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England & the Glorious Revolution Revolutions Sweep Europe Pt 2 ( Lecture- Glorious Revolution)

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  • England & the Glorious Revolution

    Revolutions Sweep Europe Pt 2!(Lecture-Glorious Revolution)

  • Tudor Timeline1537- Henry VIII and Jane Seymore have a son -Edward VI!

    1547- Henry VIII dies and is succeeded by Edward VI!

    July 06 1553- Edward VI dies and is succeeded by Jane Seymore!

    July 19 1553- Mary Tudor becomes Queen of England (she is determined to halt the growth of Protestantism in England)$

    July 25 15540 Mary Tudor marries Philip of Spain!

    1554-1558- Mary burns Heretics against Catholicism in England (She becomes known as one of the most evil Queens in British History and is known as ‘Bloody Mary’)!

    Nov 17 1554- Mary Tudor dies and Elizabeth I becomes the Queen of England

  • Stuart TimelineAug 9 1561- Mary Stuart returns to Scotland as Queen (she is the granddaughter of Margaret Tudor-Henry 8’s sister and Catholic). Mary WAS married to Francis II of France but he died so she returned.!

    1565- Mary Stuart marries her cousin (against the wishes of Elizabeth) and they have a son, James VI of Scotland.!

    1567- Mary’s husband is murdered and she marries another and then is forced (by Scotish rebels) to abdicate and leave the Scot throne to her son.!

    1568- Mary flees to England to seek help from Elizabeth who now seriously distrusts Mary and places her under house arrest (Mary has more claims to the throne and is ’legitimate’ in the eyes of the Catholic people)!

    1569- A rebellion demanding the rule of Mary Stuart is squashed (Mary’s presence in England is very dangerous for Elizabeth)!

    1587- Mary Stuart is executed after being implicated in a plot to execute Elizabeth !

    March 24 1603- Elizabeth dies without an heir. James VI of Scotland now James I of England becomes King. James's accession meant that the three separate kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland were now united, for the first time, under a single monarch. James was the first Stuart ruler of England.

  • Elizabeth I

  • James I

    “The state of monarchy. . . is the supremest thing upon earth: for Kings are not only God’s

    lieutenants upon earth, and sit upon throne, but even by God himself they are called Gods.”

  • Begins reign in 1603

  • Puritans

  • Charles IBegins reign in 1625

  • Charles I is Executed

  • Oliver Cromwell

  • Civil War 1642-1649

    Cavaliers (Royalists)$ $ Roundheads (Parliamentarians)

    North and West England$Aristocracy$

    People who supported the monarchy$

    More rural and less prosperous$

    South and East England$Parliamentarians$


    More urban and prosperous$

  • Roundheads vs Cavaliers

  • English Civil War-Horrible Histories


  • Cromwell


  • Charles II