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  • Equinox BlueprintLearning 2030

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    April 2014

    michael BrooksBob holmes

  • contents

    4 Acknowledgement

    5 Foreword

    6 Executive Summary

    10 Introduction

    14 Chapter 1: Goals

    16 Chapter 2: Curriculum

    20 Chapter 3: Pedagogy

    28 Chapter 4: Teacher

    32 Chapter 5: Learning Environments

    36 Chapter 6: Assessment

    42 Chapter 7: Organization

    48 Chapter 8: Cost and Funding

    54 Chapter 9: Implementation I

    58 Chapter 10: Implementation II

    62 Conclusion


    63 Learners' Charter of Rights

    64 Participants

    76 Facilitators

    77 Public Outreach and the Equinox Summit

    2014 WAterloo GlobAl Science initiAtive

  • leArninG 2030


    Waterloo Global Science Initiative


    Julie Wright


    Michael Brooks, Bob Holmes


    Zhewen Chen

    design & illustration

    INTENT www.forgoodintent.com


    Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Noora Al-Thani, Sheikha

    Bint Jabor Al-Thani, John Baker, Graham

    Brown-Martin, Brandon Busteed, Greg

    Butler, Andy Chandler-Grevatt, Guilherme

    Cintra, Guy Claxton, Kayla Cohen, Jennifer

    Corriero, Pauline Dixon, Nikhil Goyal, Erik

    Gregory, Jennifer Groff, Kaisa Hahl, Kourosh

    Houshmand, Ed Jernigan, Eric Kennedy,

    John Kershaw, Gersande La Flche, Samuel

    Levin, Adrian Lim Lye Heng, Linda Ma,

    Michael Maccarone, Sanjoy Mahajan, Lenny

    McKay, Christine McWebb, Erin Millar,

    Penny Milton, Chris Olah, Susan Opok,

    Zainab Ramahi, Ian Scholten, Noor Siddiqui,

    Suneet Tuli, Kendall White, Victoria Yang,

    Hirad Zafari

    equinox Summit: learning 2030

    Summit curator

    Michael Brooks

    Forum peer Advisor

    Michael Maccarone


    Dan Normandeau


    Bob Holmes

    Strategic Advisors

    Michael Fullan, Jatin Nathwani

    equinox Summit executive producers

    Sean Kiely

    Frank Taylor

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    Waterloo Global Science initiative


    Dr Neil Turok (Chair)

    Director, Perimeter Institute for

    Theoretical Physics

    Dr Feridun Hamdullahpur (Vice-Chair)

    President and Vice-Chancellor,

    University of Waterloo

    Dr Arthur Carty (Secretary & Treasurer)

    Executive Director, Waterloo Institute for

    Nanotechnology, University of Waterloo

    Dr Tom Brzustowski

    Chair, Institute for Quantum Computing,

    University of Waterloo

    Michael Duschenes

    Chief Operating Officer, Perimeter Institute

    for Theoretical Physics

    Management team

    John Matlock

    Director, External Relations and

    Public Affairs, Perimeter Institute for

    Theoretical Physics

    Kelly McManus

    Senior Director, Community Relations

    & Events, University of Waterloo

    Stefan Pregelj

    Director, Financial Operations, Perimeter

    Institute for Theoretical Physics

    Ellen Rthor

    Associate Vice-President, Communications

    and Public Affairs, University of Waterloo


    Dana Bowman

    Operations Coordinator

    Zhewen Chen

    Impact and Content Coordinator

    Hayley Rutherford

    Content and Programming Coordinator

    Julie Wright

    General Manger

    operations Support

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    Berkowitz, Barbara Crossman, Laura

    Debuono, Laura De Decker, Brian Emery,

    David Fairthorne, Kathy Fogal, Craig

    Hennessey, Lisa Lambert, Max Lantz,

    Linlin Li, Tim Lougheed, Nick Manning,

    Bryson McLachlan, Peter McMahon, Aaron

    Miller, Marg Minster, Ruth Namanya,

    Matthew Piotrowski, Samantha Saechao,

    Pamela Smythe, Brittany Stacey, Nick

    Stanley, Carrie Warner, Debra Wilson,

    Dustin Windibank, Jonathan Woodcock

    cc creative commons

    April 2014 Waterloo Global Science Initiative.

    This work is published under a Creative

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    the source is credited as follows: Produced

    by the Waterloo Global Science Initiative,

    a non-profit partnership between Perimeter

    Institute for Theoretical Physics and the

    University of Waterloo.

    Waterloo Global Science initiative

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    Science initiative by


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    4 eQUinox blUeprint

  • leArninG 2030 eQUinox blUeprint 5


    imagine if we could gaze into the future and see the implications of

    our present-day approaches to important challenges. What would we do

    differently now to help build a better world for the next generation?

    This question is the impetus behind Waterloo Global Science Initiatives Equinox Summit series, a biennial gathering of experts from around the world aimed at tackling tomorrows biggest challenges and seizing opportunities today.

    In 2011, Waterloo Global Science Initiatives inaugural Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 explored how cutting-edge science and technology can contribute toward a more sustainable energy future. The ensuing Equinox Blueprint: Energy 2030 outlined the collective conclusions and energy policy recommendations drafted by more than 40 experts who participated in the weeklong summit.

    Two years later, Waterloo Global Science Initiative shifted its focus to the intellectual energy that will drive the future by tackling questions of education reform. This past fall, Equinox Summit: Learning 2030 assembled a diverse group of education innovators

    from around the world to develop practical, implementable ideas for improving high school education.

    Why high school? Whereas early childhood education and post-secondary education have been the subjects of much debate and change, high school where children become young adults and determine their future paths is a comparatively neglected piece of the puzzle. High school is often perceived as a means to an end a pipeline through which the highest-scoring students are funnelled toward post-secondary institutions or careers rather than a crucial period of a persons intellectual, emotional, and ethical development.

    If children born today are to become the successful high school graduates of 2030, the time is now to create the blueprint for an ideal school of the 21st century.

    Participants at Equinox Summit: Learning 2030 made recommendations in nine crucial areas of the learning

    ecosystem with great opportunities for transformation: curriculum, pedagogy, teachers, learning environments, assessment, organization, scalability, cost/funding, and implementation. Collectively, the recommendations form an interconnected picture of the optimal future of learning.

    As Chair and Vice-Chair of WGSIs Board of Directors, we are pleased to share the ideas and proposals generated by the participants. In the months to come, their efforts will be encapsulated in an evolving, living blueprint that fuels the global conversation and public engagement in the future of education. We invite you to explore this vision of the future and to follow our continuing activities at wgsi.org.

    neil turok and Feridun Hamdullahpur

    About WGSi

    Founded in 2009, Waterloo Global Science Initiative (WGSI) is a

    non-profit partnership between Perimeter Institute for Theoretical

    Physics and the University of Waterloo, a pairing that has previously

    resulted in the distinguished Perimeter Scholars International

    program and the University of Waterloos pioneering Institute for

    Quantum Computing. WGSIs mandate is to promote dialogue

    around complex global issues and to catalyze the long-range thinking

    necessary to advance ideas, opportunities and strategies for a secure

    and sustainable future. The organizations core activities include

    the Equinox Summit Series, Equinox Blueprints, Equinox Fellowship

    for young leaders, and a range of impact activities programmed around

    each summit topic and its outcomes.

  • 6 eQUinox blUeprint leArninG 2030

    A child born today will graduate from high school into a very different

    world. By 2030, simply knowing facts will have little value. Education will

    need to equip learners to think creatively, independently, rigorously, and

    collaboratively in full awareness of themselves and their social context.

    how do we get there from here?

    It is time for education systems to evolve. Even our most capable and committed teachers are sometimes struggling to prepare students for the

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