engaging students in argument

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Engaging Students in Argument Cultivating Thinkers

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Engaging Students in Argument. Cultivating Thinkers. JISFebruary2013. Wikispaces.com. Click into this site for a good share of our work – and all the handouts. Why argument?. http:// www.youtube.com / watch?v = kQFKtI6gn9Y. Argument. Genre PSA Literary analysis Commentary Reviews. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Engaging Students in Argument

Engaging Students in ArgumentCultivating ThinkersJISFebruary2013.Wikispaces.comClick into this site for a good share of our work and all the handouts.2Why argument?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQFKtI6gn9Y

ArgumentGenrePSALiterary analysisCommentaryReviews

Toulmin MethodStructuring the argument

Were using a structured approach where were shaping the thinking we want them to do and to practice. This is about mentoring thinkers. Were providing pracitce in the the thinking with the intent that what theyre learning today theyll use tomorrow. It cant be cross your fingers kids of teaching, but very intentional

Means to an end of helping students become consumers and composers of argument

A way of building learning dispositions7Teaching for transferWill they use what they learned today tomorrow?

A Read-Aloud

Oh, Yeah?!Smith, Wilhelm, Fredricksen

Practice, practice, practiceWiki: Thinking of argumentWhat do you notice?

First, go to wiki: Day 1 Thinking of ArgumentWhat do you notice?

The ScenarioAt five-feet-six and a hundred and ten pounds, Queenie Volupides was a sight to behold and to clasp. When she tore out of the house after a tiff with her husband, Arthur, she went to the country club where there was a party going on.She left the club shortly before one in the morning and invited a few friends to follow her home and have one more drink. They got to the Volupides house about ten minutes after Queenie, who met them at the door and said, Something terrible happened. Arthur slipped and fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink he still had the glass in his hand and I think hes dead. Oh, my godwhat shall I do?The autopsy conducted later concluded that Arthur had died from a wound on the head and confirmed that he had been drinking.Can we believe what Queenie says?What do you think?

Believe her or not?What do you notice?


Your turn.Study the data in Boudoir, generate a tentative claim, determine your warrants that connect the data to the claim.Whats the argument?

Claim, evidence/data, warrant?Whats up?John Keanes Fairy TalesNotice, consider a claim, test it with warrants

Unit PlanningEssential questions to guide the inquiryQuestions to sustain the conversation out of school

To what extent are people in control of their lives?

Which one speaks to you?Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control--Albert EinsteinWith every experience, you alone are painting your own canvas, thought by thought, choice by choice.-- Oprah Winfrey

Hazing ScenarioWhos guilty?Study the data: the scenarioDevelop a claimBuild a warrant that shows how the data supports the claimCounterargumentOne limitation of the traditional one-shot persuasive essay assignment is that there is little ongoing development of arguments and counterarguments surrounding writing such essays; students have no reason to explore counterarguments, because they often do not receive counterarguments from the teacher, and therefore have to reason to do so.--Newell, Beach, Smith, VanDerHeide

A writers consideration of counterargument results in higher quality essaysStructured Controversy

Zoos: A good or bad idea?

Pair UpThe One and Only IvanWhats the claim?Whats the evidence?

ZoosPro?Con?Study and prepare argumentPresentParaphraseDo it againConsensus on position statementHere we go!Take a look at the websites on the wiki.With your partner, make a claim, figure out your evidence, and clarify your warrants.Anticipate the counterarguments.Present your caseAfter youve presented your case, the opposing side needs to accurately paraphrase your position.If theyre accurate, listen to their position.You get to paraphrase their position now.Theyll decide if youre smack on or off the mark.Trade positionsThis time you and your partner will build the case for the other position.Follow same process.And nowBuild your real case. How would you answer the question about zoos being a good or a bad idea?Essential question:How can we engage students in argument? And why should we?





CONNECTION/WARRANTAnswers the questions: So what? What does that data/evidence have to say about the claim? What's the rule that connects the data to the claim?


Based on the evidence, what do I assert to be true? What's my position on a topic that is debatable and defensible?


Answers the question: What's the evidence?

RESPONSE/REBUTTALWhy does the counterargument not overcome the claim?COUNTERARGUMENTWhat might someone come back to you with?