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Excel Tips and Tricks: Beginner David “DK” Kornegay Dude Community Director

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  • Excel Tips and Tricks:Beginner

    David “DK” KornegayDude Community Director

  • Core Buttons We’ll Use in Excel

  • “Quick Access” ToolbarA. Right-click on

    your top menu, choose “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” for features you use often, or

    B. right-click on a menu function to add it to the toolbar

  • Spreadsheet VernacularColumns


    Rows Cell

    Create a new sheetRight-click to change color, set

    security, etc.

  • Visual Indicators / Easy Functions

    » Your mouse icon changes (select vs. move vs. drag a cell)

    » Cell has a Comment

    » Cell has an error or inconsistencytip: click cell to get insight

    » Select a series of cells and get quick functionsIncludes most used formulas, charts and more

  • Visual Indicators / Easy Functions» Drag to save typing or copying

    tip: drag with right button vs. left for more options

    » Sanity check your dragtip: this option differs based on the data (e.g., number vs. date)


  • Data Entry Tricks

    » COPY/PASTE SPECIAL» Drag/dropping and right drag/dropping» FILL options: dragging or use of shortcuts

    like CTRL + D» Text» Numbers» Dates

    » Remove Duplicates» Text to Columns

    » AutoSplit via Flash Fill

  • Formatting, Finding, Filtering, Printing

    » Freezing Panes: Maintain the column or row headers while scrolling through report

    » Sorting: Arrange the report in alphabetical or numerical order» Filtering: Temporarily remove unwanted fields from the report

    » Filtering by word or number» Filtering by color

    » Sizing Your Sheet: Quickly resize column width or row height» Text Wrapping: Allows text to fit in a preset column width

  • Formatting, Finding, Filtering, Printing

    » Backspace v. Delete: Use the backspace key to clear out contents, use delete to completely delete row or column

    » Delete Column vs. Row» Number/Text/Date Formatting: drop down to modify the visual

    (e.g., long date vs. short date)» Find: Use CTRL + F to quickly find a specific word or phrase» Find & Replace: Use CTRL + H to quickly find and replace a specific

    word or phrase» Find & Replace for certain cells: Select only certain cells, then use

    CTRL + H to quickly find and replace

  • Formatting, Finding, Filtering, Printing

    » Cell Formatting: Display the data the way you would like via STYLES menu and FORMAT PAINTER brush

    » Conditional Formatting: Display the data the way you would like in a custom visual

    » Hiding Data: Hide data you don’t want to view» Print Views: button at the bottom and PAGE LAYOUT menu

    » NOTE: Save as PDF will be dependent upon this also

  • Basic Formulas

    » Sum, Average or Count a column or row» Selecting cells tips (using CTRL, commas, etc.)» FORMULAS menu for Showing a formula, its dependents, etc.

    » Locking down cell ranges with $ » Named Ranges and using them in a Formula» NetWorkDays with using holidays in another tab

  • What We’ll Cover in Excel Advanced

    » Data Quality» Advanced

    Formulas» Pivot Tables» Pivot Charts» Pivot Slicers

  • Course Available in Dude Learn

  • Excel Tips and Tricks:Beginner

    David “DK” KornegayDude Community Director

    Excel Tips and Tricks:�BeginnerCore Buttons We’ll Use in Excel“Quick Access” ToolbarSpreadsheet VernacularVisual Indicators / Easy FunctionsVisual Indicators / Easy FunctionsData Entry TricksFormatting, Finding, Filtering, PrintingFormatting, Finding, Filtering, PrintingFormatting, Finding, Filtering, PrintingBasic FormulasWhat We’ll Cover in Excel AdvancedCourse Available in Dude LearnSlide Number 14Excel Tips and Tricks:�Beginner