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Presentation/Webinar about the use of blogs, twitter and vine to engage student collaboration. Webinar shown at Spring Blog Festival 2014. http://bit.ly/springblogfest14


  • Engage student collaboration with Blogs, Twitter & Vine ! Webinar @ SpringBlogFestival March 14-16, 2014 ! cc-by-sa3.0 Andr J. Spang, Cologne ! http://about.me/andre.spang
  • about.me
  • www.kas-koeln.de
  • ipad project My blog about experiences and best practices as the coordinator of this project ! http://ipadkas.wordpress.com
  • The Blog: the blog exists for 3 years is also used to share devices
  • #EDchatDE Content: Links & reviews poll for new topics fan stuff http://edchat.de
  • The community is the curriculum #rhizomatic learning & #collaboration collaboration of LEARNERS NOT Knowledge of one expert via @DocbobLA (Twitter)
  • iPad-Project since 2011
  • BLOGS Twitter
  • wordpress.com tumblr.com
  • Teacher & student blogs using wordpress.com
  • KAS - Keys Teacherblog for music project class wordpress: http://kaskeys.wordpress.com
  • Students create Youtube - How to play Tour Dates
  • Photos iPad Notes Whiteboard
  • wordpress.com
  • Dashboard general overview posts comments settings widgets Themes free paid individual design text pictures mixed
  • Posts
  • edit & publish YouTube Link
  • Religion Reli Rookies: 6th graders Teacher is admin and main author selected students can post as authors all students can comment
  • Religion 9th graders Teacher is admin all students blog as authors selected students maintain the site http://reli9kas.wordpress.com
  • English 13th graders
  • teacher is admin & main author students can comment http://kasgke13zn.wordpress.com/2010/01/26/samuel-t-coleridge-cologne/
  • Theres always an App for that blogging on mobile devices
  • wordpress app on iOS simple but powerful dashboard: add pictures & text on the go
  • Teacher & student blogs using tumblr.com
  • http://loveblog-kas.tumblr.com
  • Student tumblr 9th graders Students: take care of everything are admin create all posts reblog pictures & videos answer questions & collaborate
  • cologneonair.tumblr.com tumblr that supports weekly student produced TV-Series via google+ hangout OnAir (11th graders)
  • html edit upload or embed videos main settings
  • tumblr on mobile devices APP: ! all blogs in one view dashboard statistics easy to use
  • engage me with blogging collaboration: within class, school, international communication: with others, worldwide, comment creativity: writing skills, video, design, music, pictures think (& write) critical: You are a writer & publisher! EXTRA: 21th century literacy & creative commons licenses, OER
  • sharing is caring! creative commons
  • remix, create & share learn by doing it learn about licenses nd & explore free sources
  • Teacher & Students create Open Educational Resources! Be a MAKER not a Taker von Jonathasmello CC-BY-3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
  • Social Media as PLN and Microblog
  • twitter @tastenspieler! #lrn21 #EDchatDE #OER #ipadED
  • The community is the curriculum #rhizomatic learning & #collaboration
  • twitter advent calendar 5th graders @relikidsmas5ab 1 account for 25 students peer teams tweeting each day students know password how to: described on blog
  • Blog of the @relikidsmas5ab twitter tutorials twitter widget and timeline pictures, texts, links that can be tweeted schedule and teams
  • Bonus material ;)
  • advent calendar EXTRA: Website via weebly.com that collects best tweets, pictures, videos for 24 days.
  • weebly: Dashboard Homepage editor: Nice, easy and tons of features free and online
  • why twitter? get connected open and fast get in touch with peers: School of Open get to the point (140 characters) use hashtags #howto? netiquette
  • Vine short video platform (7s) connected to twitter only available as App iOS and Android can be viewed mobile or on the web free app download in the Appstore or GooglePlay Store
  • Micro tutorials Tasks: peer groups create short tutorials to given topics tweet the links collect the links on a wiki page
  • Features concentrate on main facts hashtags series: part 1, 2, etc. motivating learning by teaching
  • Engage students & meet the 21century skills Through blogging, twitter & vine you will engage students enhance collaboration of peers foster communication strengthen critical thinking encourage creativity
  • Thank you for participating be inspired and stay connected for more infos and all blogs and sites shown: check my wiki @ http://bit.ly/spingblogfest14
  • Engage student collaboration with Blogs, Twitter & Vine ! Webinar @ SpringBlogFestival March 14-16, 2014 ! cc-by-sa3.0 Andr J. Spang, Cologne ! http://about.me/andre.spang