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Elevate - CCE implementation training


  • 1. CCE Implementation Solution for Schools1

2. ABOUT AIETS AIETS is India's one of the leading education company in the space of K-12 andcompetitive exams. AIETS has been founded under the guidance of nationally & Internationallyrenowned Professor Dr O.P Agarwal. In the last 12 years AIETS has provided learning and assessment solutions to lacsof students, thousands of teachers, hundreds of schools / educational institutesacross the country in the diverse space of class 5 to international exams likeGRE/GMAT. AIETS now brings unique and innovative program ELEVATE contains ActivityBased Worksheets which not only help in CCE Implementation but also fosterteaching-learning process by connecting Classroom learning with Real Lifeexperiences.2 3. Continuous(a) Continual: At the beginning, duringand at end of every unit & at the endof the Term.(b) Periodicity / Frequency ofAssessment (for Scholastic A):Comprehensive:Assessment is done both on Scholasticas well as Co-scholastic domains.FormativeAssessmentSummativeAssessmentLife SkillsREVIEW of WHAT is CCE ?Attitudes & ValuesHolistic Education covering healthand other physical attributes.3 4. Introduced CCE WHY?4 5. Clear understanding of ConceptsStudents are not able to co-relateclassroom learning with real lifeexperiences leading to state ofindifference/ lack of interest.1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 83 7 11 1510 265 6. To measure various talents of a studentIn 21st Century with thousands of newcareer options academic as well as co-scholasticskills are important for successin life. A student should build his careeron his talent/strengths.6 7. Redefine Intelligence : It isaccumulation of various talents Creative &Results of a survey said that only 15%of success is dependent upon academicskills and rest 85% of the success iscontributed by Life Skills.ThinkingSkillsAttitude &ValuesComm.Skills &Analytical7 8. Challenges faced by SchoolsDesign Activities on:- Life skills, ThinkingSkills, Creative Skills, Attitude and Values.Checking understanding of concepts Real life connect of learning.Teachers are not trained formally to designactivities on Life skills.Teachers do not have sufficient time to designgood activities in both scholastic & co-scholasticareas. Lack of appropriate training by CBSE for CCEimplementation to teachers.Standardization of the activities by theteachers.All the above challenges have lead to a situation where CCE is gettingimplemented but only in papers or in other words not in true spiritand manner8 9. CCE ImplementationSolution for SchoolsAIETSIntroduces9 10. Elevate is a set of unique and scientificallydesigned activity based worksheets which willhelp not only in implementing CCE but alsofoster the entire teaching, learning process.Elevate provides following Tools to ensure thatworksheets are implemented in true spirit andmanner.1. Elevate StudentWorkbook2. Elevate Teacher Manual3. Elevate Curriculum Planner4. Elevate Teacher Training Workshops +Implementation SupportApproachElevate worksheets are designedand developed around 3 TierActivity based LearningMethodologyElevate ToolsWhat arewelearningWhy arewelearningHow arewelearningWHATWHYHOW 10 11. 11 12. Group DiscussionRole PlayShort form questionsQuizzesExtempore Elevate worksheets are designed using more than 30 Assessment Techniques therebytransforming conventional classroom into Collaborative/ Activity based classroom. Examples from everyday life are taken to generate students interest and to help him solution toreal life problemsPractical work.WrittenTasksVerbalTasksOutsideSchoolActivitiesLab basedFlow ChartsTablesDiagramsPictorialMethodsCrossword PuzzlesBrainstormingDebatesQuizInvestigatory ProjectsResearch ProjectsSurvey1. Elevate Student WorkbookElevate Worksheets are given to the students in the form of workbooks.They include a variety of Tasks12 13. Elevate WorkbooksClass 1 to 5Each student gets 3 workbooks(English, EVS, Mathematics)Class 6 to 10Each student gets 4workbooks(English, Social Science,Science, Mathematics)13 14. Examples of Elevate Workbooks14 15. 2. Elevate Teacher ManualTEACHER'S MANUAL acts as aresource guide for the teacher.Teacher's manual contains -1. Learning Objectives2. Procedure of implementation3. Assessment Criterion4. Real Life Connect5. Skills Excelled - Scholastic Skills Co-scholastic Skills6. Solutions15 16. Snapshot of ElevateTeacher ManualLearning ObjectivesDirections for TeachersAssessment ParametersReal LifeconnectScholastic SkillsCo-scholastic Skills16 17. 3. Elevate Curriculum Planner Curriculum Planner helps the Teacher in mappingour worksheets on the School academic calendar. Acts as a tool to record and evaluate students inco-scholastic areas Contains formats to assess and grade co-scholasticareas Thinking Skills Social Skills Emotional Skills Attitude & Values Acts as a guide and ensures properimplementation.17 18. Elevate Curriculum PlannerSeparate Curriculum Planner for each Class and each Subject. Eachplanner contains Worksheet Table for respective Class and respectiveSubject.ChapterWS CodeScholastic andCo-ScholasticSkills measureLearningObjectiveAssessmentTechniqueConceptCoverageTime MarksThe Worksheet Tablecontains all details ofworksheet which includes 18 19. 19 20. 20 21. 4. Elevate Teacher Training WorkshopsElevate provides execution andimplementation support to schoolsthrough teacher training workshop.Workshop 1Elevate as a CCEimplementation toolIntegrating Elevate inTeaching LearningprocessWorkshop 2The workshops consists of many life case studies and real life examples.21 22. Benefits of Implementing Elevate22 23. Benefits of Implementing Elevate23 24. Benefits of Implementing Elevate24 25. SummaryBenefits of Implementing Elevate Connects to Real-Life Promotes Active Learning Contains Multidisciplinary Projects Covers ASL/PSA/OTBA Life Skill Coaching Co-Scholastic Assessment Empowers Teacher Grading & Record Keeping Evidence of Assessment Cost Effective & Complete CCE Solution25 26. So, Elevate is complete andup-to date and cover allaspects of CCEElevate is Cost Effective &Complete CCE Solution26 27. Product SummaryElevate contains following tools to ensure implementation in true spirit and manner27 28. How to implement ? The Elevate program can be implemented by addingElevate in the booklist of the School Bookseller ordirectly order from AIETS to deliver it to the school.In both cases the Teacher Manual, the Curriculum Plannerand the Teacher Training are provided directly to theschool.Elevate is easy to procure and implement 28 29. Product DetailsElevate CC worksheets are given to the students in the form of workbooks. Apart from this a separate teachers manual and curriculum planner isgiven to teachers/school.To view sample worksheets and teachers manual, please login http://aiets.co.in/specimen 29 30. 30 31. SummaryElevate is a teacher empowerment tool.Elevate helps in implementing CCE in true spirit andmanner.Elevate is easy to procure and implement.Elevate is a zero cost solution for schools.To summarize, the Elevate CCE Worksheets will not only help instandardizing the entire system but also brings the best practicesto the teaching-learning process.31 32. 32 33. 33 34. 34 35. 35 36. 36 37. An Award Winning ProductElevate gets the Navikaran Awardfor Best Assessment Tool37 38. Thank youCCE Worksheets & AssessmentA division of AIETS.com Pvt. Ltd.B-48, Shivalik Main Road, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017Tel: 011-26692293/94; Customer Support: 09211500212Email: [email protected]; Web: www.aiets.co.inwww.facebook.com/AIETS.Elevate38