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The game is targeted at children ages 2-6, and includes mini-games that teach color matching, sorting, number ordering, shape recognition and much more. To know more Visit this website:


  • Edutainment Apps
  • Edutainment apps are the best platform for the children to learn & have fun. With these apps your kids will acquire basic knowledge
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  • Edutainment apps are doing a great job by engaging children in stories using the technologies they already love
  • Edutainment apps are very simple to use so your child will not face any problem using an Edutainment app
  • Educational Applications help the children as well as younger kids to study very easily and also have great fun hence they do not lose interest during the study
  • Edutainment apps are really a wonderful method to make mobile a classroom. You are going to adore that, there are a lot of great choices for learning in the mobile classroom
  • Download edutainment applications in your smart-phone that allow you to teach your kids something new in a fun manner
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