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EME Alumni Association. by Noman Javed. Introduction. EME Alumni Association (EMEAA) It is run by body of ex-students and assisted by college societies (ALC,SPAL) Functions EME Alumni Scholarship Program Alumni Reunions Alumni Newsletter Career Counseling EME Alumni Website - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


byNoman Javed

Introduction• EME Alumni Association (EMEAA)• It is run by body of ex-students and assisted by college

societies (ALC,SPAL)• Functions

– EME Alumni Scholarship Program– Alumni Reunions– Alumni Newsletter– Career Counseling– EME Alumni Website– Alumni Network Database

• Changes in 2009• New President• New General Secretary Official Logo

Alumni Reunion 20106th Annual Alumni ReunionRegistrations :450+

EMEAA Scholarship ProgramDuring 2nd Alumni Reunion, it was decided to

start Alumni Scholarship ProgramBank account

NIB Bank F-11 Markaz Branch Account # 5605.0014508.0010Swift Code : NIBPPKKA

Balance Sheet MaintainedYear 2009: 30 studentsYear 2008: 19 students

EMEAA Scholarship 2008

EMEAA Scholarship 2009

Total Award: Rs 2,52,000/-No. Of Applications: 31Interviewed: 21 studentsAwarded: 17 students

Total Award: Rs 2,38,000/-No. Of Applications: 34Interviewed: 25 studentsAwarded: 13 students

Nov – Dec 2009May- June 2009

Scholarship Selection Process

Emealumni.comLaunched in Nov 09

22,754 page views so far

News & Events Weekly Updated

Scholarships Records Dates Notice/Messages

Reunion Registration Write ups on Previous Reunions

Alumni Page


40+ albums pictures submitted by alumni members

Newsletter & Publications Record Records of Newsletters Campbuzz Archives

General Body PageBlog

Database of technical Publications by students & alumni of College of EME

Web Mail

[email protected]

Personal email addresses for alumni members with alum suffix.

Gmail based web portalOfficial mail address adds values to their admission and job


Launched! Register now on www.emealumni.com

Career Counselling SessionsEMEAA regularly holds counselling sessions at the

collegeSenior Alumni members are invited to guide and help

students (especially graduating students)Career Counselling Center C3

ChaptersLahore Chapter

Members Database Facebook Page Coordination Group

North America Chapter Data of Alumni in NA is being collected

Future Plans Europe , ME & Karachi

NewslettersYearly Publication

Content College Round Up Alumni Interviews Alumni Achievements

Distribution 400+ Hard Copies are distributed during the Reunion Circulated Online for the Alumni residing abroad


Alumni General Body 2009-10• President :

• Adnan Shahid DE-14 E

• General Secretary:• Umar Azad DE 14E

• Body:– Haris Anis DE-21 C– Tahir Abbas DE-21 E– Farhan Javed DE-25 MTS– Sidrah Liaqat DE-25 E– Noman Javed DE-25 C– Imran Sadiq DE-25 M– Uzair Sukhera DE-27– Mehvin Khalid DE-27– Imad Alam DE-27– Rabia Maqbool DE-27

– Lahore– Shahrukh Athar DE 25 E– Arslan Shah DE 27 E

– ALC – Umar Bilal Lilla DE 28 C

Alumni Network1100+ registered members of Alumni AssociationPresence in more than 40 countries Online Alumni Network

Information of 500+ members shared online


Emenets around the world


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