effective digital strategies for your food business

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Effective Digital Strategies for Your Food Business Homer “Homerun” Nievera

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Effective Digital Strategies for Your Food Business. This presentation gives no-brainer and free resources you can use in doing digital marketing and social media marketing for your food business.


  • Effective Digital Strategies for Your Food Business Homer Homerun Nievera
  • Cost-effective and free strategies to launch a digital marketing campaign for your food business. Simple techniques that you can use today.
  • Your website/landing page is your home store. The rest are content drivers.
  • Investment in Digital Content Marketing. Brands will start investing in the people, processes and technologies to deliver truly compelling content. - Justin Pearse, board member of the British Interactive Media Association
  • Source: Outbrain, The State of Content Marketing, 2012
  • Source: Ipsos OTX
  • Your Message Your Campaign Our Niche Content Sites Attention and Engagement We bring your message right to the market niches you target. Through the content sites we manage, we can get your target audiences attention, deliver the message and even engage with them either on our platform or your social sites. Content Targeting & Management 1
  • Banners Advertorials Videos Reports Stories Target Audience We create and manage a full range of content for various brands and personalities. Our goal is to influence opinions, interests and engagement. You can mix and match your content on-site
  • Nearly half of executives managing restaurants worldwide said they use YouTube for their marketing campaigns. Viral Videos from 6 seconds (Vine) to 15 seconds (Instagram) are fast becoming tactical marketing favorites Source: Hospitality Technology 2013
  • 66M+ Views, Top Awards at CannesLowes Fix-in-Six campaign
  • Free eBook: Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Email Marketing http://ow.ly/zgEPx or Follow @nievera People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive email offers.
  • My daughter got this in the mail! he said.Shes still in high school, and youre sending her coupons for baby clothes and cribs? Are you trying to encourage her to get pregnant?
  • Bought more vitamins than usual Bought a bigger bag (possibly to store diapers)
  • Source: InsyncSocialMedia.com
  • 17.7% of the total business for online small businesses in the next 12 months will be generated by customer acquisition promotions such as discount deals, daily deals, and coupons 29% of Restaurants Worldwide use Daily Deals as part of their regular marketing campaigns Sources: BIA/Kelsey 2013, eMarketer 2013
  • Targets foodies and shares with them deals from artisan food producers all around the U.S. 100% focused on specialty food
  • If you already have a restaurant, these are the eight (8) technologies that affect customer choices:
  • Website Social media Blogs/Review sites Wi-fi availability Online ordering/ reservations Mobile apps Geo-location
  • Hoteliers Guide to Social Media 2014 Digital Marketing Guide How to Master Facebook Marketing in 10 Days Get Free eBooks Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Email Marketing
  • Peter Drucker, Leadership Guru