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EXCELLENCE THROUGH COLLABORATION Follow us on twitter: @LivHPartners University of Liverpool 2nd Floor, Foundation Building Brownlow Hill Liverpool L69 7ZX 0151 795 0179 www.liverpoolhealthpartners.org.uk Liverpool Health Partners Rosalind Way Zoonosis Group Follow us on twitter: @LivHPartners University of Liverpool 2nd Floor, Foundation Building Brownlow Hill Liverpool L69 7ZX 0151 795 0179 www.liverpoolhealthpartners.org.uk

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Follow us on twitter: @LivHPartners

University of Liverpool

2nd Floor, Foundation Building

Brownlow Hill

Liverpool L69 7ZX

0151 795 0179


Liverpool Health Partners

Rosalind Way

Zoonosis Group12th February 2014

Follow us on twitter: @LivHPartners

University of Liverpool

2nd Floor, Foundation Building

Brownlow Hill

Liverpool L69 7ZX

0151 795 0179


Alder Hey Children’s NHS FT

University of Liverpool

Aintree University Hospital Foundation NHS FT

Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology NHS FT

The Walton Centre NHS FT

Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

Liverpool Women’s NHS FT

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS FT

Who makes up Liverpool Health Partners

Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust

Mersey Care NHS Trust

Liverpool CCG


Some of the facilities and centres LHP brings together• The Royal Liverpool University

Hospital’s Clinical Research Unit (CRU) – MHRA Phase 1 Accredited

• BioInnovation Campus• Centre for Better Births• Centre for Critical & Major Incident

Psychology• Centre for Genomic Research• CR-UK Liverpool Cancer Trials Unit• Clinical Eye Research Centre, St

Paul’s Eye Unit• IMPACT – International Health Impact

Assessment Consortium• Liverpool Cancer Research Centre• Liverpool Health Economics Group• Liverpool Health Inequalities Research

Institute• Liverpool Institute for Biocomplexity

• Liverpool NMR Centre for Structural

Biology• Liverpool NIHR Pancreatic Biomedical

Research Unit• Liverpool Obesity Research Network• MRC – Arthritis Research UK Centre

for Integrated Research into Musculoskeletal Ageing (CIMA)

• MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science• MRC North West Hub for Trials

Methodology Research• NIHR Medicines for Children Research

Network• National Centre for Zoonosis Research• Wellcome Trust Tropical Centre• Wolfson Centre for Personalised

Medicine• NIHR Clinical Research Facility with

Alder Hey


What are the aims of LHP?

LHP aims to share missions, resources, and standards to improve patient care and clinical outcomes through developing:

• Efficient organisational structures

• External partnerships

• Research collaboration, coordination and translation

• More efficient models of care delivery

• New educational models and products

• Collaborative technology solutions


What does LHP deliver for its partners?

• Each partner has ambitious plans for research and highlights the need for improved educational packages and clinical alignment, where appropriate

• Each partner provides their own unique platform for research, education and clinical strategy to LHP

• LHP creates the opportunity for all to achieve at a higher level than would be possible individually.

• Through up-skilling their clinicians in partnership with other experienced clinicians and academics across LHP, partners seek to increase the amount of original research taking place and its impact


LHP Organisational Structure

• LHP Board

• Executive

• Directors

• LHP Operations




Infection Musculoskeletal



LHP Board

Clinical Strategy

1. Community & Primary Care

2. Secondary & Tertiary Care



1. Innovation2. Operations


& Marketing Lead

Strategic Projects


Education Programme



Executive DirectorProf. Ian Greer

Director of Education (Innovation)

Prof. Arpan Guha

Director of Education (Operations)

Dr Tom Kennedy

Director of ResearchProf. Robert Sutton

Director of Clinical Strategy (Secondary & Tertiary Care)

Prof. Martin Lombard

Director of Clinical Strategy (Community & Primary Care)

Dr Chris Mimnagh

CAP LEADMusculoskeletal

Prof. Robert Moots


Prof. Munir Pirmohamed

CAP LEADInfection

Prof. Neil French


Prof. Philip Johnson

Director of OperationsRosalind Way

Communications & Marketing Lead

John Sherlock

LHP AdministratorCollette Lorne

Education Programme Manager

Janet Legget-Jones

Strategic Projects CoordinatorSarah Wright

LHP Board ChairmanProf. Sir Ian Gilmore


LHP and Research

• LHP will provide critical mass to address research in national and local health priorities important to the NHS delivery agenda with LHP providing a central point of coordination across its partners

• The partnership will enhance the capacity to undertake world-class research and will demonstrate its achievements through a measureable increase in the Partners’, and associated stakeholders’, ability to support clinicians, academics, and patient populations in research and outcomes

• LHP will maximize the drawdown of research excellence into communities, through its cross-cutting themes, and will promote and make clear the benefits of these outcomes for its population, particularly the areas of deprivation


LHP and Bid Coordination Support

• LHP support for those interested in health-related calls will include:

• bid coordination;

• horizon scanning;

• building collaborations and networks;

• LHP written support within bids – access to resources, clinicians/academics etc.

• LHP’s Strategic Projects Coordinator will link in with NHS R&D, Joint Research Office (JRO), Research Design Service, University Professional Services and any other relevant party to ensure streamlined bid coordination.

• LHP will be hosting a series of workshops across 2014 and 2015 relevant to the health-related calls of Horizon 2020 and other relevant health calls.


LHP and Research – examples of current work

• LHP Biomedical Research Centre

• NWC Genomic Healthcare – to develop a leading national and international virtual hub around genomic research and development.

• Workshops:

• CAP Themed Research Workshops

• H2020 Workshops

• Joint LHP-Research Design Service Bid Surgeries

• LHP Joint Research Office

LHP Research Workshops 2013-2014


LHP and Education

LHP will play a central role in meeting the education and training needs of our healthcare workforce.

• Collectively, LHP recognises the importance of continuing to develop staff to match the aspirations of the individual, and for organisations to remain at the forefront of new scientific and clinical breakthroughs

• In addition to healthcare staff, education of the community is essential and this will be led by LHP through innovative approaches such as health texts, ‘apps’ and other informatics initiatives

• LHP provides opportunities for individuals and organisations alike to gain maximum benefit from professional courses and executive training programmes and will develop specialist, customised programmes based on priorities and needs of organisations utilising the wide breadth of expertise available within the partnership


LHP and Education – an example of current work

• Internationalising Education- we are working on a series of accredited modules in various clinical areas, such as Oncology, Transplant Medicine and Emergency Medicine for International markets, such as India.

• Improving Quality in Healthcare – Learning from the Francis Report: an Educational Package which directly responds to Francis using real time multi disciplinary discussion groups with an online reflective learning questionnaire.

• The LHP Education Programme Manager will co-ordinate linking needs to bespoke training programmes for the region, where the partners feel improvements in service delivery can be achieved by training and education. Also producing novel co-ordinated approaches to education across Merseyside.


Improving Quality in Healthcare

Learning from the Francis Report: an Educational Package


LHP and Clinical Strategy

• LHP can provide a vehicle for service improvement through the implementation of collaborative research and workforce education so enhancing quality patient care and in turn improved health outcomes

• Impact will not be confined locally, rather LHP will develop partnerships with other centres and stakeholders which it complements to provide a comprehensive approach to whole system working

• LHP has the potential to act as a trusted third party for system reconfiguration


LHP and Clinical Strategy – examples of current activity

• Establishment of a PPI group

• LHP Staff Passport

• 7 Day Service Transformational Improvement Programme


LHP and the Wider Landscape

While LHP will provide evidence based research outcomes on health, technology and other innovations, there remains a need for more timely and effective process for its adoption and spread across the wider health community.

The formation of Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs), and specifically the NWC AHSN, will provide a seamless pathway to ensure collaboration and dissemination between and across LHP and the AHSN.


How does everything fit together?


The Business of Health Festival and Additional Events

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