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The Do’s and Dont’s of PowerPoint By Gabbi Sashkin

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This PowerPoint shows both good and bad examples of a presentation. There is no theme or lesson to this PowerPoint, the slides are merely examples.


  • 1. The Dos andDonts ofPowerPointBy Gabbi Sashkin
  • 2. Bad Example: Bullet Point Too MUCH INFORMATION AND THE TEXT ISALL IN CAPS Text is adjusted to the right rather than center Puppies Kittens Summer time, vacation jhfdlhgfljdsgflewgkrfgewhgefwhgewjkewfjefwhjefefkl
  • 3. Good Example: Bullets Text is simple. No caps. Adjusted left Rule of 4
  • 4. Bad Example: BackgroundCant see words againstbackground.Image doesnt correspond with keyideas.distracting
  • 5. Good Example: Background Background is simple. Contrast between words andbackground.
  • 6. Bad Example: Contrast andColor Not enough contrast between words andbackground. Color is too bright and distracting.
  • 7. Good Example: Color andContrast Words are easy to read against thebackground color. Color is not distracting.
  • 8. Bad Example: Graphics
  • 9. Good Example: Graphics Graphics relate to a topic Few pictures
  • 10. Bad Example: Rule of 4 Here is a list of colors: Blue Green Orange Yellow Purple Pink Brown Teal Maroon Here are more colors: Indigo Violet Mint Coral Sapphire Navy Silver Gold Burgundy
  • 11. Good Example: Rule of 4 Shades of Blue: Sky Blue Sapphire Blue Navy Blue Royal Blue Shades of Green: Apple Green Lime Sea Green Teal
  • 12. Bad Example: Proximity Here is a picture of an apple tree:
  • 13. Good Example: Proximity Here is a pictureof an apple tree
  • 14. Bad Example: Fonts I am writing this in Century Gothic, but it willnow switch to Arial for no reason. But wait, whatis this, now we are in Baskerville. I dont thinkTimes New Roman would like that very much. NowComic, Sans wants in on the fun, this ismadness. Way too many fonts for oneslide, coming from LucidaHandwriting.
  • 15. Good Example: Fonts The same should be used on all slidesunless emphasizing a specific point thatneeds to stand out from the rest of theslide.
  • 16. Bad Example: PerceptualDifferences Emphasis isnt used properly, if used onevery single word. Also, underline should not be used onPowerPoint because it cuts off thebottoms of letters such as, g, p, j, and y.
  • 17. Good Example: PerceptualDifferences If something is important, it should be putin bold, italicized, or into a different color. The more important, the more prominentthe difference between text should be.