enigmatic and wonderful krasnoyarsk

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  • 1. E nigmaticand wonderful Krasnojarsk Project by Shushenacheva Olga

2. Krasnojarsk

  • The city ofbridge s
  • Theorthodoxcity
  • The city of museums
  • The city-reserve
  • The city of monuments

3. The city ofbridge s

  • In Krasnojarsk there are over five bridges.Pedestrian Bridge , Municipal Bridge, Arc de Triomphe, Railway Bridge, October Bridge.

4. 5. 6. 7. Theorthodoxcity

  • A lot of orthodox monuments were built before October revolution. And now some of themremain ed. Such as Pokrova Church, Blagoveshchenski Cathedral, Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel.

8. 9. 10. The city of museums

  • There are many significant interesting museums in Krasnojarsk. The most popular of them are Krasnojarsk regionlocal history museum , Krasnojarsk museum centre, Surikov Krasnojarsk Artistic museum, A rchitectChernyshevestate , Astafev estate-museum.

11. The city-reserve

  • Thegemof Siberian nature is unique and marvellous nature reserve Krasnoyarsk Stolby whichstretch edout along rightbank ofYenisei .

12. 13. The city of monuments

  • Krasnojarsk has a lot ofdiverseadmirable statues and memorial plates which created in significant events, animals and famous, influential people.

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  • At present Krasnojarsk is town offountain s, sculptures are made of green plants, numeruospublic garden s, multiplexmovie theater s and entertaining centeres.