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Engaging Audiences through Effective Collaboration Session Two: November 2 Kelley Lavin The Lavin Group [email protected] .net The Arts Engagement Exchange (AEE) is an initiative of the Chicago Community Trust and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs supported by the Wallace Foundation.

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  • 1. Engaging Audiences through Effective Collaboration Session Two: November 2 Kelley Lavin The Lavin Group [email protected] The Arts Engagement Exchange (AEE) is an initiative of the Chicago Community Trust and the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs supported by the Wallace Foundation.

2. The London School of Economics found that on Tuesdays most people are in their foulest mood. "It seems plausible that on Monday the weekend has not quite worn off, said researcher George MacKerron. "By Tuesday they are well into the working week and the following weekend is not yet in sight. THE WEEK, October 22, 2010 Welcome Back 3. The Latest in Collaborations Received in the mail last week 4. Homework Discussion 5. My organizations Mission Statement: The Chicago Architecture Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing public interest and education in architecture and design. Examples how what we present/perform/offer embodies this statement: The Chicago Architecture Foundation presents a comprehensive program of tours, exhibitions, lectures, special events, and adult and youth education activities, all designed to enhance the publics awareness and appreciation of Chicagos outstanding architectural legacy. My organizations Vision Statement: Because no art other than architecture so vividly expresses what Chicago is and where it is going, the Chicago Architecture Foundation will educate the public to expect the highest standards from Chicago's built environment. Knowing Your Organization Mission and Vision Statements Mission is defined as purpose, reason for being. Quite simply "Who we are and what we do. Vision is defined as the image of the future we seek to create. 6. Core audience demographics: 38% Male 62% Female 45-64 Average Age $75,000-80,000 Average HHI 99% Completed high school 93% College Degree 49% live in the city; 92% Caucasian Core audience psychographics: Active cultural participants with professed interest in architecture, specifically: historic preservation, Chicago History, future of Chicago, new buildings being constructed What does this audience like about you? We are an educational organization - they attend for personal enrichment. Also, that we provide special access through behind-the-scenes tours What do your sense this audience wants from you ADDITIONALLY? Looking for more hands-on ways to explore their interests; looking for CAF to challenge their intellect while entertaining them Understanding Your Core Audience Demographics Psychographics Needs 7. Key target audience demographics: 25% Male 75% Female 35-55 Average Age $50,000-75,000 Average HHI 85% Completed high school 83% College Degree Predominately white (60%) but there is more diversity than with our core audience; 61% live in the city (higher percentage than core audience) How do you know this is your target audience? One of our stated goals as an institution is to be recognized as a major cultural institution. We understand that in order to build this reputation, we must attract audiences that are currently patrons of other major cultural institutions in Chicago. Key target audience psychographics: Enjoy attending cultural events throughout the city (performance, dance, music), but do not have a professed interest in architecture. What will this audience like about you? Many of our current programs address architecture as an art form; our new series Architecture Is will examine the intersection of architecture and artistic disciplines such as dance and visual art. Understanding Your Target Audience Demographics Psychographics Needs 8. What is your organizations brand in the minds of your core audience? We are seen as an authority on architecture and as an educational institution, however, we are not valued as a major cultural institution. Is this brand image you want your audience to have? If not, why and what to you want it to be? We certainly want to be seen as an educational institution and an authority on architecture, however we would like to be seen additionally as a major cultural player in the city of Chicago in order to broaden our appeal. What do you do to support your brand? Strong programming coupled with an active marketing campaign Core Audience Whats a brand? A singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of a prospect. - Al Ries, Ries & Ries Evaluating The Strength of Your Brand 9. Is your current brand recognized by your target audience? Why or why not? Surveys have shown that we do not have strong brand recognition beyond our current, core audience. If people are familiar with CAF, they think that we are solely a tour operator. Is your current brand meaningful to your target audience? Why or why not? No, because they see us as an architecture-focused institution that does not appeal to their broader cultural interests. If your current brand is not recognized or relevant to your target audience, what would you have to do to change or alter your brand? We have to market more effectively our programming that addresses architecture as a form of artistic expression as well as our upcoming series that examines the intersection of architecture and the arts. Evaluating The Strength of Your Brand Target Audience Whats a brand? A singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of a prospect. - Al Ries, Ries & Ries 10. MyorganizationsMissionStatement: Adventure Stage Chicago creates dynamic and transformative theatre for young audiences that activates the imagination, inspires dialogue and strengthens community among families, educators and artists. Exampleshowwhatwepresent/perform/offer embodiesthisstatement: Each production features a young protagonist who must overcome challenges in a thematically mature environment. Our productions and programs are designed to be something families can enjoy together, as a whole. We encourage dialogue by posing a pre-show question to our audience which we continue to discuss post-show in our Curtain Conversation. We also have a wide range of programming and development opportunities for educators. MyorganizationsVisionStatement: ASC strives to become Chicagos premier destination for theatrical productions and programming designed for young people aged 9 to 14 and the adults in their lives. We aim to be leaders in theatre education through professional development workshops, residencies and resources that offer innovative ways to infuse theatre into the classroom. We seek to cultivate and create challenging new work as well as produce celebrated stories. KnowingYour Organization MissionandVision Statements Mission is defined as purpose, reason for being. Quite simply "Who we are and what we do. Vision is defined as the image of the future we seek to create. 11. Coreaudiencedemographics: 35%Male 65%Female 40AdultAverageAge,12ChildAverageAge $70,000+AverageHHI 90%Completedhighschool 75%CollegeDegree ____________________________________________OtherStats Coreaudiencepsychographics: Families with kids ages 9-14. They value education and shared experiences. They are very busy and involved in many activities. Convenience is important to them. Whatdoesthisaudiencelikeaboutyou? We respect their children and take pride in learning. They enjoy coming to a show that the entire family can learn from and participating in the pre and post show discussions. Our productions are of high quality and our camps and workshops are creative and interactive. Whatdoyoursensethisaudiencewantsfrom youADDITIONALLY? More of everything. We are currently preparing to move to a three show season. I also think they want more ways that their kids can be directly involved with the productions specifically, either on-stage or working backstage. Understanding YourCoreAudience Demographics Psychographics Needs 12. Keytargetaudiencedemographics: 40%Male 60%Female 40AverageAdultAge,10AverageChildAge $100,000+AverageHHI 100%Completedhighschool 100%CollegeDegree OtherImportantStats Howdoyouknowthisisyourtargetaudience? They are the best of our core audience. They speak on our behalf, encourage friends/peers to check us out. They organize groups. They are our biggest supporters. Keytargetaudiencepsychographics: Interested in child/family education. They are connectors and organizers who are involved in multiple activities. They belong to other cultural organizations and donate to those organizations. They are involved in their childrens schools. Whatwillthisaudiencelikeaboutyou? That they are able to have an experience with their children that is insightful and encourages discussion. We are accessible and eager to get to know them. We have a multitude of programs happening throughout the year. Understanding YourTarget Audience Demographics Psychographics Needs 13. Whatisyourorganizationsbrandin themindsofyourcoreaudience? High production value. Educational and exciting stories that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. People who care about you and your family. Isthisbrandimageyouwantyouraudienceto have? Ifnot,whyandwhattoyouwantittobe? Yep, that is pretty much what we are going for. Whatdoyoudotosupportyourbrand? I believe that your brand is a promise you make to your audience, and fulfilling that promise strengthens your brand. Our brand seeps into everything we do. We hold our designers and actors to a high level of production. We value education and dialogue. We provide multiple opportunities to communicate with our audience; Curtain Conversations, Behind the Scenes Day, and Critics Corner on our blog to name a few. CoreAudience Whats a brand? A singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of a prospect. -AlRies,Ries&Ries Evaluating TheStrengthof YourBrand 14. Isyourcurrentbrandrecognizedbyyourtarget audience?Whyorwhynot? Not sure..in many ways we are just starting out. I feel that our brand is strong, but not sure if it is recognized by our target audience. This is one of the reasons we are big on community partnerships, trying to get our name out there. Isyourcurrentbrandmeaningfultoyourtarget audience?Whyorwhynot? Yes, thats why they are our target audience. They value the same things we represent. Ifyourcurrentbrandisnotrecognizedorrelevant to yourtargetaudience,whatwouldyouhavetodoto changeoralteryourbrand? ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ ___________________________________________ Evaluating TheStrengthof YourBrand TargetAudience Whats a brand? A singular idea or concept that you own inside the mind of a prospect. -AlRies,Ries&Ries 15. Understanding your assets Whatassetscanyoubringtoa collaboration? Brand recognition/trust Audience Usable Facilities Specialized equipment or skill Staff time Operations ( i.e. box office, back office) Proven Marketing Expertise Connections /Contacts ( for funding, audience, etc.) Other_______________________ 16. Understanding your limitations What legal, personnel, facilities, financial or policy restrictions may constrain your ability to fulfill a potential collaboration? Limited personnel-lack of time No budget to contribute Many approvals needed; some out of my control Insurance considerations Location-out of the way, no parking, etc. Facilities restrictions: configuration, electrical, etc. Other_______________________ Would you discuss these with your potential partners in the beginning? 17. FundamentalNeeds-requirements Wants-wouldbegoodtohave Foryourself Foryour organization(or bossorboard) Foryour audiences(s)& community IdentifyingWhatYouNeedandWant 12 18. Break-Out Activity Break out into 5 groups to brainstorm both 3 or more standard and out of the box potential partners and collaborative program ideas that will bring the needed resources or results. Assume that all partners have limited financial resources. 19. GroupA: You are a childrens theater with a limited budget that needs a location and marketing help Group A Brainstorm: 1. Park Districts: partnering with park districts would offer the organization a programming location as well as advertisement in their printed publications and website 2. Community house and centers 3. Schools: schools would offer the organization space in their auditoriums while providing access to target audience 4. Martial arts school: partnering with a martial arts school would provide the theatre with a large production space while offering a unique venue to produce plays with fighting scenes to attract the interests of a subgroup of its target audience 5. Sports Teams: the theatre could provide programming during halftime and partnering with children sports teams would serve as a huge marketing machine for the theatre 6. Bookstore: the theatre could partner with bookstores and produce plays based on books 20. GroupB: You are a contemporary visual arts gallery that needs to attract more of your core audience Group B Brainstorm: 1. Banks: the gallery could collaborate with banks since art is seen as a good investment for its audience 2. High schools and Universities: to target high school and college students, the gallery could partner with colleges and schools to put on challenges, competitions, and student exhibitions to get students into the gallery and interested in contemporary art. 3.Arts organizations: the gallery could collaborate with performing arts organizations to bring in the performing arts at gallery openings to activate the space in a new way 4. Restaurant: the gallery could partner with local restaurants to cater openings 5. Neighborhood festivals: the gallery could participate in local festivals to create a sense of community and ownership 21. GroupC:You are a neighborhood center with facilities that needs to attract both performing and visual artists and an audience Group C Brainstorm: 1. Partner with arts organizations to provide space for an arts crawl 2. Chicago Artist Resource (CAR) 3. Offer their facility for performances for a small fee or at no cost 4. Put on free performances to attract audiences 1. Put on holiday, themed performances and festivals 6. Present a well-known musician or visual artist to draw audience 7. Hold contests 22. GroupD:You are a bank that wants to build its clientele through the arts organizations and their patrons in your neighborhood Group D Brainstorm: 1. The bank could sponsor programs and have a percentage of revenue going to arts funding and the development of an arts fund program 2. sponsor local art fairs and block festivals 3. sponsor artist exhibitions in restaurants 4. Develop a community save the arts saving plan. A cash back plan could be developed in which patrons can use their debit card on particular days to benefit a particular arts organization. 5. The bank could develop programs and in-service training for artists and in return the bank builds a reputation that it cares about the community and gets visibility and local cach. 23. GroupE:You are a chamber music group without a location that needs to expand its audience to a younger demographic Group E Brainstorm: 1. Coffee houses: partner with local coffee houses to perform to patrons 2. Churches 3. Partner with yoga schools to perform live at classes while reaching new audiences 4. Perform at French market and give out coupons for other performances 5. Partner with visual arts festivals to perform to a wider audience 24. 10 Minute Break 25. Real Life Collaborateurs Asad Jafri Director of Arts and Culture at the Inner-city Muslim Action Network (IMAN) Michael Orlove Senior Programs Director, Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs 26. Finding Potential Partners Putting yourself out there Trial and error Referrals Read and research Talk, talk, and more talk 27. Contact and Connect With Your alderman Your local Chamber of Commerce or other neighborhood organization Your local park, neighborhood and/or school (or school council) Area churches Area businesses 28. Join Get Involved Cultural Network (contact Maureen at [email protected] to sign up) Your discipline's service and professional organizations (local or national) League of Chicago Theaters; Arts Alliance Illinois; Audience Architects, Southside Arts and Humanities Network; Theater Communications Group, Opera America, Americans for the Arts, etc Arts & Business Council; Chicago Arts Educators Forum; Emerging Leaders Network; Chicago Latino Network; Young Nonprofit Professionals Network; GuideStar; Bronzecomm 29. Stay Up To Date Sign for eblasts from organizations, facebook or follow them on twitter Subscribe to You've Cott Mail, www.thomascott.com Check out National Arts Marketing Project & subscribe to their e-blasts, www.artsmarketing.org Check out www.chicagoartistsresource.org and sign-up for the monthly e-blasts Register on www.artsengagementexchange.org/ sign up for the eblasts 30. Check Out http://www.muckety.com/ http://news.muckety.com/2009/01/02/chicago-bi http://www.linkedin.com/nhome/ http://www.hispanicbusinessmagazine.com/ 31. Next Week Homework is on the AEE website November 9 Agenda: Using social media to collaborate The underbelly of collaborations How not to get messed up Real-life collaborateur panel