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Enterpreneurship Club, HBTI Kanpur


  • 1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP-CLUB HBTI Sparking ideas to the road of entrepreneurship. PRESENTED BY: SURAJ PRATAP DWIVEDI III B.TECH CH
  • 2. Other ecell Ngo
  • 3. Snapshot Few entrepreneurs of speakers comptetion in iit k , antaragni indian silicon valley bangalore
  • 4. OUR VISION Providing platform to those young entrepreneurs who have startup ideas but dont have adequate resources or investors. We believe that entrepreneurship is the key that can unlock India's latent inventive potential. Developing skills regarding entrepreneurship so that everyone becomes capable of competing at national and international level. Familiarizing everyone with the environment of Enterprises and corporate world. With this belief The Entrepreneurship Club, HBTI Kanpur targets to help in the development of India's entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling easy and efficient interaction between it's major components spanning students and working professionals.
  • 5. Current Status We are trying to make aware students of our college about Entrepreneurship and its long term benefits. In this process we have successfully delivered a Presentation on Basics of Entrepreneurship.
  • 6. Current Status Conducted a group discussion on ENTREPRENEURSHIP vs. JOB. Currently involved in channelizing a solution to a prominent social problem in college and surrounding and giving a entrepreneurial way to solve this. A group of students of our college from 2nd year are representing our college in national level Entrepreneurship Competitions in NITs,IITs & IIMs.
  • 7. Activities Under the E-Club B-PLAN COMPETITIONS : business plan competitions are nowadays a key criteria for assessment of a students creative and business mind. Participating in Competitions at national and international levels will enhance the technical skills of every young Entrepreneur.
  • 8. Activities Under the E-Club GROUP DISCUSSION: Regular sessions of Group Discussions on topics related to Entrepreneurship and upcoming advancements, will not only boost the GD skills among students but also play a vital role in overall personality development.
  • 9. Activities Under the E-Club PRESENTATIONS: presenting yourself on different platforms is utmost important in this time .Grooming up the presentation skills with the idea of Entrepreneurship in mind will help everyone in the corporate environment.
  • 11. FOCUSSING ON SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Tackling Social and Environmental issues with a much more logical and efficient Entrepreneurial skill will pave a wave towards societies development. Social Issues may include : Habitation of cattle roaming on road. Environmental issues can include : Efficient use of consumption resources like water,paper,land and entrepreneurial ways to conserve them
  • 12. SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS FROM H.B.T.I KANPUR MR. DINESH AGARWAL Alumni HBTI ,Kanpur E-commerce Start-up: Indiamart.com In 1996, armed with Rs 40,000, Agarwal began Indiamart, a B2B portal from his home in Delhi with a team of just three people. It was an online marketplace, for buyers and sellers to communicate and transact with each other, and the objective was "to open the doors of the global economy for our small exporters and importers". IndiaMART.com also nominated among top 3 at Emerging India Awards '08. In its successive fourth year, India's biggest initiative for Small and Medium Enterprises Sector, 'Emerging India Awards 2008' creates a global mark with its theme 'Think Global Go Global'.
  • 13. MR. PRAVIN GUPTA Alumni HBTI ,Kanpur Founder and CEO: Creden Tek softwares and consultancy Received Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute in 1993. Subsequently, joined Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore for Masters in Engineering. Creden Tek designs, develops and delivers IT enabled business solutions to companies across the globe. Creden Tek also provides consultancy services by leveraging the rich domain experts.
  • 15. Looking Ahead Entrepreneurship will give students of engineering colleges to implement their technical skills to create jobs and enhance the overall development of society. We will organize competitions in city as well as state level so as students become aware of the latest developments in the field and capable of participating at national level competitions. Students with an experience of making their B-Plans and executing them can stand confidently in this competing world .
  • 16. Dependencies and Resources NGOs E-CLUB Sponsorship & Funds Business analysts internship Remote Teams of other colleges Platform and Investors for Startups
  • 17. The formation of this Club would prove to be a milestone in the development of colleges environment as well as nurturing young Entrepreneurs talents.