entrepreneurial leadership - some thoughts and tips

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A presentation to help you introduce some entrepreneurial thinking into your senior management team. Suitable for public sector organisations or stale & complex corporates who want to be more agile in how they do things. Suitable for old school leaders or prospective leaders. Suitable for 3rd sector teams rolling out ambitious community projects.


  • 1. Thoughts about entrepreneurial leadership London Borough of Lambeth 12 February 2014
  • 2. A bit about Learning Pool Started life as an IDeA innovation project Became a private company in 2006 Has over 400 public sector customers (including Lambeth) Provides an e-learning platform and content services Now employs 65 people across the UK & Ireland Has built the UKs largest public sector community with 1m people
  • 3. A bit about me Started my career in local government Was person number 5 in a tiny team thats now O2 Spent 10 years in CIPFAs commercial subsidiary Left to become a Silicon Valley dotcommer Became an entrepreneur later in life than most Have founded 4 startups of my own so far!
  • 4. Have a vision and communicate it
  • 5. Be able to compartmentalise
  • 6. Resilience is key
  • 7. Make decisions quickly
  • 8. Urgency and impatience have their place
  • 9. Its easier to stamp on a seedling
  • 10. Focus and focus on the right things
  • 11. Be hungry like a wolf
  • 12. Remember your people are your best asset
  • 13. No-one knows whats going to happen next
  • 14. Final thought You have to be optimistic to be an entrepreneur
  • 15. Whats next for me Heading up a social innovation project for vInspired Building my non executive portfolio Balancing my paid and pro bono work for maximum job satisfaction Will more than likely start another business
  • 16. Email address [email protected] Read my blog at www.kickingassets.co.uk Connect with me on Twitter at @MMaryMcKenna