enterpreneurship chapter 7

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  • 1.BusinessSupport System Types Of Business Support

2. Personal Funds Family Funds Bank And Other Financial Institutions 3. Sole Ownership Business In general, sole proprietorships are businesses run by individuals. In other words, sole proprietorship (or a single business called only) fully owned by individuals. Thus, individuals who have a business has absolute authority to control the operation of its business. For this reason, the owners liability is limited 4. The Business Partnership Business partnership (or partnership referred to only) is a business owned and controlled jointly by all partners. Minimum number of partners is two and maximum is 20 people. However, if the partnership is formed by a practitioner of a profession such as private clinics, accountants, legal practitioners and others, the maximum number of partners is not limited. Same as sole proprietorship, a partnership of business does not limit the liability of owners of all partners 5. MARKETING Marketing is a social and administrative functions are intended to create, develop and retain customers in an economic activity or exchange of goods and services. Marketing aims to identify and meet the needs of users in activities to maintain profitability. Marketing such products and services today can be carried out in various ways. 6. Banks are institutions that act as financial intermediaries (financial intermediary) between the party funds, as well as the institutions that serve to expedite the payment of traffic. 7. LOCATION -Employees frequently need to connect to the network from multiple locations, such as their homes, Internet cafs, hotels, and the office. Different locations may have different security needs. -You can create locations and assign a separate security policy to different locations based on the following criteria: The type of network connection, such as wireless, Ethernet, or VPN. -The location of the connection. You may want to add several locations that reflect the following kinds of connections: Wireless connections inside the office. Non-wireless connections inside the office. Connections from remote corporate locations outside of the office.-VPN connections from outside of the office. 8. 1. (CHARACTER) These characters must convince the bank of character as seen by the bank is the borrower has a credit record Last good and convincing the bank. 2. (CAPACITY) -the confidence in the ability of borrowers to banks generate sufficient cash flow to pay back loans made. 3. (CAPITAL) Paid-in capital invested is a joint venture by borrowers. 4. (CONDITIONS) Kedudukkan industry and economic conditions while also influence the decisions of banks to grant loans.5. (COLLATERAL). Backup / Mortgage-back amount is dependent on number of loans made The matters reviewed by the bank before approving loans is 5C. 9. A. And Financial Assistance Agencies 1. MINISTRY OF ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT 2. DEVELOPMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE BANK MALAYSIA BERHAD -financing of fixed assets working-capital financing special fund for tourismbasis-capital scheme for small and simple Islamic banking schemes 3. CREDICT GUARENTED MALAYSIAN CORPORATION LIMITED 4. MAJLIS AMANAH RAKYAT 10. B.Agencies Are Responsible For Providing Facilities Infrastructure. - Mara - Bank Pembangunan Malaysia. - Urban Development. - MIEL - State Development Corporation Masing Masing - Local Government 11. -Besta Distributors -FAMA -Pernas Edar Sdn -Guthrie Furniture Sdn Karyaneka Ministry -Overseas Development City. 12. Financial Technical Management of entrepreneur training Advisory service Location Marketing Research and development information 13. Capital is a form of goods or currency.Capital can also be defined as the initial product to produce a product that we wanted. 14. 1. 2.There are two types of capital are as follows: Internal Resources External Resources 15. Internal source or sources of funds created or produced in the company itself is retained earnings and depreciation. 1. Retained earnings - is the net profit in the store to be accumulated in a business after dividends are paid. Also called undistributed earnings or earned surplus. 16. 2. Depreciation - It is an active number can be reduced over timedetetapkan benefits. Depre ciation for the periodare charged to revenue account either directly or indirectly. 17. Capital from external sources is coming from sources outside the company. The reasoncompanies use external funding sources are: 1. Total funds used is not limited. 2. Can find from various sources. 3. To be flexible. 18. Foreign capital 1. short-term debt 2. Intermediate-term debt 3. Long-term debt 19. Theperiod is one year Example: 1. Rerening newspapers 2. Credit sellers 3. The buyer's credit 4. Credit notes 20. Theperiod of more than one year and less than10 years. 1. Term loan -credit operations with more than a year old andless than 10 years. Payment by installments. 2. Leasing -borrow without meng'hakmilik '. -agreement on a contract basis. 21. Age or duration of more than 10years.1.Loan Bonds (Bonds-payables) Ordinary bonds (bonds) Revenue bonds (bond income) The bonds are convertible 2. Mortgage Loan (Mortgage) 22. MANAGEMENT OF INTREPRENEURIAL TRAINING Management comprises directing and controlling a group consisting of one or more persons or entities to coordinate and harmonize the goal is to achieve a goal. It often includes the use of human resources, finance, and technology, as well as natural resources. Management can also refer to a person or group of persons who exercise managerial functions.