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1 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net INSPIRE and GEOSS Catalogues Theory and Reality Stepan Kafka, Karel Charvat Czech Centre for Science and Society

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  • 1.INSPIRE andGEOSS CataloguesTheory and RealityStepan Kafka, Karel CharvatCzech Centre for Science andSociety1 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net

2. You are forcing me to sin, because when using theportal I always start cursing John, portal end-user2 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 3. How to avoid it For end-users operating services are crucial Availability Quality of service / data / metadata Preparing catalogue of clean services to ensureavailability First step - only WMS3 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 4. Establishment of the catalogue Harvesting existing catalogues Catalogues CSW 2.0.2 ISO AP 1.0 Only services (type=service) Periodically (P1D) Sources GEOSS registry INSPIRE geoportal Catalogues we know about Problems No central catalogue / we dont know about services Classical search engines did not succeed Many catalogues do not response4 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 5. 5 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 6. Harvested catalogues ISPIRE national nodes: Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Finland,France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia,United Kingdom CIDP EEA SDI ENVIROGRIDS EuroGEOSS GEOSS Habitats One Geology Europe Plan4all WHO6www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 7. Service metadata Problems poor service metadata (missing abstract etc.) viewer or web page address instead of service no mandatory thematic classification in INSPIRE operatesOn broken links serviceType not clear7 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 8. Testing services availability If Capabilities document is available and valid Periodically (P1D) Not valid services are set hidden, not erased Detect linkage in metadata1. distributionInfo/*/transferOptions/*/onLine/*/linkage http://myservice.com/wms? SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities2. distributionInfo/*/transferOptions/*/onLine/*/protocol OGC:WMS-1.1.1-http-get-capabilities3. identificationInfo /*/containsOperations/*/ connectPoint/*/linkage8 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 9. Testing avalability of services Tools for service provider feedback RSS channel Automatic mail notification Heartbeat record9www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 10. Heartbeat protocol10www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 11. Results 2222 services harvested serviceType (all / valid) WMS = 96 / 88 OGC:WMS = 1418 / 1351 view = 343 / 190 View = 1 / 1 VIEW = 2 / 2 View Service = 76 / 76 All WMS : 1860 / 1632 (87 %)11 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 12. 12 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net 13. Mobile client13 www.envirogrids.cz www.envirogrids.net