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Essential WordPress Plugins For Absolute Beginner www.grapessoftware .com +91- 9999017990

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Plug-in is one great way to beautify and standardize a blog, am I right? We use plugins because WordPress platform alone don’t have all the functionality that we bloggers/ websites owners crave for.


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Essential WordPress Plugins For Absolute Beginner

+91- 9999017990

1+91- 9999017990

Benefits Of Adding Plugins Extend Functionality of Wordpress offers. Most of the plug-ins are free to use.

Themes Support

Easy Upgrades

User Friendly

www.grapessoftware.com2+91- 9999017990

Plugins According To Need Optimization Security


Encourage Comment

Social Plugins

www.grapessoftware.com3+91- 9999017990

Basic Plugins WP-Optimize Smuch it W3 Total cache

All In One SEO Google XML Sitemap CommentLuv Sharethis Tweet Old Post

Theme my Login Limit Login Attempt

www.grapessoftware.com4+91- 9999017990

Plugin : WP-Optimize Awesome Plugin.

Maintain and stabilize database of website.

Dont require any technical knowledge. (Keep Backup)

Easy to delete your post revision.

www.grapessoftware.com5+91- 9999017990

Plugin : Smuch It Main cause of slow website is Image this tool compress the image.

Put Speed back in Order.

Cut the heaviness of the image.

www.grapessoftware.com6+91- 9999017990

Plugin : W3 Total Cache Improved conversion rates and site performance.

Reduced page load time.

Improved web server performance.

10x improvement in overall site performance.

www.grapessoftware.com7+91- 9999017990

Plugin : Theme My Login Protect your website.

Change WP-login to different link of your choice.

Change your login name.

www.grapessoftware.com8+91- 9999017990

Plugin : Limit Login Attempt Define Login attempt from single IP.

Simply block your IP to access your website(As defined by you).

www.grapessoftware.com9+91- 9999017990

Plugin : All In One SEO Improve the chances of your website on Search Engines.

Increase traffic and revenue.

Take Care Of Analytics & Webmaster.

www.grapessoftware.com10+91- 9999017990

Plugin : Google xml Sitemap Help Search Engine to understand the structure of website.

Ensures all pages are read and indexed.

Notify automatically about the new content.

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Plugin : ShareThis Increase social activity on your site (120 networks).

Access to greater insights.

Notify automatically about the new content.

www.grapessoftware.com12+91- 9999017990

Plugin : Tweet Old Post

www.grapessoftware.com13+91- 9999017990

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