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Shyam Sankar The rise of human-computer cooperation

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My public speaking week 2 assignment.


  • 1. ShyamSankar The rise of human-computer cooperation
  • 2. He captured his audience using visuals to aid in telling a story and the use of theevent of the potential that human-computer cooperation can have.
  • 3. Sankars continual use of appealing visuals and interesting data, andcontinually pushing the possibility of non-professionals along side with computers are able to do what scientist couldnt have.
  • 4. I believe he best demonstrates the forth commandment, as he tells many stories in which humans with technology, surpass those with better technology or the knowledge in an area.
  • 5. I would rate his dynamism a 4. He always kept a positive attitude and optimistic tone.But I found myself more interested in the information, graphics, and topic rather then his speech.
  • 6. Sankar follows one of the tips mentioned by Nancy Duarte. He does by speaking about his view and idea of human-computer cooperation, which moving his audience by telling stories where people are able to overcome competition through proper integration in the human-computer symbiosis.
  • 7. I learned that visuals can be a great way to keep the audience interested as well ashelp you effectively convey information or a point you are trying to get across. But that they can also take away from you, as the presenter, when giving a speech.
  • 8. Ken RobinsonHis presentation style was more personal, he was always on camera and speaking to the audience. He makes people laugh and jokes around while getting his message across with just his words, he uses no visuals or props.
  • 9. ShyamSankarHis presentation style seems to take the spotlight off himself, and instead places their attention and places it on visuals and the story he is telling, he also uses these stories to help him deliver the information he trying to convey without boring the audience or overloading them with pure data.
  • 10. Ken Robinson was more of a jokester ShyamSankar while still having ain his speeches, making jokes, and positive tone didnt tell many jokes,getting the audience to laugh, and he grabbed the audience throughcapturing them in that way, he telling interesting stories and use ofmainted a positive tone overall while visuals to keep the audiencekeeping it light-hearted and fun. entertained.
  • 11. StorytellingIf you have a lot of information you want to convey, look for stories that can help you convey that that information in an interesting manner.
  • 12. VisualsWhile visuals can be great to keep the the audiences attention, be careful of not using visuals to tell the story for you as it can degrade your presentation.
  • 13. Make jokesIf youre a comedian, make use of it, Ken Robinson made great use of his ability to make jokes and it kept his speech very entertaining while informative
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