engage and inspire young people through music

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“Our school does not allow the use of My Space or You Tube because of the explicit content, NUMU is brilliant because it’s monitored and it’s not adults who are using it. It’s like a safe My Space” Lisa Gibson Head of Music. The aims of NUMU. Engage and inspire young people through music - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Our school does not allow the use of My Space or You Tube because of the explicit content, NUMU is brilliant because its monitored and its not adults who are using it. Its like a safe My Space Lisa Gibson Head of Music

  • Engage and inspire young people through music

    Support teachers to deliver cross curricular activities in new ways

    Support Regional Services to celebrate and co-ordinate music making in their areaThe aims of NUMU

  • a safe website for young musicians aged 5 to 18 to publish their compositions and performances, compete in charts and take part in school projects. NUMU is....

  • Made and maintained by Synergy TV

    Began as online element of Musical Futures in the action research phase.

    Re-launched as NUMU and made available to all schools free in January 2007

    NUMU Networks for music services introduced in Sept 07

    NUMU Video Introduced in Sept 08Background

  • Over 700 schools registered

    8 Music service networks

    20,000 students registered

    16,000 student compositions/performances


    300,000 page views a month

    30,000 visitors a month

    Who is using it?

  • Teacher registers to get a NUMU Label for their school

    Students create their own accounts on the label

    Teacher checks and activates student accounts

    Students listen to others music and leave them comments

    Students upload music, blogs, videos to their page

    Teacher checks and approves their students work for others to access

    How it works

  • Public can only listen to music

    No personal information or pictures visible to the public

    Only schools and education centres can join

    Only 5-18 year olds and CRB checked adults have access

    All NUMU staff CRB checked and experienced working with young people

    How is it safe?

  • Ideal for band work and encourage composition

    Use charts to motivate students and showcase work

    Use blogs for students to reflect on progress

    Listen to other schools music

    Students can gain peer support from the NUMU community

    Teacher projects let you share resources

    NUMU and Musical Futures

  • Home Page

  • Teachers know what your doing..but the kids have still got control Student PageJess B

  • CommentsDJ B Youve got a safe place to talk to people

  • LabelSirPsychoSexy Im proud of the music in my school

  • Teacher Project

  • Regional Network

  • Register at www.numu.org.uk

    Call: 0113 246 9989

    Email: [email protected] Contact Details

  • www.teachingmusic.org.uk

  • Teaching Music is an innovative new portal to help you reflect and improve your knowledge, understanding and skills in music education. It is your space to access information, reflect on your practice, connect with others and contribute your own resources.

    www.teachingmusic.org.ukTeaching Music is available to all those involved in music education: teachers, community musicians, senior management and policy makers.

    Teaching Music is funded by the TDA and managed by National Association of Music Educators (NAME) and Music Education Council (MEC).