engaging suppliers on sustainability

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JUST THE FACTS Engaging suppliers: compliance or inspiration?

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  • 1. JUST THE FACTS Engaging suppliers: compliance or inspiration?
  • 3. JUST THE FACTS What do you buy: companies or products? Vs.
  • 4. JUST THE FACTS So why do you put so much effort in measuring the sustainability of companies and so little in measuring the sustainability of products?
  • 5. JUST THE FACTS How much do you spend auditing companies?
  • 6. JUST THE FACTS How 700 questionsspend auditing companies? The much do you supplier questionnaire. Very long and boring how useful?
  • 7. JUST THE FACTS Raw InterfaceFLOR InterfaceFLOR Use & End Materials Manufacturing Transportation Maintenance of Life Most impacts outside your boundaries
  • 8. JUST THE FACTS If the impacts are here, whats the point of knowing: corporate emissions (or carbon neutrality) manufacturing impacts (and certificates) locally sourced
  • 9. JUST THE FACTS Long time ago we said: By 2020 all raw materials are non-virgin
  • 10. JUST THE FACTS Biosfera I is the combination of a) Reducing yarn to the minimum b) 100% recycled yarn
  • 11. JUST THE FACTS InterfaceFLORs bold mission for zero impact on the environment and questioning of the green credentials of its suppliers encouraged us to accelerate our own journey to sustainability. We have worked closely with InterfaceFLOR to mutually advance research and development and a key goal was to produce a viable alternative to virgin yarn, that maintains performance yet minimises Giulio Bonnazzi environmental impact. CEO of yarn supplier Aquafil
  • 12. JUST THE FACTS Places to intervene in a system (from worse to best) Constants, parameters, numbers Structure of information flow (such as subsidies, taxes, standards) (who does and does not have access to what kinds of information) The size of buffers and other stabilizing stocks, relative to their flows Rules of the system (such as incentives, punishment, constraints) Structure of material stocks and flows (such as transport network, population Power to add, change, evolve, or self-organize age structures) system structure Length of delays, relative to the rate of Goal of the system system changes Mindset or paradigm that the Strength of negative feedback loops, system its goals, structure, rules, delays, relative to the effect they are trying to parameters arises out of correct against Power to transcend paradigms Gain around driving positive feedback loops Source: Donella Meadows, 1997
  • 13. JUST THE FACTS More leverage Less leverage Inspiration Scorecard Goal of the system (LCA) Compliance Forward-looking Micro target commitments Dont use this material Reassurance of buying more if producing more Have this certification value or label
  • 14. Bold goal to inspire radical thinking
  • 15. Celebrate successes