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Quick Tips for Successful Event PHOTOGRAPH PHOTOGRAPH Y Y S S

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Simple Guide fre Staff unaccustomed to taking documentary stile event photos


  • 1. Quick Tips for Successful Event PHOTOGRAPH Y S

2. Prepare TheNight Before

  • Get Acquainted with the Equipment
  • Check theBatteries
  • Clear theMemory Card

3. Your Job is to Take Photos

  • Take Lots of Pictures
    • Quantity Can't Make Up for Quality But Sometimes You Just GetLUCKY
  • Don't be Distracted
    • Focus on Taking Pictures
    • Pay Attention to What is Happening
    • Always Watch for Opportunities

4. Take Lots of Pictures

  • The More You Take The Better Your Chances
  • There Are Often Gems Hidden in the Rough...

5. 6. Keys to Successful Event Photography

  • Know theSchedule
  • Know theArea
  • Ask what areDo Not MissSchedule Items
  • Choose your best locationsbefore the event starts

7. Know theSchedule

  • Prioritize!
  • Get a printed Schedule
  • Ask Staff
  • Look at Past Years

8. Get What's Important

  • Each Event has Do Not Miss Shots
  • V.I.P.s
  • Sponsors
  • Celebrities
  • Activities
  • They are Different for Each Event

9. Know the Area

  • Survey the Site
  • See Where the Action is Going to Be
  • Find the SWEET Spots
    • best lighting
    • best view
  • Avoid the Difficult Zones

10. Think Ahead

  • Where the Key Action Will Be Happening
  • Where the Public Will Be
  • Be Ready to Get Into Position Even If You Have to Politely Ask Viewers to Move Over

11. Small or Large Events

  • Are Very Similar
  • Don't be afraid to go where the public is not allowed
    • up to the stage
    • behind the scenes
    • VIP areas
  • Get prior authorization for special areas!

12. Q&A