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  • In the ideal crowd sourcing model, corporations on the one hand use collective and combined expertise, as well as knowledge to benefit,
  • while on the other hand they reduce expenditures that are imperative to maintain a full-time employee workforce. Individuals, small business contractors, home based businesses and freelancers have a ready market for their skills that eventually enable them to compete with anyone else, either private or corporate. That's the asset of crowd sourcing and it appears that the future business world is ready to embrace it.


  • Another company that uses crowd sourcing is Elance, which is a World of Talent Online. Its key concept is to deliver excellent work and get paid for results in return. Elanceoutsourceto expertcrowd : programmers, designers, writers, translators, marketers, researchers and admin contractors with tested skills.
  • The main idea is to find clients and freelance jobs through small businesses in order to do freelance web design, programming, SEO, xml programming and graphic design.

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  • Elances focus consists of outsourcing to freelance programmers, web and logo designers, copywriters, illustrators and consultants.
  • People that hold the jobs are the employers, namely called buyers on Elance, whereas the web workers with the skills are called the providers.


  • The company has mainly worked so as to increase offerings and integrate some features to create more than just a job site or a work tool.
  • Elances concept surpasses global marketplace job. It is a remarkable Remote Work System that aims at creating an isolated workspace for freelance workers while providing them with the additional encouragement to continue using the site after the job match has been made.
  • The features intend to help service providers in managing a part of their work through Elance and give buyer and service provider more ways to connect and transact business.


  • The areas that Elance has been improving in order to create their Remote Work System include, first theInterview Process ;Beyond matching up a buyer with a service provider with specific skills that meet their project needs, Elance also offers an integrated chat function and a click-to-call function that enables the buyer to call the provider anonymously and for free. Providers can also take certification tests through Elance to evaluate their level of expertise which apparently give buyers more of a guarantee of a providers skills.


  • Another important part isThe Payment System ; Elance now offers an escrow account that enables a buyer once he has matched up with a seller to place the payment into an escrow account via Elance. The main objective here is to ease the providers mind that the money is there upon completion of the project. Elance also offers dispute assistance for both buyers and providers.


  • And finally theTracking Project Status ; With a new status reporting system in place, buyers can on the one hand set targets that providers need to achieve, and providers on the other hand can report on their status showing progress against targets on a percentage basis. Elance has recently implementeda time tracking widget that a provider can apply in order to achieve targets, add notes for the buyer, and attach files. The time tracker can also cover units of work such as blog posts. Status reports can then be converted into invoices once work is complete.


  • The company states that while offering enhanced features aimed at helping the buyer and provider manage a portion of the project; their site is not necessarily a replacement for a more robust project management system. However, the new Elance features offer an archive of interactions and communications between buyer and provider that especially helps a provider who is simultaneously working on multiple projects.

11. 12. Elances Benefits:

  • Ease of use. These jobs are quick and easy to apply for. Freelancers can do it while watching TV or while waiting for other client feedback.
  • Potential client information . The potential clients can in fact get all sorts of referrals and testimonials about them. This enables Elance to stay away right from the beginning of clients who have not paid their last freelancer or a person that has posted 20 jobs but never awarded one.
  • Guarantees. Although its not 100% fail-safe, these services do offer escrow services and complaint departments that can help intervene when Elance encounters problems with a particular freelancer. Once used effectively, Elance can limit its potential for a non-paying or trouble client.


  • Testimonials. The site really encourages satisfied clients to leave feedback. Instead of poking the client to give a testimonial for the site, it is an
  • automated process and gets a good review to use as chosen.
  • Warm calls. Eventually, everyone posting a job
  • on a bidding site wants people to contact them
  • about their project.
  • Elance contains a wealth of well-paying, high-quality writing jobs for established Web content developers.
  • It could be agood placefor beginners to find their first jobs. Moreover, the site provides some extras to helpmanage these jobs.


  • The more precise you can detail your job the better that Elance or the others will work for you. Providing a wide range of projects to make theperfect choice
  • Elance providespositive experiences, creativity and for building a portfolio,Elanceis a great option because of its variety.
  • Elanceis a good place tomake moneywith more than 3500$ in earnings.

15. 16. Elances Negatives:

  • No written contracts, non-disclosure agreements, or even agreements that outline terms for a particular project often leads to confusions and frustration for both corporations. The payment still needs to be triggered by the buyer. This means that once a provider has completed the job, there is no guarantee that the provider will be paid.
  • Freelancers are not well qualified or well experienced, and the providers are not loyal.
  • The quality of service is inferior comparing with the experts and may therefore also cause communication misunderstandings.


  • Freelancers decide to leave after having zero projects awarded throughout a month as an average.
  • Incredibly bad business decisions, dreadful customer relations management, negligent account management practices and the inability, or unwillingness.
  • Monthly huge fees to pay.

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