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2. PRESENTED BY __________(ASST. PROF.of extension) ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT __________________________ __________________________ __________________________ 3. INDEX DEFINATION CONCEPT OF ENTERPRENEURSHIP PROCESS OF ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT MOTIVATION AND ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES (EDPs) FUNCTION OF THE EDP 4. DEFINATION Enterprenuarship is the practice of starting new organizations, perticularly new business generally in response to defined opportunities. 5. CONCEPT OF ENTERPRENEURSHIP BAHAL IN (2008) 1) Entreprineurship Is the process of comprising the following component. A) IDENTIFICATION B) EVALUATION C) EXPLOTATIONOF OPPERTUNITIES 2) The management of new transfar org. so as to facilate production & marketing of new goods and services . 3) The creation of new ideas . 6. PROCESS OF ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT Enterprineurship Is a process comprising of several distinct stages .This process may be in the form of the following stages . 1. Use of new methods of production 2. opening of new market 3. opening of new channel 4. forming a new form of organisation to function efficinetly 7. MOTIVATIOn & ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT INTERNAL FACTOR 1) Educational background 2) Occupational experience 3) Desire to work independently 4) Desire to branch out to manufacturing 5) Family background 8. EXTERNAL FACTOR 1) Assistance from government 2) Assistance from financial institutions 3) Availability of technology 4) Other factors of production 9. ENTERPRENEURSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES (EDP) The first enterpreneural development programme was started by STATE BANK OF INDIA IN (1978 ).The EDP consist of three distinct phases 1. Initiation phase 2. Develoment phase 3. Support phase The following schemes initiated under EDP 1 Entrepreneur scheme 2 Equity fund scheme 3 Special capital scheme 10. FUNCTION OF THE EDP Provide information Training of entrepreneur Financial assistance Rules & regulation Follow up support Selection of entrepreneurs Training input Sponsoring of technical consultancy org. Preparation of directory Co-ordination 11. THANK YOU