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ERE Webinar from 11/23/2009, presented by Kevin Wheeler.


Emerging Workforce Trends -ERE Webinar.ppt

Employment: What's Really Going On? The Age of Women and why we are in a

"HE"-cession. Emerging culture of sustainability & its

impact on recruiting. How technology is changing the way we

recruit, work and learn.

Unemployment is 10.2% - highest since 1983.

Most losses recently in heavy and non-residential construction. Other losses in retail: bookstores and sporting goods.

Most gains in health care added 29,000 jobs in October.

City Postings to Unemployed

Washington, D.C. 1:1

Baltimore, MD 1:1

Salt Lake City, UT 1:2

San Jose, CA 1:2

New York, NY 1:2

Postings to Unemployed Persons Indeed.com September 2009

City Postings to Unemployed

Rochester, NY 1:7

Las Vegas, NV 1:8

Riverside, CA 1:9

Miami, FL 1:12

Detroit, MI 1:18

Postings to Unemployed Persons Indeed.com September 2009

Major Industries Job Postings Annual Change

Accounting 120,742 -16%

Construction 80,913 -34%

Education 100,903 +15%

Financial Services and Banking 192,310 -18%

Healthcare 541,200 -15%

Hospitality 75,056 -1%

Information Technology 232,686 -24%

Manufacturing 79,214 -21%

Media and Newspaper 28,117 -30%

Real Estate 23,537 -4%

Retail 259,814 +2%

Transportation 67,107 -25% October 2009 Indeed.com

Anything to do with Epidemiology. Personal financial advisors Actuaries Marketing managers Market research Math & statistics Anything in medical science/nursing Advertising/Promotion Geoscientists Education administrators/some teachers

Very slow recovery. Old jobs will not return in large numbers. Permanent loss of jobs in manufacturing. Slow, continued gains in health care,

education, computer science. Increase in temporary jobs up 34,000 in


SurePayroll reports: July 2009, Contractor Index: 4.13 percent. For every 100 workers engaged by small businesses, 4.13 are

1099 independent contractors and 95.87 are W-2 employees. 4.13 percent is the high point for the Contractor Index since

January 2004.


Self-employment grew seven times faster than wage- and salaried-employment from 2002 to 2006

The Enterprise Center at Salem State College.

Elance.com recently passed the $200 million mark for freelance work delivered online. client base of more than 60,000 businesses.

Unemployment June 2009 Men 9.8% Women 7.5%


Simple is good Just enough is enough Reuse/Recycle/Retain/Refresh

Employers will seek fewer, better people. Focus on cultural fit Pre-employment screening

Temp to Perm and other forms of employment will become more popular.

RPO will gain traction.

Hire and retain for broad-based competence.

Retrain and develop through cross-functional and rotational experience and through informal networks.

Redeploy and retrain constantly. Remove barriers to internal movement.

Automated search Deep vertical functional social

communities Video everything Candidate experiences & communication

Social media is now core Web 2.0/SEO Facebook 5 years old w/ 200+ million users

Twitter soars Founded 2006 Estimated daily users 14 million+

Search has begun the path to automation. Entice Labs

Profiles are slowly replacing resumes. Jobvite

Heavily video-based. Virtual tours and video interviews will

start appearing. Online assessment and simulations will

help determine fit and skills. Much more interactivity and faster


Moves from job boards and intensive Internet search to. . .

Talent pools and proprietary social networks.

Moves from hunting to attracting via higher quality branding and CRM.

Goal: Lowering sourcing time to less than one day. Creating targeted attraction strategies. Screening for fit/competence. Building a relationship virtually. Creating a knowledge base about candidates. Inviting to apply when appropriate.

Cindy H. White, a communications associate professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder says: physical connection is being replaced by cognitive

and knowledge-based relationships. Instead of sharing space together, people share

thoughts, ideas and feelings.

1999 Candidate

Read about company in paper/brochure

Ask friend/neighbor/colleague

Mail resume

Recruiter Call candidate Phone screen Set up face-to-face interview Call candidate to update

status/discuss Sit with candidate to make

offer Mail formal offer

2009 Candidate

See job posting/read career website

VM/IM/Talk to recruiter/other employee

Search for reviews Complete profile online

Recruiter Email/IM candidate Online/phone screen Schedule interview using online

tools Set up online screening/

assessment Email candidate status/updates Email offer to candidate

Social Networking Sites

Source: Quantcast; October 2009

Engages people to send targeted job invitations to contacts in their social networks.

Allows you to personalize communications with potential candidates and to track your communication with them.

Work is getting virtual, companies smaller and simpler.

Work is being outsourced and automated at an unprecedented pace.

All traditional ways of thinking about work and recruiting are being challenged.

Increase in temporary and contract workers. Very slow growth of regular employment except

for senior level executives. Focus on upgrading existing positions. Growing interest to offload some or all of

recruiting to a third party. Continuing uncertainty about what is normal.

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