erin reed, elearning director 5 th elearning seminar: another success!

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Erin Reed, eLearning Director 5 th eLearning Seminar: Another Success!

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  • Erin Reed, eLearning Director5th eLearning Seminar: Another Success!

  • 2009 May eLSFifteen instructors representing different divisions of the college attended the 2009 hybrid eLearning Seminar, which took place on May 14th to 26th.

    The Spring 2009 eLearning hybrid Seminar evolved around the creation of instructional lessons via media clips to be distributed on the web. From May 2007 to May 2009 eLearning has effectively trained and equipped 104 instructors to produce different media pieces that escalate eLearning courses from being from being two-dimensional to three-dimensional, by taking advantage of new technologies that can be integrated with the Learning Management Systems used at CPCC.

  • A Success!To ensure continuation of the production of media pieces, instructors were provided with the necessary equipment to develop multimedia learning elements. The skills gained at the eLearning Seminar will benefit students by encouraging active learning and addressing the needs of learners with multiple learning styles.

  • 2009 Els Tools ProvidedApple iPod Touch 8GBMicrophone headsets Digital camera Accessories and cablesScreen Corder softwareAudacity software

  • Module One -Online: Mobile Teaching and Learning. Basics of the iPod Touch and iTunes, including subscribing to educational podcasts.

    Module Two -Face-to-face: The Sound Track (and/or Audio Lessons).

    Module Three -Face-to-face: Video clip lessons

    Module Four -Face-to-face, Off-site (optional):Put the pieces together and RSS Feed creation

    Module Five -Face-to-face: Add computer screen captures to your video clipsProgram at a Glance

  • Produced Media PiecesNew South Intro by Annie Barron International Community and Outreach LEP 6000Watchmen HQ by Nic Colley SGD 111 Introduction to SGD

    ScreenCorder recording by Linda Dunlap Instructional Development/Teacher Ed. EDU 163 Classroom Management. Apology Session by Ellen Koski-Ponton Nursing, Health, and Human Services Video Podcast for HSE 225 - Crisis Intervention Citatation Video by Barbara Urban ENG 113 - Literature-Based Research RSS Feed by Rhonda Joyner BUS 110 Introduction to Business

  • TestimoniesNic Colley, instructor of Simulation & Gaming Development. Lyn Woodruff, instructor of Culinary Technology William E Crews, instructor of Human Resources Management. Jorge Koochoi , instructor of Spanish.