electronic cigarette smoking is bad, but e cigarettes are your best alteration

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  • 1. Electronic Cigarette: Smoking is bad, but e-cigarettes are your best alteration
  • 2. In the recent years, there has been a significant raise in the demand of using e-cigarettes. A lot of wise and prudent fellows are now opting out for these as they find them safe and nontoxic for their health. Why do we smoke? Obviously it is for nicotine.
  • 3. For the majority of the smokers, nicotine is no less important than their life blood as it releases a specific hormone in their blood which eventually aids in relaxing the nerves and thus makes them feel tension free. On the other hand, the health issues are there which cannot be denied. As per the researchers and health experts, nicotine harms your lungs, pancreas, brain and some other major parts of the body. Keeping the health issues aside, smoking also comes up with social and economic concerns which often create dilemma for the smokers. For this, a handsome number of people are now moving towards e- cigarettes.
  • 4. E-cigarettes are the smart and modern way of smoking. It is not like the traditional cigarettes that we had to light up and inhale the puff inside. Rather it is an electronic device which could conjure the same amount of nicotine you will be needing for the relaxation of your body and mind. Moreover, these cigarettes have been produced by hale and hearty ingredients like vegetables, fruits and so on so that they do not possess any impairment to your precious body.
  • 5. Till now, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has the authorization to allow the production of tobacco products, Right now they are looking into the matter of e-cigarettes. However, from my perspective, if you are not habituated with inhaling vapor, you certainly have no idea of e- cigarettes.
  • 6. Even as per the experiments undertaken by the researchers of FDA and American Cancer Society, there is no such damage caused by e- cigarettes like a real one. Moreover, CDC (United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has reported that the use of e- cigarettes has increased 200% compared to the previous year.
  • 7. So it makes quite sense that e-cigarettes are nothing to be blamed for increasing the level of health injuries, rather it paves a safer way for the regular smokers to feel relieved as they do not need to hang on to the traditional form of smoking anymore.
  • 8. If you just check out the use of e-cigarettes among the middle aged boys, you will be amazed to know that even a person of high dignity like Dorff takes it as a form of hassle free and safe smoking.
  • 9. Nevertheless, what is there to be afraid of? In fact, there is nothing that can harm your body in e-cigarettes. Simply they are prepared by a mixture of water and artificial flavors. Moreover, all the cigarettes are labeled to maintain the age grade.
  • 10. Even you can know beforehand how much of nicotine you are going to inhale inside your body. So above all, it is nothing to be reluctant about, rather a better option for all the smokers.
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