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    1. A/An is a writ issued by a court of justice requiring a person to appear before the court at a specified time.a. invocation

    b. order

    c. subpoena

    d. warrant

    R: C

    A/An is a written statement which is signed and sworn before a solicitor and which can then be used as evidence in court hearings.a. injunction

    b. affidavit

    c. indictment

    d. warrant

    R: B

    3. The writ ordering a person to be brought before a court or judge, so that the court may ascertain whether his detention is lawful is called . .a. certiorari

    b. Habeas Corpus

    c. capias

    d. ratio legis

    R: B

    4. The application of the writ of Habeas Corpus, also called the Great Writ:a. has never been suspended throughout United States history.

    b. has been suspended during times of war (the Civil War) and national crisis.

    c. has been suspended whenever the newly elected president of the United States so decided.

    R: B

    5. An amendment is .a. an official approval of something which then becomes legally binding.

    b. a formal proposal to be discussed and voted on in a debate or meeting.

    c. an addition, alteration or improvement to a motion or document.

    d. a decision made by a judge or magistrate.

    R: C

    A/An is a written statement of the details of the crime with which someone is charged in the Court.a. complaint

    b. allegation

    c. verdict

    d. indictment

    R: D

    7. As a general rule, with the exception of minors, mentally disordered persons and drunken persons, all natural persons have full contractual .a. intention

    b. consideration

    c. capacity

    d. acceptance

    R: C

    8. If a product .. suit is contested, the defendants response is usually to argue that the product was free of defects.

    a. industrial


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    b. palimony

    c. unreliability

    d. liability

    R: D

    9. David Frank had to pay heavy .............. to his former employer, plus additional legal costs.a. damages

    b. remedy

    c. charges

    d. damage

    R: A

    10. A .............. contract includes any contract enforceable under statutory or common law.a. good faith

    b. lawful

    c. witnessed

    d. trustworthy

    R: B

    11. The First Amendment protects the ...... of the press in the U.S. of America.

    a. emancipation

    b. deliverance

    c. release

    d. freedom

    R: D

    12. The reporter was called to testify before a ........ concerning his knowledge of the drug activities reported in his articles.a. great jury;

    b. large jury;

    c. majestic jury;

    d. grand jury.

    R: D13. An order from a higher court demanding that a lower court send up the record of a case for review is called ............ .

    a. indictment;

    b. subpoena;

    c. certiorari;

    d. Habeas Corpus.

    R: C

    14. Choose the correct legal collocation:a. to allow certiorari;

    b. to givecertiorari;

    c. to present certiorari;

    d. to grant certiorari.

    R: D.

    15. No cruel punishments shall be inflicted upon the prisoners.the verbto inflictmeR:a. to cause something painful or unpleasant to be suffered by someone else;

    b. to cause extreme physical pain to someone in order to extract information.

    c. to harm someone without any reason.

    R: A

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    16. The rights presented in the Constitution shall not be construed. the verbto construe meR:a. to comment upon the meaning of something.

    b. to misunderstand the meaning of something;

    c. to interpret the meaning of something.

    R: C.

    17. The news about the NSAs eavesdropping programs, the verb to eavesdrop meR:a. to let ones ears drop;

    b. to listen secretly to the private conversation of others;

    c. to whisper secrets to someones ear.

    R: B.

    18. The federal governmenthas vowedto prosecute, the verbto vow meR:a. to pledge, promise, or undertake solemnly;

    b. to pronounce a vowel;

    c. to take a solemn oath.

    R: A.

    19. The government must prove beyond any reasonable doubtthat, the phrase beyond any reasonable doubtmeR:a. giving someone the benefit of the doubt;

    b. beyond any suspicion of guilt;

    c. almost certain proof needed to convict a person in a criminal case.

    R: C.

    20. ...obtaining information respectingthe national defense, the word respectingmeR:a. regarding, concerning;

    b. obeying, not violating;

    c. showing or having respect for.

    R: A.

    21. To convict a person fordisclosingclassified information, the expression to discloseinformation meR:

    a. to make information known;

    b. to receive money in exchange of information;

    c. to look for more information.

    R: A

    22. The FCS willforfeitthe assets of those engaged in federal crimes. the verb to forfeitmeR:a. to sell something at a lower price;

    b. to confiscate something as a penalty for an offence, breach of contract;

    c. to destroy or damage something by an act of vandalism.

    R: B

    23. Many organizations defraudthe public and private health care systems. the verb to defraudmeR:a. to destroy or damage something especially by secret means;

    b. to legally provide or obtain funds, capital, or credit for something;

    c. to illegally obtain money, rights, property (from someone) by fraud.

    R: C.

    24. The ITADA amendedthe fraud chapter of title 18 of the United States Code , the verb to amendmeR:a. to alter or revise (legislation, a constitution, etc.) by formal procedure;

    b. to make someone pay a certain amount of money exacted as a penalty;

    c. to judge (something) with disapproval; censure.

    R: A


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    .25. Identity fraud involves the misappropriation of another person's personal identifying information, the verb to misappropriate meR:

    a. to have as one's property/to own;

    b. to appropriate for a wrong or dishonest use/to embezzle or steal smth;

    c. to give (a person) wrong directions or instructions.

    R: B

    .26. Criminals use this information to run up debts on another person's account, the expression to run up debtsmeR:

    a. to get rid of ones debts by running;

    b. to pay back ones debts;

    c. to amass/accumulate or incur debts.

    R: C.

    27. Criminals use this information to take overexisting financial accounts., the expression to take overmeR:a. to cancel the validity of / abolish;

    b. to assume the control or management of;

    c. to examine / investigate smth for accuracy.

    R: B.

    28. ...to provide an appropriate penalty for each offense, the wordpenalty meR:a. a handicap awarded against a player or team for illegal play, such as a free shot at goal by the opposing team, loss of points, etc;

    b. loss, suffering, or other unfortunate result of one's own action, error;

    c. a legal or official punishment, such as a term of imprisonment.

    R: C.

    9. In exchange forkickbacks, some patients undergo unwarranted medical procedures, the word kickbacksmeR:a. money given to a person to ensure that something is kept secret;

    b. money to be paid as compensation to a person for injury, loss, etc;

    c. money or valuables used as a bribe;

    d. illegal commission paid to someone who helps in a business deal.

    R: D.

    30. Without an indictmentfrom a grand jury, prosecutors cannot bring charges against an individual. the legal termindictmentmeR:a. acquittal;

    b. an official written statement accusing someone of a crime or an offence;

    c. an informal statement saying that someone is guilty of a crime;

    d. allegation.

    R: B.

    31. The U.S. Supreme Court agreedto hearBranzburgs cases. the verbto hearmeR:

    a. to accidentally listen to what someone is saying;

    b. to listen to what the plaintiff has to say;

    c. to listen to all the facts in a case in a court of law in order to make a legal decision.

    R: C

    32. Judge Hayes states that the freedom of the press is not above the law. the phrase to be above the law meR:a. not to have to obey the law;

    b. to obey the law;

    c. to criticize the law;

    d. to enforce the law.

    R: A.

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    33. The third lawyerrebuttedsome of the allegations contained in the notice. the verb to rebutmeR:a. to prove that the statements are wrong, offering convincing arguments;

    b. to support the statements with convincing arguments;

    c. to deny the allegations, without offering convincing arguments.

    R: A.

    34. Choose the synonymous term for the adjective counterfeit, considering the following examples: counterfeit documents/notes:a. forged

    b. embezzled

    c. illegal

    d. fraudulent

    R: A.

    35. PIN is the abbreviation of .a. Personal Identity Name;

    b. Personal Identification Number;

    c. Personal Information Number.

    R: B.

    36. Choose the English equivalent for the Latin legal phrasenolle prosequi:a. do not follow criminals: interdiction issued by the Court to police officers;

    b. do not pursue: power used by the Attorney-General to stop a criminal trial;

    c. do not release criminals from prison.

    R: B.

    37. Choose the English equivalent for the Latin legal phrasequid pro quo:a. one thing for another: action done in return for something done or promised;

    b. with the authority of /on behalf of;

    c. because of lack of care: decision wrongly made by a court (which does not therefore set a precedent).

    R: A.

    38. In the sentence: The taxpayer does not have locus standiin this court. the Latin phrase locus standimeR:

    a. place to stay: right to witness a trial in a court of law;

    b. place of the seal: used to show where to put the seal on a document;

    c. place to stand: right to appear and be heard in a court.

    R: C39. In the sentence: The same ratio legis is found in the laws of continental European countries. the Latin phrase ratio legis meR:

    a. reason for deciding: main part of a court judgment setting out the legal principles applicable to the case;

    b. reason of the law: the principle behind a law;

    c. reason of the court: the argument the court has for the final ruling in a case.

    R: B.

    40. In the sentence:A writne exeat regno can be issued to prevent the embezzler from leaving the country. the Latin phrase ne exeat regno meR:a. do not leave the country: interdiction addressed to a debtor that is being prosecuted;

    b. do not pursue: power used by the Attorney-General to stop a criminal trial;

    c. do not leave the house: interdiction addressed to an offender placed under house arrest.

    R: A.

    41. In the sentence:The secretary signedper pro the manager.the Latin phraseper pro meR:a. the person who signs at the foot of a document;

    b. with the authority of /on behalf of;


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    c. forging the signature of a superior in his/her absence.

    R: B

    42. In the sentence:For further information, see the documents listedhereunder. the text reference word hereundermeR:a. at the bottom of a document;

    b. under the signature of the person who signs the documents;

    c. under this heading or below this phrase.

    R: C.

    43. In the sentence:This case willhenceforth be known under the name of State vs. Johnson.the text reference word henceforth meR:

    a. from this time on;

    b. stated later in this document;

    c. according to this document.

    R: A

    44. In the sentence: The case proceedednotwithstandingthe objections of the defendant.the text reference word notwithstandingmeR:a. consequently;

    b. in spite of;

    c. by whatever means.

    R: B

    45. In the sentence:In criminal law, mens rea is usually one of the necessary elements of a crime.the Latin term mens rea meR:a. good will: a feeling of benevolence, approval, and kindly interest;

    b. wilful misconduct: behaviour which may harm someone and which is known to be wrong;

    c. guilty mind: mental state required to be guilty of committing a crime.

    R: C.

    46. In the sentence:He got an injunction preventing the company from selling his car.the legal term injunction meR:a. act of bringing someone to court to answer a charge;

    b. ban or written court order, telling someone not to do something;

    c. court order compelling someone to stop doing something or not to do something.

    R: C.

    47. In the sentence:If a contract isnt signed by both parties, is it legally binding?the legal term bindingmeR:a. which legally forces someone to do something;

    b. which is acceptable because it is true;

    c. which is open to negotiation.

    R: A.

    48. Amendment IV of the Constitution of the United States of America prohibits:a. the security of peoples lives, houses, papers and effects;

    b. any unauthorized searches and seizures without a valid warrant, legally issued for a specific purpose;

    c. peoples rights to offer resistance to having their houses searched without a valid warrant.

    R: B

    49. Amendment V of the Constitution of the United States of America stipulates that:a. no person shall be held responsible for a crime without the right to speak in front of the Grand Jury;

    b. no person shall be forced to answer for a crime in front of the Grand Jury;

    c. no person shall be kept in custody without an indictment of a Grand Jury.

    R: C

    50. Amendment IX of the Constitution of the United States of America says that:a. the rights stipulated in the Constitution can be interpreted and applied as everyone pleases;

    b. the rights stipulated in the Constitution shall not be misconstrued so as to undermine others that people hold dear;

    c. the rights stipulated in the Constitution can always be amended in accordance with the old ones that people treasure.

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    R: B

    51. If participants . any problems with the monitoring equipment, they must notify officers immediately.a. will experience

    b. experience

    c. experiences

    d. would experience

    R: B

    52. If the defendant has a prior criminal record, his sentence harsher.a. will be

    b. is

    c. would be

    d. should be

    R: A53. A grand jury decides if there a probable cause to indict (accuse) individuals or corporations on criminal charges based upon the evidence presented.

    a. will be

    b. has been

    c. is

    d. would be

    R: C.

    54. If a person ... that he/she has been wrongfully imprisoned, he/she . the right to challenge the legality of their confinement.a. believe, will have

    b. will believe, may have

    c. believes, may have

    d. has believed, will have

    R: C.

    55. If the writ of habeas corpus ... , the prisoner will be brought into court.a. will be issued

    b. is issued

    c. had been issued

    d. were issued

    R: B.

    56. If, after hearing both sides, the court that the grounds for the confinement are illegal, the petitioner .a. finds, is released

    b. will find, is released

    c. has found, had been released

    d. found, will be released

    R: A.

    57. If I had known what an open-ended question is, I ... my last exam.a. will pass

    b. would pass

    c. will have passed

    d. would have passed

    R: D

    .58. If you were such a good lawyer, your arguments ... in the present situation.


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    a. will hold up

    b. would hold up

    c. would held up

    d. would had held up

    R: B.

    59. If you ... the devils advocate and . some exceptions to the lawyers argument,we could have won our last case.a. have played, (have) found

    b. play, find

    c. would have played, (would have) found

    d. had played, (had) found

    R: D.

    60. If you ... journalists covering the Supreme Court, what would you write in a murder case article?a. are

    b. were

    c. had been

    d. have been

    R: B

    61. If the defendant were found guilty, the jury the appropriate sentence, a life term or death.a. will then determine

    b. would then determine

    c. might then determine

    d. would then have determined

    R: B

    62. If the sentence of death for rape ... the Eighth Amendment, the rapist may receive a life sentence.a. violates

    b. is violated

    c. will violate

    d. has violated

    R: A

    63. Judges the authority to hold journalists in contempt of court, if reporters ... to comply with an order to reveal the identity of unnamed sources.a. had, refused

    b. have, refuse

    c. have, would refuse

    d. have, will have refused

    R: B

    64. If the grand jury its proceedings in secret, requiring a journalist to reveal confidential sources would have been considered prosecutorial abuse.a. had conducted

    b. has conducted

    c. conducted

    d. would have conducted

    R: A65. If a journalists source is engaged in illegal activities and that the journalist could be required to identify him/her, the source ... hesitant to talk.

    a. knew, would be

    b. knows, will be

    c. is known, will be

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    d. will know, will be

    R: B66. If reporters . to identify their confidential sources before a grand jury, the press will not truly be free.

    a. will be forced

    b. must be forced

    c. are forced

    d. can be forced

    R: C.

    67. Unless you . things out, we shall have to go to court.a. dont work

    b. work

    c. will work

    d. wont work

    R: B.

    68. If the pedestrian ... by a policeman, the former should have made a complaint to the nearest police station.a. had been assaulted

    b. is assaulted

    c. will be assaulted

    d. is to be assaulted

    R: A.

    69. If the journalists story criminal activity, he would have reported it.a. has involved

    b. involves

    c. had involved

    d. will involve

    R: C.

    70. If a prosecutor ... a grand jury investigation in bad faith, journalists might have a right to refuse to reveal their sources.a. were conducting

    b. is conducting

    c. had been conducting

    d. will be conducting

    R: A.

    71. If the students enrolled in the Journalism class hadnt chosen eye-catching titles for their articles, nobody ........................... them.a. will read

    b. wouldnt have read

    c. has read

    d. would have read

    R: D.

    72. If the teacher ............ the articles from being published in the paper, the students wouldnt have brought suit to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District ofMissouri.a. hadnt prohibited

    b. hasnt prohibited

    c. wouldnt have brought

    d. prohibited


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    R: A.

    73. The hacker who has taken upon himself to pry about in personal e-mails will be prosecuted if they ..... hard evidence against him.a. find

    b. will find

    c. will have found

    d. finds

    R: A

    .74. Tom wouldnt have hidden the murder weapon if he ...... innocent.

    a. would have been

    b. had been

    c. has been

    d. would be

    R: B

    75. You .................. a chance to enjoy your freedom if your previous conduct had been better.a. might have had

    b. might had

    c. might had had

    d. might has

    R: A

    76. You could have served your sentence in less than three weeks if you ...... to 100 hour community work.a. have been sentenced

    b. had been sentenced

    c. would be sentenced

    d. were sentenced

    R: B

    77. ........................... if the school newspaper were written by members of an extracurricular club?a. The ruling in that case would have been different ...

    b. Would the ruling in that case have been different ...

    c. Will the ruling in that case have been different ...

    d. The ruling in that case will have been different ...

    R: B.

    78. Tom will be released to the community if the Court ............. that he is eligible for the home confinement program.a. will decide

    b. decide

    c. decides

    d. would decide

    R: C.

    79. The press cannot truly be free unless it ..... at liberty to report on stories of public interest, i.e. the drug crisis.a. is not

    b. is

    c. will be

    d. will not be

    R: B

    .80. If reporters have to identify their confidential sources before a grand jury, they ............. stories of public interest.

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    a. will not be able to publish

    b. will be able not to publish

    c. wouldnt have been able to publish

    d. would have been able not to publish

    R: A.

    81. If a reporter is forced to reveal his sources, law enforcement ............ a few criminals.a. is being able to apprehend

    b. may be to apprehend

    c. may be able to apprehend

    d. be able to apprehend

    R: C.

    82. certiorari by a higher court, it means that the justices have decided to let the lower courts decision stand.a. If is denied

    b. Unless is denied

    c. If is not denied

    d. Unless is not denied

    R: A.

    83. You had better .................... your crimes right now, when you still have a chance.a. to confess

    b. confessing

    c. confess

    d. have confessed

    R: C.

    84. I would rather .......... the rest of my life in jail than confess to a crime I did not commit.a. spend

    b. to spend

    c. spending

    d. spent

    R: A.

    85. The snitch made me .............. my rape charges, threatening me with a gun.a. to drop

    b. drop

    c. dropping

    d. to have dropped

    R: B

    86. The end justifies the means; after all, he didnt let me .......... which option was the best for my difficult situation.a. decide

    b. deciding

    c. to decide

    d. being to decide

    R: A

    87. Lets just ............. for the rest of the afternoon!a. recessing

    b. to recess


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    c. to have recessed

    d. recess

    R: D

    88. Why not ................. your case later, when we have further information.a. to discuss

    b. shall we discuss

    c. discuss

    d. discussing

    R: C.

    89. He is far too unexperienced ......... to chief justice.a. to being promoted

    b. to be promoted

    c. to has been promoted

    d. being promoted

    R: B.

    90. The police are said . on this case for many months, without any results so far.a. to be working

    b. to have been working

    c. to had worked

    d. to being working

    R: B.

    91. Though my parole officer is skilled at interviewing, counselling and assessing humanbehaviour, he doesnt appear ....... their opinion on this matter.a. sharing

    b. to share

    c. to being sharing

    d. share

    R: B

    92. Apparently, professional criminals tend ... to the scene of the crime.a. to have returned

    b. returning

    c. to be returned

    d. to return

    R: D.

    93. The Court is thought ... unjustly . him to 10 years in prison, without any possibilityof parole.a. to . sentence

    b. to have sentenced

    c. to having sentenced

    d. to being sentenced

    R: B.

    94. Several high-security measures need before hearing the witnesses.a. be taken

    b. taken

    c. to be taken

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    d. to have been taken

    R: C

    95. He recommended us ... an appeal as soon as the verdict was pronounced.a. to make

    b. making

    c. to have made

    d. make

    R: A.

    96. We are sure that he didnt mean ... perjury; he was just too afraid ... the truth.a. committing, to tell

    b. to commit, to tell

    c. to have committed, telling

    d. commit, to be telling

    R: B.

    97. They made him ... under duress, without allowing his lawyer ... present during the cross-examination.a. to speak, to be

    b. speaking, being

    c. to be speaking, to be

    d. speak, to be

    R: D

    98. I hate you but our witness seems it after all.a. to interrupt, to have made

    b. interrupting, to make

    c. to interrupting, to have made

    d. interrupt, to make

    R: A.

    99. Everybody hates ................ law expenses, especially when they have exceeded all expectations.a. to pay

    b. paying

    c. to be paid

    d. to be paying

    R: B.

    00. I look forward to ...................you in Court! We shall settle things then.a. seeing

    b. see

    c. have seen

    d. saw

    R: A.

    01. Find me a good lawyer! I dont want to risk .................. the rest of my life in jail.a. spending

    b. to spend


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    c. having spended

    d. spend

    R: A.

    02. I advised him ................. to court and accuse him of conspiracy crimes against humanity.a. to go

    b. going

    c. to going

    d. to have gone

    R: A.

    03. She decided to drop all the charges, .................... of first-degree murder.a. lest he should be accused

    b. so that he may be accused

    c. lest he should not be accused

    d. for fear he is accused

    R: A.

    04. My lawyer suggested that I ......................... online legal advice a long time ago.a. had taken

    b. should have taken

    c. could take

    d. should take

    R: B.

    05. The judge required that the bailiff ........................ the defendant, who will sit in the dock.a. shall call

    b. must call

    c. should call

    d. had called

    R: C

    06. Shall we proceed? Its no use ................ for the defence witness who has contradicted his previous testimony!a. to wait

    b. having to wait

    c. waiting

    d. wait

    R: C.

    Im sorry Your Honour, but I can t help .............. when I speak about my deceased son.

    a. crying

    b. not to cry

    c. not crying

    d. cry

    R: A.

    08. They arrived home ..................... that the house had been burgled.a. finding

    b. having found

    c. to find

    d. to have found

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    R: C.

    09. Despite ........................ jailed for drug crimes five years ago, he has just been taken into custody for the same count.a. to have been

    b. having been

    c. to being

    d. having to be

    R: B

    10. British Airways regret ........................... that the flight BA 541 from Paris has been cancelled.a. announcing

    b. having announced

    c. to announce

    d. announce

    R: C

    11. He couldnt help ...................... that the defendant showed no remorse for his actions.a. not to notice

    b. not having noticed

    c. noticing

    d. notice

    R: C12. The state judge allowed him ............... his court-appointed lawyers and represent himself at trial.

    a. to fire

    b. firing

    c. to have fired

    d. fire

    R: A.

    13. I suggest ...................... upon the case after the respondents rebuttal.a. to deliberate

    b. deliberating

    c. to be deliberating

    d. deliberate

    R: B.

    14. The judge admitted ..................... bribe from one of his defendants months before the trial.a. to take

    b. to be taking

    c. having taken

    d. having took

    R: C.

    15. He finds it hard ..................... the corrupt system of justice in this third world country.a. enduring

    b. to endure

    c. having endured

    d. for him to endure

    R: B

    16. He has been charged with ................ and malicious destruction of property and has been taken into custody.


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    a. tresapass

    b. trespassing

    c. tresspassing

    d. to trespass

    R: B.

    . The defendant admitted .. in the building at the time of the robbery, but denied ..................... the security guard.a. to have been, to have shot

    b. to be, to shoot

    c. having been, having shot

    d. to having been, having shoot

    R: C.

    18. It surprises me ................. that he has been accused of money laundering.a. hearing

    b. to have heard

    c. to hear

    d. being heard

    R: C.

    19. The solicitor advised his client .............. the affidavit which could then be used as evidence in court hearings.a. to sign

    b. to have signed

    c. signing

    d. sign

    R: A.

    20. Would you mind ................. a close-up photograph of the crime-scene before tagging each item of evidence?a. to take

    b. take

    c. being taken

    d. taking

    R: D

    21. The investigator ordered that all unauthorized persons such as newspaper reporters or television crews ..................... well away from the crime-scene.a. shall be kept

    b. will be kept

    c. should be kept

    d. being kept

    R: C.

    22. On being cross-examined, her husband strongly denied a gun at her.a. to have pointed

    b. having pointed

    c. to point

    d. being pointed

    R: B

    23. We keep . the law-makers that new laws should be instituted against public corruption.a. telling

    b. to be telling

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    c. being told

    d. having tell

    R: A24. All foreigners complain that they are not used to ... on the left side of the road.

    a. drive

    b. have to drive

    c. driving

    d. having driven

    R: C.

    25. Id rather you my prior criminal record to your parents when I ask for your hand in marriage.a. dont mention

    b. didnt mention

    c. arent mentioning

    d. wont mention

    R: B.

    26. If only you . me earlier about your previous conviction!a. inform

    b. had informed

    c. informed

    d. informing

    R: B.

    27. Even if they . willing to testify against him, the sentence would have remained the same.a. were

    b. are

    c. having been

    d. had been

    R: D.

    28. Its time they with a solution against international extradition.a. came up

    b. had come

    c. will come up

    d. should come up

    R: A.

    29. He was so anxious to leave the court room as if he ... convicted to a life-time in jail.a. has been

    b. had been

    c. were

    d. having been

    R: B.

    30. I wish the police all the witnesses under the witness protection program; now its too late for this!a. placed

    b. had placed

    c. should place

    d. to place


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    R: B.

    . Suppose you of espionage, what would you do to defend yourself?a. are accused

    b. should be accused

    c. were accused

    d. are being accused

    R: C.

    32. Its high time somebody ... him of bankruptcy fraud crimes!

    a. suspected

    b. had suspected

    c. should suspect

    d. suspect

    R: A.

    33. If only they ... more resources to taking care of their clients!a. investing

    b. have been investing

    c. should invest

    d. were investing

    R: D

    34. Suppose the court .................. you to testify against your friend, what would you do?a. summons

    b. will summon

    c. summoned

    d. should summoned

    R: C

    35. The jury would rather the defendant ................... deceptive on the polygraph test the previous week.

    a. hadnt been

    b. werent

    c. wouldnt have been

    d. having been

    R: A36. She wishes the opposing lawyer .............. to see any new evidence before deposition.

    a. isnt entitled

    b. werent entitled

    c. havent been entitled

    d. wont be entitled

    R: B.

    37. If we . more about the verdict, we would be ready to have a press release.a. might know

    b. know

    c. will know

    d. knew

    R: D.

    38. Imagine your first witness not to testify in the last minute, what would you do next?

    a. decide

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    b. decided

    c. has decided

    d. having decided

    R: B.

    39. I wish you . to terms with the global financial crisis!a. come

    b. are coming

    c. came

    d. have come

    R: C

    40. The defendants wife wishes the prosecutors ............. for a sentence on the high end two days ago.a. wont ask

    b. dont ask

    c. didnt ask

    d. hadnt asked

    R: D.

    41. Suppose there ............ the possibility of parole in the federal system, would any defense attorney ask for leniency?a. is

    b. were

    c. has been

    d. being

    R: B

    42. If only the police officers on what grounds he had been arrested!a. have mentioned

    b. mention

    c. will mention

    d. had mentioned

    R: D.

    43. Theyd sooner she a way to deal with her present situation on her own.a. found

    b. finds

    c. founded

    d. has found

    R: A

    .44. If only they something to reduce the increasing number of identity thefts.

    a. did

    b. do

    c. will do

    d. have done

    R: A

    45. Id rather she . the rest of her life in jail than sell drugs for a living.a. spends

    b. spent

    c. will spend


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    d. has spent

    R: B

    46. Suppose you ........................ by the prosecutors office that you are charged with a misdemeanor, would you contact an attorney?a. will be notified

    b. were notified

    c. were notifying

    d. may be notified

    R: B

    47. If only the defendant .................. clean to the judge about his involvement in the sexual assault of that teenage girl!a. had come

    b. will come

    c. is going to come

    d. comes

    R: A48. Unfortunately, the poacher ended up .................... with six counts of possessing unlicensed guns.

    a. to have been charged

    b. to be charged

    c. being charged

    d. to being charged

    R: C.

    49. The famous pitcher was charged with ................ to possess cocaine with the intent to distribute it.a. conspiration

    b. conspiring

    c. conspire

    d. being conspired

    R: B.

    50. In Georgia prisoners and detainees are used to ............ tortured and abused by police and security forces.a. be

    b. have been

    c. having

    d. being

    R: D.

    51. It is vital that the defendant . the benefit of the doubt.a. be given

    b. can be given

    c. should be give

    d. is given

    R: A.

    52. The judge insisted that the verdict before the Court adjourns for lunch.a. should be pronounced

    b. being pronounced

    c. be pronouncing

    d. will be pronounced

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    R: A.

    53. The judge ordered that the court proceedings ................for an hour.a. may be adjourned

    b. should be adjourned

    c. can be adjourned

    d. might be adjourned

    R: B.

    54. The magistrate decided that the woman ..................immediately.

    a. should be released

    b. could have being released

    c. might release

    d. is released

    R: A.

    55. Under no circumstances will I disclose the name of my sources! Heaven . !a. forbids

    b. forbid

    c. forbade

    d. will forbid

    R: B

    56. it to say that she is terribly sorry for what she did.a. Sufficient

    b. Suffice

    c. Suffices

    d. Sufficed

    R: B.

    57. . what may, I shall not drop the charges against him!a. Comes

    b. Coming

    c. Come

    d. To come

    R: C

    58. It was out of the ordinary that the judge the lawyers representing the plaintiff and respectively the respondent to argue their cases in parallel.a. should be asking

    b. has asked

    c. should have asked

    d. to have asked

    R: C

    59. The members of the commission expressed a desire that the participants in an hour.a. reconvened

    b. to reconvene

    c. might reconvene

    d. should reconvene

    R: D60. The investigators suggestion is that we .matters more seriously and cordon off the crime-scene.

    a. took


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    b. taking

    c. should take

    d. would take

    R: C.

    61. I didnt dare tell the truth lest I . arrested for conspiracy crimes.a. should be

    b. were

    c. shouldnt be

    d. will be

    R: A.

    62. He began to be worried lest they ............ him of mortgage fraud crimes during their deliberations.a. may accuse

    b. should have accused

    c. shall have accused

    d. accused

    R: B.

    63. It is demanded that the Council . common rules applicable to international transport.a. laid down

    b. lay down

    c. should laid down

    d. lays down

    R: B.

    64. The defendant first contacted the plaintiff by telephone on 20th of March, 2009 and the former demanded that he ................ $ 1000.00 immediately.a. should have be given

    b. has been given

    c. be given

    d. may be given

    R: C.

    65. The police officer decided that the pimp .. his lawyer the minute he was arrested.a. be called

    b. shall have called

    c. has called

    d. should have called

    R: D.

    66. The protesters urged that the defendant . on bail, even if he had been arrested on charges of assault on his wife.a. will be released

    b. would be release

    c. being released

    d. be released

    R: D.

    67. It was unbelievable that he . the same cell with the most dangerous inmate, in a high-security prison.a. shall have shared

    b. should have shared

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    c. having shared

    d. shares

    R: B.

    68. Wherever you . , I shall protect you against your enemies!a. have gone

    b. may go

    c. will be going

    d. are going

    R: B

    69. However difficult this problem , I will solve it in a minute!a. shall be

    b. will be

    c. may be

    d. be

    R: C

    70. . you do justice and issue many stay-away orders for violent ex-husbands!a. Should

    b. Shall

    c. Might

    d. May

    R: D

    71. Her supporters, who had occupied most of the rows in the packed courtroom were worried lest she a prison sentence.a. receives

    b. should receive

    c. may receive

    d. received

    R: B72. Far ..... it from me to make any allegations before having some items of evidence.

    a. away is

    b. is

    c. should be

    d. be

    R: D.

    73. I dont know how you can ....... such an unbearable situation.a. put by with

    b. put up of

    c. put up with

    R: C.

    74. The pro bono lawsuit filed against the state ........... an increase in the judges salaries.a. brought in

    b. brought around

    c. brought about

    R: C.

    75. I guess the printer in the layers office has either run ... paper or has broken .

    a. away with, .. .. down


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    b. out of, .... down

    c. off with, .... off

    R: B.

    76. Several law firms have decided to lay . employees and call ... all medical malpractice cases.a. off, ... off

    b. out, ... off

    c. up, ... down

    R: A

    . You have to learn how to ... if you are suffering from high stress levels.a. draw back

    b. wind down

    c. hold up

    R: B.

    78. My lawyer can bear . the truth of my story with substantial evidence.a. in

    b. away

    c. out

    R: C.

    79. At the crime scene, they tried to bring the unconscious woman ... but without any success.a. round

    b. up

    c. over

    R: A.

    80. Despite all difficulty, he finally managed to carry the orders he had been given.a. about

    b. off

    c. out

    R: C.

    81. His joke caught . right away and the members of the jury were very excited.a. on

    b. through

    c. out

    R: A.

    82. The high crime rate in this American state . urgent measures.a. brings about

    b. lays down

    c. calls for

    R: C.

    83. If nobody comes . a solution soon, we shall be held responsible for planting evidencein his car.a. up with

    b. in with

    c. out with

    R: A

    .84. If you dont know the police emergency phone number, you could look it ... in the phone directory.

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    a. into

    b. on

    c. up

    R: C.

    85. Our law firm will be taken . by the Lawyers Corporation.a. in

    b. out

    c. over

    R: C.

    86. Now it would be a good time for us to bring the matter of child support in Romania.a. in

    b. up

    c. out

    R: B.

    87. I have a very urgent message. Could you put me . to Mr. Leigh, please?a. through

    b. off

    c. up

    R: A.

    88. He put his failure in Court pure bad luck, but still hoped for the best.a. up to

    b. down to

    c. back to

    R: B

    . I must admit it was hard for me not to give ... to his threats.a. away

    b. out

    c. in

    R: C.

    90. We cant rule... this argument in the final hearing.a. out

    b. off

    c. down

    R: A.

    91. Our plan to call the witness for the defence fell . due to a miscarriage of justice.a. about

    b. away

    c. through

    R: C.

    92. You are wearing me with your annoying allegations!a. in

    b. out

    c. over


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    R: B

    93. Everybody considered that the judge had a reason to let him ... like that.a. off

    b. on

    c. away

    R: A.

    94. Why dont you put your claim to be granted the right to a fair and speedy trial?a. over

    b. out

    c. forward

    R: C.

    95. Your Honour, I can stand the defendant! I demand to be heard!a. in for

    b. up for

    c. down to

    R: B

    96. Your skillful lawyer will talk him testifying before the jury.

    a. into

    b. about

    c. against

    R: A

    97. The matter was so delicate, that the judge had to think it ...... before announcing the verdict.a. up

    b. over

    c. out

    R: B

    98. The judge could no longer put ......... his holding the court in contempt.a. off with

    b. down to

    c. up with

    R: C99. I think you are entitled to put .... a claim and ask the insurance company to pay for the damage.

    a. off

    b. in

    c. into

    R: B

    200. How can a young, unexperienced lawyer keep ................. with the latest laws and regulations?a. up-to-date

    b. down-to-earth

    c. high and dry

    R: A

    201. Se face Branzburg vinovat de sfidare a curtii prin faptul ca a refuzat sa dezvaluie identitatea surselor sale?a. Is Branzburg guilty to contempt the court by refusing to reveal his sourcess identity?

    b. Is Branzburg guilty of contempt of court by refusing to reveal the identity of his sources?

    c. Is Branzburg guilty for holding the court in contempt by refusing not to reveal the identity of his sources?

    R: B

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    202. Libertatea presei nu poate asigura protejarea surselor confidentiale ale jurnalistilor.a. Freedom of the press cannot guarantee the protection of the journalists confidential sources.

    b. Press freedom cant guarantee protecting the confidential sources of the journalists.

    c. Freedom of the press cannot insure the protection of the confidential sources of the journalists.

    R: A

    203. Daca procurorii ar comite abuzuri, ar fi pedepsiti in mod corespunzator?a. If the prosecutors commited abuses, should they be punished consequently?

    b. If the prosecutors commit abuses, will they be punished as deserved?

    c. If the prosecutors committed abuses, would they be punished accordingly?

    R: C

    204. Daca un jurnalist alege sa fie fidel sursei sale, aceasta inseamna neaparat ca el incalca legea?a. If a journalist chooses to be loyal to his source, does this necessarily mean that he breaks the law?

    b. If a journalist chose to be loyal to his source, does this necessarily means that he breaks the law?

    c. If a journalist will choose to be loyal to his source, does this necessarily mean that he is breaking the law?

    R: A

    205. Daca ati fi jurnalist, ati alege sa protejati libertatea presei sau sa serviti justitia?a. If you are a journalist, will you choose to protect the freedom of the press or serve justice?

    b. If you were a journalist, would you choose to protect the freedom of the press or serve justice?

    c. Had you been a journalist, would you have chosen to protect the freedom of the press or serve justice?

    R: B

    206. Cererea de Habeas Corpus permite persoanelor care au fost inchise pe nedrept sa conteste legalitatea inchiderii lor.a. The writ of Habeas Corpus allows persons who have been unjustly imprisoned to challenge the legality of their confinements.

    b. The application for Habeas Corpus permits persons who were unjustly imprisoned to contest the legality of their confinements.

    c. The Habeas Corpus petition enables persons who are unjustly jailed to protest against the legality of their confinements.

    R: A

    207. Mi-as dori ca el sa nu fi fost condamnat pentru detinere ilegala de informatii clasificate.a. I wish he hasnt been convicted for the illegal holding of classifyed information.

    b. I wish he hadnt been convicted of unlawful possession of classified information.

    c. I wish he wasnt convicted for the unlawfully possession of classified information.

    R: B

    208. As prefera ca tu sa nu fi anchetat pentru incalcarea grava a securitatii nationale.a. I would rather you werent prosecuted for grave national security violations.

    b. I had rather you didnt be prosecuted for violating the grave national security.

    c. I would rather prefer you wouldnt be investigated for grave violations of national security.

    R: A

    209. Daca as fi in locul tau, n-as folosi aceasta informatie pentru a prejudicia Statele Unite.a. If I were in your shoes, I wont use this information to the prejudice of the United States.

    b. If I am you, I wont use this information to the detriment of the United States.

    c. If I were you, I wouldnt use this information to the prejudice of the United States.

    R: C

    210. Este imperativ ca aceasta frauda financiara sa fie investigata imediat.a. Its imperative that this financial fraud should be investigated immediately.

    b. Its imperative that this financial fraud is being investigated immediately.

    c. Its imperative that this financial fraud be investigate immediately.


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    R: A

    211. Una dintre cele mai comune metode de furt de identitate este furtul numarului cardului de credit sau al PIN-ului.a. One of the commonest methods of identity stealing is the theft of credit cards numbers or Personal Identification Numbers.

    b. One of the most common methods of identity theft is the theft of credit card numbers or Personal Identification Numbers.

    c. One of the most common methods of identitys theft is the theft of the credit cards numbers or Personal Identity Numbers.

    R: B

    212. Mi-as dori sa stiu care sunt punctele slabe ale sistemului social de securitate care fac posibile infractiunile de furt de identitate.a. I want to know what are the soft points of the social security system that makes identity theft crimes possible.

    b. I wish I knew which are the weak points of the social security system that make identity theft crimes possible.

    c. I wish to have known which the weak points of the social security system are to make possible identity theft crimes.

    R: B13. Daca el ar fi fost acuzat de frauda in cadrul sistemului medical, ar fi putut primi o sentinta cu inchisoare pe viata?

    a. If he had been charged with a health care fraud, could he have received a life sentence?

    b. If he has been charged with a health care fraud, could he has received a sentence for life?

    c. Had he been accused of a health care fraud, could he received a life sentence?

    R: A

    214. Daca un pacient sufera o lezare corporala grava ca urmare a unei fraude medicale, cine va fi facut responsabil pentru acest lucru?a. If a pacient will suffer a grave body injury as result of a medical fraud, who will be made responsible for this?

    b. If a patient is sufferring a seriously body injury as result of a medical fraud, who will be responsible for this?

    c. If a patient suffers a serious bodily injury as a result of a medical fraud, who will be held responsible for this?

    R: C

    215. Asa sa fie! Fie ca cel mai bun dintre noi sa castige acest caz!a. Let it be! Be the best of us who may win this case!

    b. So be it! May the best of us win this case!

    c. Let there be it! May the best of us to win this case!

    R: B

    216. Nu ma pot obisnui sa traiesc in inchisoare! La naiba cu inchisorile!

    a. I cant get used to live in jail! The hell with jails!

    b. I cant be used to live in jail! May the jails be damned!

    c. I cant get used to living in prison! Damn the prisons!

    R: C

    217. Sub nici o forma nu voi depune marturie impotriva prietenului meu! Doamne fereste!a. No way I will testify against my buddy! Heaven forbids!

    b. Under any circumstances, I wont testify against my friend! God forbids me!

    c. Under no circumstances will I testify against my friend! Heaven forbid!

    R: C

    218. Nu merita discutat acest caz, atata timp cat nu avem dovezi.a. Its not worth discussing this case, as long as we have no evidence.

    b. Its not worth to discuss this case since we dont have any evidence.

    c. Its not worth discussing this case, as long as we dont have no evidence.

    R: A

    219. Ca procuror, nu suport sa mi se spuna ca, fara o punere sub acuzare din partea marelui juriu, nu pot face nimic in acest caz.a. As prosecutor, I cant bear to be told that, without an accusation from a grand jury, I cant do much in this case.

    b. As a prosecutor, I cant stand being told that, without an indictment from a grand jury, I can do nothing in this case.

    c. As a prosecutor, I cant support being told that, without an infringement from a grand jury, I cant do nothing in this case.

    R: B

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    220. Poate ca ar trebui sa te mai gandesti, inainte de a hotari sa contramandezi intalnirea cu actionarii.a. Maybe you should think it through before you decide to put off the meeting with the shareholders.

    b. Maybe you should think it on before you decide to cancel off the meeting with the shareholders.

    c. Maybe you should think it over before you decide to call off the meeting with the shareholders.

    R: C

    221. Cum ti-a venit in minte aceasta pledoarie neobisnuita? De fapt, nu m-ai dezamagit niciodata.a. How did you come out with this strange plea? Actually, you have never let down on me.

    b. How have you come up with this unusual plea? In fact, you have never let me down.

    c. How has this peculiar plea came up to you? As a matter of fact, you havent ever let me down.

    R: B

    222. Contabilul care a promis sa ne ajute sa reducem bugetul n-a mai aparut pana la urma.a. The financial adviser who promised to help us cut off the budget didnt come up eventually.

    b. The bookkeeper who promised to assist us in cutting out the budget didnt make it after all.

    c. The accountant who promised to help us cut down the budget didnt turn up after all.

    R: C

    223. Desi el a trecut prin multe in ultima vreme, nu cred ca se va ridica vreodata la nivelul asteptarilor ei.a. Even if he has passed through a lot in the last time, I dont think he will ever rise up to her expectations.

    b. Though he has gone through a lot lately, I dont think he will ever come up to her expectations.

    c. Though he has been through a lot lately, I dont think ever will he raise up to her level of expectations.

    R: B

    224. Nu-i mai pot tolera comportamentul! Ma epuizeaza cu intrebarile lui sacaitoare!a. I can no longer put up with his behaviour! He is wearing me out with his nagging questions!

    b. I cant bear up with his behaviour any longer! He is wearing me in with his annoying questions!

    c. I can no longer stand up with his behaviour! He is wearing me through with his troublesome questions!

    R: A

    25.Intr-o anumita masura, esecul tau ca avocat poate fi pus pe seama lipsei tale de experienta.

    a. To a certain degree, your unsuccess as lawyer can be put on your lack of experience.

    b. To a certain extent, your failure as a lawyer may be put down to your lack of experience.

    c. Up to a point, your failing as a lawyer may be put down on your loss of experience.

    R: B

    226. The defendant denied having pointed the gun at her.the words underlined form:a. a Perfect Subjunctive

    b. a Perfect Gerund

    c. a Perfect Infinitive

    R: B

    227. The judge ruled that the jury should withdraw to deliberate upon the verdict.the words underlined form:a. a Perfect Subjunctive

    b. a Gerund

    c. an Analytic Subjunctive

    R: C

    228. Yesterday, my parole officer pretended to have forgotten his car keys in my apartment. the words underlined form:a. a Perfect Infinitive

    b. a Perfect Gerund

    c. a Perfect Subjunctive

    R: A


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    229. Choose the corresponding if clause that best completes the following main clause:He will be released to the community .....a. if he accepts the home confinement program.

    b. if he accepted the house confinement program.

    c. if he will accept the home confinement program.

    R: A

    230. Choose the corresponding if clause that best completes the following main clause:He wouldnt have appeared before the clerk of the court ....a. if he hasnt been summoned.

    b. if he hadnt been summoned.

    c. if he wasnt summoned.

    R: B

    231. Choose the corresponding if clause that best completes the following main clause:You wouldnt have had to make any accusations against your wife ...a. if you invoked irreconcilable differences as the grounds for your divorce.

    b. if you would have invoked irreconcilable differences as the grounds for your divorce.

    c. if you had invoked irreconcilable differences as the grounds for your divorce.

    R: C

    232. Choose the corresponding main clause that best completes the following if clause:If I were accused of medical malpractice, ....a. I would definitely have fought for my rights.

    b. I would definitely fight for my rights.

    c. I will definitely have fought for my rights.

    R: B

    233. Choose the corresponding if clause that best completes the following main clause:........, he/she may stand a chance to be a member of a jury.a. If an individual will meet the legal qualifications for federal jury service

    b. If an individual had met the legal qualifications for federal jury service

    c. If an individual meets the legal qualifications for federal jury service

    R: C

    234. I would rather you ............... the person who reported the crime for questioning.a. detain

    b. will detain

    c. detaining

    d. detained

    R: D

    235. She wishes her lawyer .............. more time to review her deposition but he seems to be very busy.a. will find

    b. finds

    c. found

    d. has found

    R: C

    236. Imagine you ........ the parent of a child and woke up to find your child missing!a. are

    b. were

    c. will be

    d. would be

    R: B

    237. If the commission ........... against the motion, a new delegation would have to be sent to London next week.

  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    a. voted

    b. votes

    c. will have voted

    d. should have voted

    R: A

    238. Who urges the Government ............ the necessary measures to amend the Romanian Penal Code?a. take

    b. taking

    c. to take

    d. to have taken

    R: C

    239. If the plaintiff had submitted all his claims on time, the court ........................ them in full session.a. had discussed

    b. has to discuss

    c. would have discussed

    d. will have discussed

    R: C240. If only the Secretary of State ........................ the ratification of the new amendment before last December!

    a. had certified

    b. certified

    c. had certifyed

    d. would have certified

    R: A

    241. If the authorities ............... second thoughts about reopening the serial killer case, the situation would have been different.a. hasnt had

    b. didnt have

    c. hadnt had

    d. wouldnt have had

    R: C

    242. The PM demanded that the spokesman ......................... his offending remark immediately.a. had withdrawn

    b. should withdraw

    c. withdrawing

    d. to withdraw

    R: B

    243. It was important that he ........................... himself on the case, before deciding to represent his client.a. has informed

    b. should have informed

    c. may have informed

    d. informed

    R: B

    244. I have neither the time nor the courage to go into this controversial homicide.a. to solve

    b. to analyse


  • 8/2/2019 Engleza anul 2 drept


    c. to investigate

    d. to comprehend

    R: C

    245. You shouldnt cut outany detail related to the documentation of a crime scene!a. eliminate

    b. disregard

    c. ignore

    d. omit

    R: D

    . Do you have other reasons to look up to him apart from his inborn talent of being a keen observer?a. to worship

    b. to follow

    c. to respect

    d. to watch

    R: C

    247. Finding more evidence will definitely narrow down our list of suspects.a. reduce the number of possibilities or choices

    b. exclude everything

    c. increase the number of possibilities or choices

    d. make less important

    R: A

    248. As a crime scene investigator you may run up againstmany unexpected circumstances.a. compete with

    b. encounter difficulties

    c. overcome dificulties

    d. avoid difficulties

    R: B

    249. These twins look so alike that I can tellthem apartonly when they stand side by side.a. admire

    b. recognize

    c. spot

    d. distinguish

    R: D

    250. After you have gone through all the documentation of the crime scene, we may present it in court.

    a. review something superficially

    b. examine something systematically

    c. investigate something step by step

    d. draw up legal papers

    R: B