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Engaging with KOL Online Alexandra Fulford @Pharmaguapa

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Presentation for the SMI Pharma social media conference in January 2014 about how pharma can engage with KOL and KOI online


  • 1. Engaging with KOL Online Alexandra Fulford @Pharmaguapa

2. What is a KOL and a KOI?Key Opinion Leader 2013 ZS AssociatesKey Online Influencer 2Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 3. We get value from KOLs today already . why bother with digital? 2013 ZS Associates3Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 4. The simple answer extend the reach of your message 2013 ZS Associates4Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 5. But there are other benefits such as insight generation .. 2013 ZS Associates5Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 6. and relationship building 2013 ZS Associates6Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 7. So what is in it for the KOL? 2013 ZS Associates7Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 8. The same simple answer extend the reach of their message 2013 ZS Associates8Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 9. As well as build and secure their name online as well as offline 2013 ZS Associates9Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 10. They can also use it to build relationships 2013 ZS Associates 10 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 11. Companies like Boehringer Ingelheim are starting to do this 2013 ZS Associates 11 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 12. They tweeted with a KOL around #COPD 2013 ZS Associates 12 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 13. They publicised the event through social mediaand bloggers picked up on it 2013 ZS Associates 13 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 14. They set housekeeping rules at the start of the chat 2013 ZS Associates 14 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 15. And then facilitated the discussion 2013 ZS Associates 15 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 16. The result an interesting discussion 2013 ZS Associates 16 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 17. OK .. So how? 2013 ZS Associates 17 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 18. The first step is to identify individuals to engage with 2013 ZS Associates 18 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 19. Select KOL rising stars - rather than dinosaurs Less digitally inclined Already at top of game with less to prove Will retire soon More interested in digital Looking to increase influence Future top tier KOL 2013 ZS Associates 19 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 20. Gain a better understanding of their online presence Where ? How active? What do they share?Are they active online? Where ? How often? Under what context? 2013 ZS Associates 20 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 21. At the same time identify KOI 2013 ZS Associates 21 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 22. and understand their networks and preferences 22 ZS Associates 2013 22 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 23. and listen to their needs 2013 ZS Associates 23 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 24. Categorise and allocate your selected KOL and KOIJournalists CommunicationsHCP MedicalPatients Patient advocacy CommunicationsLevel 1 Beginner Level 2 - Experienced 2013 ZS Associates 24 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 25. Set up training . 2013 ZS Associates 25 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 26. as an extension of traditional speaker training for example 2013 ZS Associates 26 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 27. And ideally together at a single physical meeting 2013 ZS Associates 27 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 28. Set clear parameters around expectations and share a vision 2013 ZS Associates 28 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 29. Provide support as needed 2013 ZS Associates 29 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 30. Develop material for your online KOL and KOI 2013 ZS Associates 30 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 31. Most importantly - invest time into the relationship 2013 ZS Associates 31 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1 32. Thank you Questions?Alexandra Fulford [email protected] @pharmaguapa 2013 ZS Associates 32 Engaging with KOL_SMI_V1