empathic genre conversion

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Empathic Genre Conversion

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An introduction to the exam task set by the Cambridge IGCSE board.


  • 1. Empathic Genre Conversion

2. IGCSE English : Question 1
3. What is empathy?
4. 5. Empathy is NOT sympathy!
6. Reading most texts requires some degree of empathy in order to appreciate the perspective of the narrator or characters presented
7. How can you identify the elements which reveal the thoughts, feelings, opinions and attitudes expressed by characters in a text?
8. Explicit statements madeImplicit information conveyed through:Dialoguelanguage choicesWhat is left unsaidTone
9. This task requires you to empathise with the thoughts, feelings and opinions expressed by one or more people in the text and then DEMONSTRATE that understanding

  • Read and extract salient details

11. Imagine and expand beyond the text while maintaining faith with the original text 12. Complete the task using the targetgenre and capture an authentic sense of voice using these details