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  • Audience Research By Emma Lewis
  • Secondary Research 5 of the top 15 superhero films include:- Spiderman- The Incredibles- Batman- Superman Returns- The Dark Knight Theses films were all successful in attractingaudiences, shown through their success in reachingthe top 15 superhero films produced.
  • How was each film successful in attracting their audience?Spiderman: Firstly, the institution whom distributed this film was Sony.Automatically this can attract people who are of interest of previous films produced bythis institution, yet this only being a minor way of how audiences were attracted incomparison to other attractions. A major way the producers attracted an audience forSpiderman was by keeping to the rather typical superhero story, involving a binaryopposition (villain), a love interest and the superhero being an average person on a day today basis. People who enjoy this form of storyline are those who are likely to beinterested in this film as that is there interest. Also, this film is aimed at wide age range ofaudiences yet most commonly children aged 7 or above where the film would also havesecondary audiences being an adult with their child, say the parents, resulting in moreviewers. However, this film is aimed at people of all ages. Another audience attraction isthose simply interested in action films due to superhero films tending to contain a fairamount of action, like Spiderman.
  • The Incredibles: This successful superhero film was produced by Pixar and distributed by Walt Disney pictures. This would be a major attraction for children, especially knowing it was a Walt Disney film as this is a common institution, whom children know and enjoy their films. Due to the enjoyability of Disney films by children, knowing the Incredibles is also a Disney film would automatically attract a large audience of those whom are fans of Disney films. Therefore, there major target audience was aimed at children of both genders. It was created to be suitable for children of both genders through the use of male and female superhero figures within the production. However, yet again, The Incredibles would breach to a secondary audience being the parents of the children or whichever adult was to take them to the viewing, or allow them to watch it, developing their range of audiences. Also, people who are interested in superhero based films were interested in this film however not all ages interested due to some not being interested in animated films.
  • Batman: This film is a Warner Bros production and was distributed by them. This already develops the range of audiences who are of interest in this film, as people who enjoy previous productions by Warner Bros, are likely to be interested in another one of their viewings. This being one form of how Batman attracted a part of their audience. Another interest for viewers would be the fact that this a slightly different style superhero story, where Batman , isnt an ordinary guy such as in Spiderman or Superman Returns, hes a billionaire who is well- known by everyone but not his secret identity (batman). This is also slightly different to typical superhero films due to him not having actual powers just using his sheer body strength. This would attract an audience as people are interested in a change from the usual story. The main audience for this film, is people interested in action as it is majorly action packed, in comparison to some superhero films. Furthermore, people of both genders will be of interest as theres both male and female characters, where there is a love interest involved and this could attract those interested in a sense of romance within a film. In relation to age, this film appeals to people of any age mostly those in the teenage generation and middle-aged.
  • Superman Returns: Being within the top 15 superhero films, Warner Bros is the institution for this film. People whom are of interest of previous Warner Bros films they have seen are likely to be attracted to another one of their productions, being a way of intriguing some audiences. Due to this film being an extension film to the sequel of the four superman films, creating a fifth one was likely to attract the audience of whom were of interest of the previous 4. This story is slightly different to the typical superhero story having a major focus on a female character within the story being supermans love interest, aswell as his binary opposition (villain) throughout most of the production. Furthermore, supermans powers arent like other superhero films, he was born with them, also giving a twist to the typical superhero story attracting certain audiences who a like a change or variety to story lines. This attracted people of both genders due to the use of male and female characters. The main age range with interest in this film is those who are in their late teens due to them being most likely to have seen the previous superman films than those a younger generation and anyone above this age.
  • The Dark Knight: Finally, the most popular successful superhero film, again made by Warner Bros. Although the institution of this film is extremely popular and well known and attracts a massive audience due to people enjoying previous films by these producers, this clearly wasnt the main audience attraction as fellow Warner Bros films such as Batman Forever and Superman Returns werent and arent as popular as this production. A major attraction for people in this film may have been the actors within such as Heath Ledger, of whom plays The Joker, playing the villain in the film. Also, due to the current death of this actor, this could have impacted upon the number of audience viewers due to the common mentioning of him through different forms of media. However, another way of how Warner Bros attracted an audience for this film was that this film appears to have a twist to such as it having a darker side to it by being more gruesome, dramatic and having a major focus on the villain. The age range for this film would be for mid- teens and above. This is because this film seems to be a lot more violent being in-appropriate for younger children. Also, people of interest in action packed films would be a major audience for The Dark Knight as it is full of action being its main focus.
  • Target Audiences for Upcoming ReleasesThe Amazing Spiderman: I believe the target audiencefor this film will be those who were interested in theprevious Spiderman films, as they will give anotherSpiderman film an opportunity. Aswell as those whoenjoyed The Amazing Spiderman film which wasnt in 3D.Due to this film being in 3D, this will attract a wider range,targeting those who enjoy viewing films in 3D. People ofboth genders will be targeted in order to get the largestaudience as possible, as this results in the productioncompany making money. When looking at the upcomingreleases age of their target audience, I would say it is aimedat young children from age 7 and above, as children tend tobe of interest in 3D movies, aswell as Spiderman being amore child friendly based superhero. Children below the ageof 7 may struggle to understand the storyline hence why Ibelieve the target audience would be above age 7. Finally,with the same producers (Sony) as the previous Spidermanfilms created this will attract an audience aswell as those ofan interest in other Sony films.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: This is another upcoming release for 2013, produced by Paramount. I feel that their target audience would be primarily people who have an interest in their previous TV episodes and their film form the 1990s. Although this release will be different, this could be an attraction for viewers, in order to see in what way it is different to the first film. A further target audience would be children, as they are likely to have seen the cartoon TV episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles recently aswell as young adults who will have seen these TV episodes and the 1990s film when they were younger. People of both genders could be their target audience as either gender may have enjoyed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles previous productions.
  • Reasons why The Dark Knight Rises is believed to be successful in finding audiences:Dark Knight, attracting the A major advantage is that its the sequel to The rather huge audience who enjoyed The Dark Knight making it a huge success. The involvement of new actress Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman who could be a major source appealing to females due to her appearance in previous films such as The Devil Wears Prada which many women love. This will widen the audience as more females will be interested, due to an interest the actress being used. Its already sold screening six months in advance of the release date (20/7/12), sugessting it has already achieved an audience before its been released. It will continue from the hype on The Dark Knight.
  • Reasons why The Avengers isbelieved to be successful in finding audiences: The combining of six characters from previous


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