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Quick Tips for Successful Event PHOTOGRAPH PHOTOGRAPH Y Y S S

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Simple Guide fre Staff unaccustomed to taking documentary stile event photos


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Quick Tips forSuccessful Event


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Prepare The Night Before

Get Acquainted with the Equipment

Check the Batteries Clear the Memory


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Your Job is to Take Photos

Take Lots of Pictures Quantity Can't Make Up for Quality

But Sometimes You Just Get LUCKY Don't be Distracted

Focus on Taking Pictures Pay Attention to What is Happening Always Watch for Opportunities

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Take Lots of Pictures

The More You TakeThe Better YourChances

There Are Often Gems Hidden in the Rough...

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Keys to Successful Event Photography

Know the Schedule Know the Area Ask what are Do Not

Miss Schedule Items Choose your best

locations before the event starts

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Know the Schedule

Prioritize! Get a printed

Schedule Ask Staff Look at Past Years

Page 8: Event Photography Tips

Get What's Important

Each Event has“Do Not Miss Shots”




Activities They are Different

for Each Event

Page 9: Event Photography Tips

Know the Area

Survey the Site See Where the Action

is Going to Be Find the “SWEET”

Spots best lighting best view

Avoid the Difficult Zones

Page 10: Event Photography Tips

Think Ahead

Where the Key Action Will Be Happening

Where the Public Will Be

Be Ready to Get Into Position Even If You Have to Politely Ask Viewers to Move Over

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Small or Large Events

Are Very Similar Don't be afraid to go

where the public is not allowed up to the stage behind the scenes VIP areas

Get prior authorization for special areas!

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