to edit the text ontothe image. 5. We have lightened the poster using the Brightness Tool. This has helped usto see the coat better on the model so we can brighten it to make it more visible on the poster. We also raised the contrast so that the colours standout and look a bit more clearer. 6. We have lightened the coat by selecting the Paintbrush and setting themode option to overlay. We then selected the colour white and set theopacity to 20%. This has allowed us to paint over the coat in a faded whitecolour to brighten it up. We then made the background a tad darker using the brightness tool. 7. This is the finished product after all the editing. We feel that this imagewould make a great poster as it looksvery conventional.You can clearly see the model which helps make her stand out from thedark background, and it also makesher seem more important to theaudience. We now need to import this imageinto Photoshop without the layers sothat we can add text and institutional images to it.